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    OU goes down at NIU 71-60. It'd be a shame if the cold and wind introduce delay getting back to Athens. Go Zips!
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    I agree but keep a couple things in mind, I heard we hit Juco pretty hard on the defensive side, plus defensive scheme change to 3 down lineman, putting a lot of pass rushing responsibility on OLB. Maybe move Devon Jones back to defense?
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    He was 480 lbs only 2 years ago? That is some serious determination to get into good enough shape to get an athletic scholarship.
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    So where was GT's in-depth video interview?
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    OL Xavior Gray from Jackson commits:
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    I'm not sure what kind of TV deal the Crew are going to strike this year, especially since it wasn't finalized until early December that they were staying, but all out of market MLS matches air on ESPN+. Cleveland/Akron/Canton all are considered out of market so if you live in NEO and Spectrum ends up being the regional carrier again, there are other options available to view games live.
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    Speaking of the UNLV - Nevada game, it reminded me of the below that I stumbled upon. I thought about sharing it in another thread where we were discussing our poor promotions, but didn't. The marketing team at UNLV is on point and this deal is phenomenal. This is what good marketing looks like. If anyone at the UA athletic department is looking, take note.
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    Since you mentioned the ABJ, the hit job they conducted on U of A for two years was disgusting and regrettable. I know for a fact their relentless assault on the school had severe and lasting negative ramifications. The local paper is a disgrace. I wouldn't wipe my rear end with that rag!!!!!!.
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    Some good news: I was driving downtown yesterday and on the Beacon Tower they now have an electronic news feed...and one of the headlines they had up there was "Akron 67 Northern Illinois 65". Maybe the new owner gets it that Akron IS the local team...not PCCC or OSU.
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    It's probably because it's so fitting.
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    OK, on the venting theme, could someone please explain to me why "Fat Bottomed Girls" is a staple in the pep band repertoire? It's even more questionable with the dance team and cheerleaders on the floor.
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    I am an actual victim of the T-shirt cannon. I took one right to the face. And since I sit in the lower bowl, it was like a line drive. Fortunately, I didn't have eyeglasses on at that moment.
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    The upswing is underway. The Crew will be one of the hottest tickets in central Ohio. I bought my season tickets today and I was surprised at how much of the stadium was sold out. Last season's attendance was a direct backlash against Precourt and MLS, which directed the relocation effort. No one wanted to give Precourt any more money. Plus the league only gave us two home games in July and August to try to fabricate the myth that Columbus isn't supported. That, like much of what Precourt and the league did, was a lie. Over 12,000 season ticket pledges were made if Precourt left and the team stayed. With the new owners, coach (Caleb), GM (Bez), downtown stadium and Mahfre repurposed into a soccer complex Columbus will be the envy of MLS.
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