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  1. Sands who usually averages -1 per carry is a leader? Kato with all his taunting penalties is a leader? The trustees don't care about the athletic program? And a visit from Mr. Rogers? The thread has jumped the shark.
  2. You must have gone to the Long Island Medium when she was at the Civic Theater 😉. As for Kato, he has always been for Kato first and foremost. Good riddance.
  3. All he needs for Christmas is an offensive line and a place kicker.
  4. Wouldn't be surprised if Gibson enters transfer portal after this game. He gets no protection. From where I'm sitting he looks really frustrated at his line and all the mistakes.
  5. Gibson clearly playing on a different level than his teammates who aren't giving him much help
  6. Inauspicious start for Gibson. Have Zips been ahead in any game this year?
  7. Need some road wins and not just a first-round tourney road win against a hapless Western Michigan.
  8. Was talking to a an old friend the other day about her son. He was a HS football player at a suburban school here in Summit County. He was playing in an all-star game after his senior season and received a severe concussion. He was on "brain rest" for 3 weeks and had to change career paths. I wonder how long this game will last. It's such a meat grinder.
  9. and basketball. and ESPN contracts, and clothing contracts, and big pay outs for traveling to top tier teams.
  10. Ultimately, the buck stops with the coach but what's the QB's responsibility with this type of thing?
  11. I thought, that, too. If Gibson is the guy, then they must be holding him until the last two games. As we said on the way out tonight, the only way is up!
  12. I wish Coach Arth and the team well. I hope he can figure things out and turn it around. I also hope that this is a regrouping and rebuilding anomaly. And I also hope that he can prove his doubters wrong and prove to those who hired him that they were right. There's no point is stating the obvious about what I saw at the game today. He (and Kato) just laid a huge egg at Homecoming, against the rival team, in front of a really nice crowd and the new president. I am certain there will be a reckoning (but at what cost) for all those involved if this turns out to be the colossal fail that it "seems" to be at the moment. Who was on the search committee? My guess is that his looks, charm, and blue-blood St. Ignatius/NE Ohio background swayed them heavily. Like someone else said a while back, firing Bowden and hiring Arth were separate decisions. I agreed with the first, but I'm really wondering now about the second. As for Kato, HipZip is correct, time to move on. He (much like I think Jimond Ivey was on the basketball program) is not a team player and has earned misplaced loyalty from the coaching staff.
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