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  1. https://collegefootballnews.com/college-football/akron-college-football-preview-2024-key-players-schedule-season-predictions Pete Fiutak sees something potentially positive for UA in 2024.
  2. I am curious about the “conversion” of experience to credit too and sometimes a bit cynical as well. My older son is one year into his U.S. Navy service, and he is looking ahead to see what he could do in college. He's a submariner and a sonar tech, so I'm not sure how UA or any university offering these credit-for-experience programs can award credit for the training he's had and the experience he will accumulate at sea. Certainly some majors lend themselves to this better than others. I just hope his plans aren’t to major in dance.
  3. I get what you're saying here, but this system of awarding credit for professional experience is not new. It's really good for mid-career applicants, who are a growing cohort in the university student profile. It's essentially an extension of the program that awards credit for military service and training. Hypothetically, I would be more interested in pursuing a business degree at UA, for example, if I knew that my 20+ years in international business, marketing and manufacturing could be applied to reduce the degree requirements.
  4. Not really "again". Still an ongoing and serious issue for UA and many other universities around the country.
  5. Or in outgoing athletic director's man cave.
  6. I suppose one way of looking at it is that actual tax revenues are not used for, in this case, UA athletics. However, tuition (actvity fees) is financing athletics, and this often upsets students and taxpayers to the same extent that an actual state tax would. Therein is the proverbial shell (and semantics) game you reference. I agree.
  7. Somebody's lining pockets at Ohio State I guess, one of the richest if not the richest program in the country. It was announced yesterday that the OSU athletic department is 10 million in the red. How the hell does that happen? Poor OSU...how will they survive? 🙄
  8. https://store.bobbleheadhall.com/products/zippy?_pos=74&_sid=298b23756&_ss=r I saw this mentioned in the Beacon Journal a few days ago. Available now for delivery in August.
  9. University debt, athletic department debt, decling enrollment on top of already historically low enrollment.
  10. No, I understand you can't tell a "booster" what to do, but that doesn't make what I'm saying less true. UA is in deep trouble as an institution of higher learning. Wait until the September enrollment figures come in. These supporters seem to be focused on a luxuray while the ship, if not sinking yet, has certainly hit the iceberg. Also, let's be realistic; does that new dispaly do anything to turn UA football around? Really? Maybe that same money could have been invested into NIL, which has more of a chance of getting Zippy to a bowl than a display that is seen by 5,000 people five times a year in a sadium buit for 30k?
  11. You are correct. I'd add that the fate of the UA is tied directly to the fate or circumstance of the City of Akron. I live in central Ohio suburbia, which is prime territory for college-viable teenagers (my son is a UA student), and every mass shooting and crime report out of Akron scares off parents. I've heard it every time we talk with neighbors and friends about "where Johnny and Suzy have applied for the fall..." Kent and BGSU win by default, regardless of how much UA has to offer. I don't think even Youngstown has the "scare" factor of Akron at this moment (fair or not - perception is reality). I work, let's say, "adjacent" to the crimial justice system in central Ohio. By percent we have more kids from Akron in or system (140+ miles from Akron!) than from any other area in Ohio. Akron is a mess, and I do not know how we fix that, but our alma mater is suffering because of this crime. It's not the only issue, but it's certainly a big part of it.
  12. I am glad that UA has benefactors, but I'd still argue that those generous boosters are not seeing the elephant in the room.
  13. Is the Desiree strip club still in business? That would make for a hell of a logo on the 50.
  14. Nice, of course, but where did this money come from? Athletic department debt and overall UA debt in the millions and fall enrollment projected to be down again..... I'm a bit confused.
  15. I want to see "Chico's Bail Bonds - Let Freedom Ring" on the 25s
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