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  1. UA to Renovate the JAR

    My guess is that if you surveyed all the people coming to any Zips game that about 50% wouldn't know who James A. Rhodes was. I wasn't around when it was built or named for him, and I never actually knew why it was named after him until someone who has a deep connection to U of Akron explained it to me. I always thought it was odd that there wasn't a statue or something commemorating Rhodes and the history behind his name on the arena. Maybe it's somewhere in the JAR, but I never noticed it. And frankly, our program's history in the JAR isn't all that great. I mean there have been few memorable games. Usually, we had easy wins against easy teams or head-scratching MAC losses. The Ball State game last year was probably the most exciting game in years. We did have those "amazing" home winning streaks. But as we all know now that was all smoke and mirrors as well since really we only had to play at top level for a couple of home games each season. So a remodel and a re-naming is ok with me.
  2. The Akron Beacon Journal

    Nice post and letter, but I wouldn't thank them for anything. Good job.
  3. John Groce Officially Hired

    That hack Bob Dyer has a lazy awful hit piece about Groce and the university in the beacon today. It's filled with accusations and slurs to stir people up. For example it hints that Tom Crean was a candidate for the job. But be careful with that wording because Dyer says Crean was one of candidates who was "suggested" or applied for the job. Article says players "wanted" Charles Thomas but didn't say he actually applied for the job. Article goes on about this $60k but fails to mention what Dambrot was paid or that for the first two years of Groces contract we will be saving close to 500k each year (rough guess) and that his 3rd year salary will still be a savings from Dambrot. It's just a nasty, negative piece unsupportive of the team or the university. Have any of you seen Dyer at a game??? He mentions a letter from the players. Could he even name two starters if asked? And, LeBron writes a letter asking for a job for his friend who has no D1 level experience. So? Why didn't Dyer write about who the final three or four candidates were and the decision making process? Article implies that the 60k was just for Groce. What about all the other candidates it vetted? Yes, Groce was known quantity to us but the others probably weren't. I could go on and on.
  4. John Groce Officially Hired

    Since winning the tournament is more important, I think this an attempt to save space. Looks like an awesome staff, a fresh start, and a complete break from the past. Can't wait for that first home game.
  5. 2017-2018

    I was joking.
  6. 2017-2018

    This is looking good for next year. Maybe we will finally make a run in the MAC tournament and win a championship!
  7. John Groce Officially Hired

    Ohhh. Don't let it happen again. We expect pin point accuracy...like a Forsythe hook shot.
  8. John Groce Officially Hired

    Kreed said that Poke is the only eligible "Big" next year. Isn't Kostelac 6'11" and joining the Zips for 2017-18 season?
  9. John Groce Officially Hired

    Pat Forsythe was great this year. Don't we have that Kostelac next year as a center?
  10. John Groce Officially Hired

    When was Pat Forsythe player of the year?
  11. 2017 G Eric Hester - Florida Transfer

    If all the slots are full, could someone please list the complete roster and positions or copy it again if it's already been posted. Thank you.
  12. Eric Hester

    Made my night!
  13. Possible Late Additions

    Apparently, Ivey did!
  14. Possible Late Additions

    To follow up on Capt Kangaroo, I think the fans who went to every single game and followed every away game knew there was a problem and are excited about this change (even with the 20+ wins and Mac finals). That may not be 100% the case but the people I anecdotally find who are hesitant on Groce or are pro-Dambrot saw the superficial year in/year out stats and didn't see the deeper problems. I was never a player or coach, but I could certainly sense there was a "team" problem especially with the three guards. I also could visually see there was no bench for next year. I know we've been over this in the other threads.
  15. Possible Late Additions

    Not to hijack the thread, but we are in a Zips bubble. So I'm wondering if there's this type of recruiting excitement in Ravenna, Athens, or DeKalb. I mean are we recruiting better than the rest of the MAC? Are we being considered by players who would never consider the likes of Miami (Ohio) or Ypsilanti?