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  1. It's not just a G5 to P5 move. It's Kent State to P5. Campbell from Toledo to ISU type jump is possible because of the quality of the Toledo program. Same for the guy at Minnesota from WMU. Kent State? No way.
  2. The second happened very close to the end of the game after the votes were in.
  3. Hmmm. I've been thinking about this a lot since reading it and I believe you are correct. He was a dominant player and I can't think of another Zip who dominated the way he did.
  4. A 12 team college football playoffs will solve this problem.
  5. It's not laughable. It's necessary. Sanders took a program that won 21 games in 7 years and won 27 in 3 years. Those players are the faces of failure and need to move on. The players wanted NIL, now they can be treated like professionals.
  6. Rick Neuheisel was just talking about G5 schools having their own national championship. Since P5 schools are destroying college with a 12 team playoff, it may make sense. I think a G5 playoff would be more entertaining than the P5 playoff because G5 schools can't buy championships like those at the top of P5 so the match-ups will be more competitive.
  7. I just saw that. Mistook the Kerry Coombs news as permanent.
  8. Your post was fine. I meant the Ashland newspaper article.
  9. Other than a huge basic fact being wrong as well as the headline, it's a nice article.
  10. Bingo. Historically bad program with bad facilities. It's amazing what Luke Fickle did there. They settled for some bum that used to be the DC at OSU. Cincinnati is finished.
  11. Establish the top 4 after this weekend and all will be solved. In fact, establish a top 2. I'd complain more, but I've realized how horrible the playoffs are and I ignore them. It's a complete joke being played on us by television networks. Much like the World Cup. It does little more than trapping the unknowing in front of a television to throw back beers while watching trash. Much like a #1 vs $16 March Madness game.
  12. He must have just finished watching round one of the college football playoffs last year. The only thing that can solve this problem is a 12 team playoff. More trash, less vomiting.
  13. You're right. He'll be a good coach anywhere. The culture is the hardest part. He is a two time Super Bowl champion, Hall of Famer and top 100 NFL player. If you aren't old enough to remember his playing days, he was awesome. Because of his greatness as a player he can demand more from players and they will listen and respond. My understanding is he is an old school coach and very demanding of his players in practice and behind closed doors. That means a lot. I know a guy who played with him in Atlanta. He told me once the doors closed and the cameras weren't on, Sanders was a different guy in a good way. He said he was one of the nicest guys on the team and treated everyone well. Sanders autographed a bunch of jerseys and posters for his son's.
  14. The bowl game motivation is an interesting one. I can't see a P5 school being very motivated to make a bowl game with an extra week. 6-6 at a P5 school can mean the coaching staff is already fired and going through the motions in order to go through the motions for a couple of more weeks for a bowl game does not seem very motivating. On the other hand, G5 schools making a bowl is a bigger deal and a 6-6 season (typically) does not leave coaches looking for another job. I anticipate Buffalo being well prepared and motivated for the game. I think the Zips will be well motivated and prepared as well. Buffalo is just the better team and will win.
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