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  1. OT. A buddy at work had a D1 football player son who is transferring from a military academy. And because of Zipsnation I was well-versed in the Transfer Portal. Buddy: yeah, they put his name in... Me: The transfer portal?
  2. 8 kids just won the National Spelling Bee. Nothing is the same.
  3. If you watch the Twitter video, his mom says she drove to every one of his games and put a lot of miles in her car. So when Buffalo collapsed Akron was maybe the next closest thing.
  4. The Canadian calendar is actually a week later than the American calendar. So considering that, the time change, customs, weather and the NCAA Canadian exemption, this makes total sense.
  5. Someone said they now have too many players on scholarship? Is that correct? I read somewhere that we lost Jimond to a transfer.
  6. And time for the snark: but we aren't getting any 4 year players. So this can't be right.
  7. Buffalo's fall from grace was swift and epic. Would this Tre person be a one year player?
  8. Seems like a d*@# move to have put it out there like that. Down to two teams. Almost like he's asking for one side to up the offer.
  9. The humor on here is always at my expense
  10. Yeah. He appears to be unstoppable. I think next year there really is a chance.
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