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  1. They ended divisions for basketball. Odd they keep them for football.
  2. FWIW there appears to be improvement on special teams, but they continue with the mind-boggling penalties. That being said, I hazard to guess some of those won't happen again as Irons settles in. So, I'm feeling ok about this game. God have mercy on the Zips.
  3. Considering the school's finances and new leadership who have to be gun-shy when it comes to the football team, I think we are with Arth for this year and next. The new AD and president can and should put the blame for Arth with Williams and the cracker jack search committee. The risk of firing Arth, paying him out, and then finding a new coach who "can turn things around" quickly, is too great considering the finances and the history of the program.
  4. I think it's RLD, and we would all love that. Maybe schedule another pay out game and use it to buy out the contract.
  5. Fair enough. I guess my point was simply that I liked the fundamentals analysis of what was going wrong on the field. Helps me understand. No fan of Arth here, and I understand this is our only place to vent. Lee's post was a welcome break from mine and other just shaking our heads posts.
  6. Great post. Thank you. nice to read real football knowledge instead of the "piling on."
  7. I'm not in favor of allowing the faculty union making athletic decisions I'm willing (generous of me right?) to give Irons a mulligan on that interception. I'm sure it won't happen again. And, well, there's no question now who will be QB. Ohio U lost to a Duquesne who I didn't know had a football team.
  8. I'm keeping in mind that it was 17-7 went it all went haywire. Frankly, had Kato stayed in there was no guarantee of a win. Would say the odds were against it.
  9. Agree. I thought that was close.
  10. Well that's it for me. Was fun while it lasted. A real shame. This team and stadium in jinxed. Kato on crutches. All of you who wanted DJ, your time is now
  11. And just like that...life back to normal at Infocision. God this is a long half. Just need some rain and paper bags.
  12. Inches from 24-7. Now this. How can it go so bad so quickly
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