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  1. I agree with everything you said. In addition, schools like ours can do even better. We can make college athletics something that binds students, alumni, fans and the greater community to the school.
  2. Thanks for posting this Sergeant Zip. I would have never found the article without your post. I had no idea the NCAA was taking advice from ZipsNation.org....but whatever it takes. For once, the NCAA may be on the verge of something that makes complete sense. I would hope that those of us who are G5 fans wouldn't look at this as a negative. The reality of the current situation is too great to pretend that we can just continue on as is with the dream of one day having all of the resources of the P5 conferences. That ship has sailed. We can be great in our own way. Let's do that. The first step on the journey for the NCAA should be firing Mark Emmert. He is a paper pushing fool stuck in an era long past. BTW, does anyone know where I can send a bill for my advice to the NCAA?
  3. Sounds like a fun team to play for.
  4. In addition, there is an endless stream of negative news coming out of the administration creating uncertainty about the University. Further, the negative publicity generated by the faculty senate as it relates to the status of the athletic department is not helpful. I don't know much about Arth and I'm pretty indifferent (sort of my feelings about the football program in general at this point). However, he has a ton of headwinds working against him. Arth has taken a job in one of the most toxic environments in FBS. Given all of that, they are better this year than last year. Not enough to win games, and winning is how careers are measured in college athletics.
  5. So, I had a cobb salad at Sam Sneed's restaurant here in Orlando before the game. What did everyone else have? This has to be better than discussing the game.
  6. Clickbait like this is always interesting. I spent most of my adult life traveling for work and I can tell you Akron is better than half of the cities ahead of them....probably more. I moved away 14 years ago after living there almost 20 years after high school. Anyone who lives in northeast Ohio and tells you they don't like it because it is boring is a boring person. It's a great place to live and I hope the people who live there know that.
  7. Some day archeologists are going to dig up land fills around the United States and be astonished at the number of small dolls with bobbling heads on them.
  8. ESPN computer servers do not get overwhelmed with people tuning in to watch.
  9. I'm guessing it is 9:22 PM PST. The time slot ESPN has allocated to MAC games.
  10. I want you to know that if you ever lose your job, with ideas like this, you are MAC Athletic Director material. I'd say MAC Commissioner, but you left out the game being played at 8 AM eastern on Christmas morning in Fairbanks, Alaska. Keep working, you have a lot of potential.
  11. Will the current Akron president hold a press conference tomorrow stating how much further in debt this decision will put the university?
  12. For the love of God mac schools, please take some time to decide what you want to be. The league can be much more than this, but you actually have to try.
  13. This decision was very calculated. Calculated in the way that the conference leadership looked at all of the decisions other conferences made this year and supplied an answer to a very basic question, "How stupid can we make ourselves look?".
  14. Thanks for the link ZZZips. I'm going to ask a favor out of one of you, but many may have the qualifications to do the task. The first one to meet the qualifications gets to do me the favor since I live so far away. Your only compensation will be a feeling of 100% satisfaction. If you have access to the following items, meet the physical requirements and know the location, please raise your hand. 1. A five gallon bucket 2. Three gallons of water 3. Two pounds of crushed ice 4. You know where Buchtel Hall is 5. You have the means to get to campus and can walk to Buchtel Hall 6. You are capable of integrating the crushed ice into the water and letting it almost completely melt before completing the task 7. You have the physical strength to lift the bucket of water over your head First one to volunteer wins.
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