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  1. https://winnersandwhiners.com/games/ncaab/1-25-2020/akron-vs-ohio-u-prediction-1160/.
  2. Kittens and Boals will be motivated like never before. Zips have to keep their wits about them. 1-0 and then on to the next victim...the Canada Bulls.
  3. Kent is so effing awful. Up by 8 with the ball under 6 minutes and then two shot clock violations.
  4. Canada player just stepped out of the way when the Rootstown player went in for the dunk.
  5. They just take the highest ranked team or the top in the conference for that week. Next week could be BG
  6. Kittens remind me of the Zips of two years ago or even last year. They have a good coach, some talent, some injury issues and have to rely heavily on the 3 ball. I see them making a lot of contested 3s and giving the Zips a good scare causing Groce to call time out as the (legendary in their own minds) O-Zone erupts.
  7. I have a John Groce head with no body.
  8. When did they take over sole possession of first place?
  9. My view was that he had to prove himself and that it would take a few years. I never bought into that "Groce's teams peak in March" meme. I didn't have any interest in seeing average basketball all year "knowing" that he will turn it around in March. Akron is now paying his full salary and now he must produce. I thought it was well-planned by the AD to have Illinois essentially subsidize the Zips rebuild. He and Owens at Miami came in at same time with vastly different results. However, not sure Miami ever recruited a JUCO. Also, under Hipsher the JUCOs were usually bad news. Groce and team appear to be learning from mistakes and are vetting them well. I think the reason they succeed on the road is that the team is cohesive unit and play within themselves and the team.
  10. And in Ravenna, they are "seeking answers." https://www.beaconjournal.com/sports/20200123/kent-state-basketball-team-seeking-answers-for-three-game-skid
  11. https://www.toledoblade.com/sports/college/2020/01/23/briggs-toledo-bg-and-their-golden-opportunity-in-a-wide-open-mac/stories/20200123155 This made my blood boil.
  12. That's an amazing article. How nice it would be if ABJ wrote stuff like that. There are some fascinating insights about recruiting and the contacts Groce has. Groce, as an asst, coached Archie Miller at NC State and called Archie for a reference on X. Pridgen tried to recruit him at Robert Morris. These guys have quite a roladex. I wonder who else recruited him for his senior year. This is also a good article...https://www.daytondailynews.com/sports/where-are-they-now-update-three-dayton-flyers-who-left-program/HgDjVWIAtGZo7t9QVlDjSO/ . X ended up the best of the 3 UD transfers.
  13. What's that saying about counting chickens?🤨
  14. I think the top 2 double bye came a few years after ending that east/west seeding. The double bye was horrible and insulting to the league. That was something the Horizon or Southland would do to protect their best team. Screwed over Akron won year when they faced a rested Western in the Semis. I mean like Akron NEVER loses to WMU in the tournament... until they did. 2015 Akron had impressive run but were in their 4th game in 5 days when they met Buffalo in finals who hadnt played in a week. I think that was year Noah got hurt against Miami and Antonio was full time guard. Buffalo pressed him entire game.
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