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  1. I'm laying down in my hotel room and actually started to laugh when I saw this. Playing QB for 10 years for Akron and a prison sentence are very similar.
  2. What has he contributed to their recruiting efforts?
  3. Follow the results in the Universities Facebook page. They do a decent job of updating people on the ongoing failure of the program.
  4. I come at this from a different angle. He and his staff aren't taken seriously enough by high school coaches so they aren't able to get enough good players. He has to know the talent isn't good enough. He's incapable of doing anything about it. On field coaching is the most overrated thing in college sports. It's all about getting good players. He isn't getting them. If the next question isn't asked during the next interview process, everyone should be fired. Can you tell me about successes you have had improving your team's talent through recruiting? I bet John Hunter at Wake Forest could easily answer this question. He was a stud recruiter for Clawson at BGSU and has continued in that role at Wake. He is from Detroit. He is the RBs coach and has recruited such a stable of players that their best RB from last year transferred to Michigan State and he has three guys behind him just as good. They have not missed a beat. For years I have been tired of hearing about process and have been looking for results. We need someone who has produced results everywhere he has been throughout his programs. Maybe a guy like Hunter isn't achievable, but there a guys like him out there.
  5. While that may be the reputation, the reality is different. It's "the graveyard of coaches'.
  6. Good post. NE Ohio is a culture of apathy. It's a great place to live and all people do is complain about it. I don't understand why. The State of Ohio does not do a good job of framing the MAC schools as valuable parts of the communities they are located. Athletics could be an important part of it. As a whole, the citizens of Ohio are not viewing these schools as the tremendous value they are because they are not made aware of the great things these schools do for their communities. It's a real shame and opportunity. The State should promote these schools better.
  7. Existentialism is for the clinically depressed.
  8. Akron has almost everything it needs. Winning needs to get fixed. GameDay experience could be a little better to attract the casual person around Akron. They need to get winning.
  9. Our problem is losing. In fact, one could say it is the one thing people most associate with the brand that the program is. I have Wake Forest season tickets. Not a powerhouse but does everything they can the best they can. Years ago, Notre Dame wanted them to change their game to the NFL stadium in Charlotte. Wake told them to pound salt and played in their 27,000 seat stadium in Winston. Your home is your home. Play there.
  10. Uh, no. I almost threw up when I saw this. Not sure how Grobe has fooled so many people in his career. I sat in the stands for several years and watched Grobe transform an ACC Championship team into a losing team then a losing program. I watch him waste the senior season of then the best QB in Wake history and go 5-7 by running the fullback dive ever other play in a winnable game against Miami which they lost 17-10. After a bad season he went and told the AD he wanted transition the offense to a triple option attack which would have doomed the program for decades. They had a great AD at the time who responded with, "You're fired." That's leadership we need at Akron.
  11. Because in just a few years, their main idea, maximizing freedom, is making college football from top to bottom the best it has ever been. The transfer portal is a total Libertarian idea and college football is more entertaining/competitive than it has been in my lifetime. NIL will prove to do the same thing.
  12. The free movement of labor is critical to Libertarian beliefs. The transfer portal is the best thing to happen to college football in many years. It has made college football much more competitive because really good players are not held in bad situations and others can exploit their services. The new school wins and the player wins. The old school really doesn't lose because the us a player they really weren't using anyhow. To not exploit these looser restrictions is to not understand this basic concept and maximize opportunities.
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