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  1. https://promo.ignitecx.com/ZipsMBBChamps20?camefrom=EMCL_3269687_156501019 You can order some Akron Zips championship t shirts and sweatshirts. The prices aren't bad.
  2. If he's still in Florida, I recommend he get the hell out of there and get up to Ohio.
  3. What position does he fill and/or what will be his role?
  4. The link is in the April 1 edition of the Toledo Blade.
  5. Just read NCAA opening investigations into recruiting at the I 75 schools Toledo and BGSU. Was only a matter of time. BG surprises me.
  6. I will/have no problem hating Boals or any other MAC coach on any given Tuesday night in January. What's Toledo's situation? They are one of the final monkeys to remove from Akron's proverbial back?
  7. Go from being the offensive star to the team that "specializes" in boring defense. Make perfect sense
  8. I'm not so hot on Buffalo. With Graves thinking he's "pro-material," I wonder about the cohesiveness of that team. Also, can Buffalo make the type of improvement Akron made from last year to this year. Having 4 starters on a non- top4 team return doesn't mean that team will be any better the next year.
  9. I hope the University will have a big event for the Seniors when this nightmare is over. I understand not letting the basketball players come back. Frankly, it would only be a benefit for the 64 schools and a few others who had a real chance at March Madness. for 95% (??) of the programs the year was over. Why should seniors on Buffalo's men's or Akron's women's teams get another year? This falls into the "Life isn't always fair" category. Don't get me wrong, I would love it if they could make it happen but this gives some finality to the basketball programs. They can now move forward.
  10. Looks like we are hunkering down for another month. I know I look to Zipsnation for positive energy during the day and some wonderful snark about the other MAC programs. So Groce's Zips were picked to finish 5th in the East (ugh...behind Miami). I think they will be a unanimous #1 pick for next season. Not sure if the transfer portal is settled, but we know that the coaches are set for next year (Thank you WMU!!). What are your predictions and reasons behind them? I would start with in the East: 1. Akron 2. Ohio. Not sure about the rest or the West.
  11. Hell No! This was an awesome year that ended badly though no fault of the Zips or another MAC team ruining it for us. The Zips exorcised a lot of Demons this year.
  12. I think Davis, Murphy, and Owens, have time left on their contracts. This wasn't the time to buy them out.
  13. I read the universities will be losing a ton of $ from the NCAA because of March Madness cancellation. EMU anticipating that loss of revenue
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