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When I first looked at the schedule, I did not remember that VCU had a strong year in 2023.


In 2022, VCU had a record of 3-8-6.

In 2023, VCU had a record of 7-6-5 and they were 5-1-2 in their conference.  VCU ended the year ranked 36 in RPI.


If VCU can have a good year in 2024, the zips 2024 schedule is probably better for RPI than the 2023 schedule.


In 2023 and 2024, the zips have 9 non conference games in each year.

Cleveland State and Notre Dame are the only 2 common opponents in each year.


Last year, there were 211 men's soccer teams in the final RPI.     Akron played 3 teams last year that ended the year with a ranking of 194 or below.

   Based on last year's rankings, this year's lowest ranked team ended the year at 169.


Let's compare the non conference schedules...and year end 2023 RPI



Niagara                                  194

Vermont                                  18

Michigan                                 54

Southern Indiana                   199

Long Island                              91

Fla Intl                                      31

Notre Dame                               3

Northern Kentucky                  204

Cleve State                               169


total of   963.....divided by 9....that is an average RPI ranking of 107 per team


Western Michigan will really help the average RPI ranking in 2024



Notre Dame                                   3

Ohio State                                    52

Western Michigan                          6

Cleve State                                 169

VCU                                               36

IUPUI Jaguars                            156

Temple                                        143

St. Francis PA                             125

Wright State                               159


total of 839.........divided by 9.....that is an average RPI ranking of 93.3 per team



one other factor to consider.....

the zips will play 3 different.......big east teams this year....than they played last year


In 2023, the zips played 

Seton  Hall                                  65

St. Johns                                     68

Providence                                  61


total of 194......divided by 3....that is an average RPI ranking of 64.7 per team


I knew that the zips would play mighty Georgetown in 2024....so I expected the 2024 average to be lower

in 2024, the zips will play

Georgetown                              10

UConn                                        58

Villanova                                   148


total of 216.....divided by 3...that is an average RPI ranking of 72 per team 

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Sudden victory OT returns for post season games only...


For postseason games, which include conference tournaments and NCAA
tournament games, the following procedures shall be used when a game is tied
after the regulation 90 minutes.
7.2.1 Up to two sudden-victory overtime periods of 10 minutes each shall be
played. The first team to score wins the game.


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Game Roster (Rules 3.2.1 and 6.3.4). Requires the game roster, with starting
players designated, to be given to the opposing coach, referee and scorekeeper
not later than 15 minutes before game time.

Stopping the Clock (Rules 3.8.8 and Requires the clock to be
stopped on all substitutions if the game is tied or if the leading team makes a
substitution in the final 15 minutes of regulation play and all of overtime.

Video Review (Rules,, and Expands video
review to include (1) all potential penalty kick situations, (2) all straight red
card situations (an ejection for two yellow cards is not reviewable), (3) denial
of obvious goal-scoring opportunities situations, and (4) any potential offside
violation in goal-scoring situations.


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20 hours ago, NYC ZIP said:

I was told there would be no math on this forum…..😀

Zips need to score goals and take care of business. The rest takes care of itself.  Excited about 2024!!

I blame the UA business school.....for requiring me to take 2 classes in statistics  🤣

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5 hours ago, Blue & Gold said:

Disappointed Wadsworth’s Jackson Herbert transferred. 😕

I think that Wright State has several kids from Medina on their team.....Cole Turchyn and Cole Werthmuller.

I hope that Jackson Herbert does well at Wright State......with the exception of the game that they play at Akron.

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