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  1. Bird's nest or oversize coronavirus molecule?
  2. Hasn't Rob made enough off the royalties from his laminated groin liner/play sheet?
  3. Does $10,000 sound like an awfully small amount to anyone else? How about $100K?
  4. I'm an OU grad and fan. No way he's a first round prospect. Those guys are just showing their ignorance -- likely haven't even seen him play. He's got a weird but compelling combination of skills, but that's not enough in the NBA. Not fast enough, strong enough or a good enough passer or shooter to contribute at that level IMO. I love his story and he's fun to watch, but come on.
  5. They can be as cold tomorrow as they were hot today. Remember in the MAC tourney when the Bobcats blew out WMU in the semi and hardly showed up in the final against Akron?
  6. The answer to #3 is not "very easy." If it were, it would have been resolved long ago.
  7. 16 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists. Not really "forgettable."
  8. Let's see how many excuses we can come up with. Ohio was without 2 starters, including their two best players. Zips just didn't come to play or show the toughness Groce expects.
  9. They have 2-3 kids who've had COVID symptoms and reportedly have not practiced.
  10. Bobcats will not have played in 3 weeks and still have multiple players out. Not gonna be pretty.
  11. He was a true pro and a very nice guy.
  12. The Beacon hired a handful of new writers. I've also notice that George Thomas has been writing more movie reviews lately. Perhaps this new writer is the official Zips beat reporter? If so, that's great news, IMO.
  13. The key to stopping Preston is to pressure the ball. He's not a great ballhandler. If you let him roam the floor he will find a way to hurt you.
  14. UB has a distinct financial advantage over other MAC schools in terms of how intercollegiate athletics are funded and accounted for. I read somewhere that under state law they can fund and operate athletic facilities using state capital funds, whereas we cannot do so in Ohio. Results in about a $3M advantage than can go into recruiting and frills.
  15. Ohio is going to me MUCH better this year but I see them finishing behind BG, Akron and Buffalo.
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