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Here come the orange barrels

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4 hours ago, Blue & Gold said:


Good! The university and the city have much to gain by cleaning up Exchange Street and making it more friendly for the public. Look at what Kent has done with redeveloping their main drag. It is very nice and a destination for people after work and weekends. Exchange Street could be the same with forethought and imagination. The university has so many events that can draw people. With a nice Exchange Street with shops and restaurants those people will stay. The street improvement is the first step.

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2023 East Exchange Street Corridor 

• Roadway deterioration, traffic signals old

• Heavily used pedestrian corridor

• High vehicle corridor including buses

• Missing link between bicycle accommodations

• Mesh with University Park Neighborhood Plan 

• Full depth pavement replacement

• Sidewalks and pedestrian crossings reconstruction

• Maintain two full through lanes in each direction

• Allow for adequate turn lanes

• New traffic signals

• Upgraded lighting to accommodate all users including Route 8 underpass

• Provide bike lanes on each side of the street

• Parking in key locations Benefits

• Roadway in good repair providing proper capacity

• Well-lit, safe corridor

• Traffic signal equipment using efficient, modern technology improving traffic flow.

• Provide missing link for bicycle lanes, connecting Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail


Layout1 (akronohio.gov)

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