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  1. I had heard once that an stadium owner has to store an old field for legal reasons for a certain number of years regardless of the length of service or size of the material. For example, a stadium like where the cowboys play has to save the end zones they use just for one game for a certain number of years. If Akron has to store the old field, where will it be?
  2. Maybe they don't want their field to look like it belongs in a high school stadium.
  3. As last they start early to mid July there is plenty of time.
  4. Your post got me thinking and I don't know the answers. How many mac schools have a coach hired away and bring in someone better? Who are they?
  5. Mostly good. College football should be played when the sun is up and this schedule mostly allows for that.
  6. Boo f-ing hoo Nick. These players are adults. There are NHL and NBA players making millions at the ages of 18 and 19 and nobody says poo. If college players make stupid decisions with their money, they should be free to do so. It's a free country. College football isn't being destroyed by nil and the transfer portal. In fact one could easily argue college football had one of the best seasons if not the best season ever last year. More teams are better and games are more exciting. Blue bloods worry about non blue bloods showing up to their country club in a pair of cargo shorts and a $10 golf shirt from Target, and winning the club championship. That's what Nick is whining about.
  7. I thought the "Fighting Lutherans" were defeated in 1945.
  8. I'd like to answer this. Matthew point is making the football program benefit the athletes, students, alumni, fans and general ne Ohio community. That's good enough for me.
  9. Link Smart guys like Gene Smith don't just say things like this to the media on a whim. The idea has been pushed around behind the scenes for years and it's going to happen. If you are thinking the G5 schools are in the FBS so these changes won't impact them, think again. The P5 schools aren't going to drag us along and drain their revenue stream. G5 schools need to prepare for the inevitable.
  10. Reminds me a lot of this only not as obvious. Work on differentiating the A from the Z.
  11. Initially I didn't like it. The more I look at it the more I like it. Not exactly over the moon though. There is some flexibility to do different things with it so that's good.
  12. I laughed when I saw your name. We should put 3rd&twenty on our helmets. More people probably connect that with Akron football than anything else. An "A" of some sort is not what I'm looking for. It could mean any number of things. Be clear about who and what you are. No confusion.
  13. I've driven by MSU. It's a soulless stadium on a soulless campus.
  14. Like I said, I love the TP, but it really is the washout portal. 72% of this who entered this spring have no scholarship. 28% do have a scholarship.
  15. What I like the most is the increased funding assistants. Program success is way more than the head coach. Also, I like a coach dedicated to physical fitness and good to see money for that position. Looking at the Zips, I think their physical fitness could be better.
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