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  1. Must be half-brother through his mom? Proof the "hair gene" runs through the mother's side.
  2. I'm going to jump in and say it doesn't work for me. Frankly, just because we had 9 other logos doesn't mean we need to add a 10th. Talk about brand exhaustion. Frankly, I don't know what was so awful about previous logos. The A with the Kanagroo was very cool. The Kangaroo is unique to Akron (and I guess UMKC). Why not go back to that logo. Who was the one who objected to that? Why did they move to the "Z." How many schools use the first letter of their mascot as their brand? "F" for Bowling Green? W for Wolverines? T for Trojans? I'm not even sure where the script Akron came from? It's all just too much. I think they should have simply gone back to the A with the Kangaroo and stuck with it. Everyone wants to make their mark and put their imprimatur on the program. When that happens, you get brand exhaustion and confusion.
  3. What's a blue collar guard? Are there white collar guards?
  4. agree, although he's no where in the league of Hurley on level of obnoxious. I hated him at OU but was totally on the Groce wagon once Zips hired him. Noting the story in the Transfer Portal thread, regarding players threatening to leave the power conference teams if they aren't compensated...I could see why a coach would want to stay at a mid major and not deal with that headache
  5. We can thank the US Supreme Court for this.
  6. Maybe this has been going on forever.. although 800k seems like a lot. I wonder how teammates feel when he drives up to practice in a Mercedes and wearing a Rolex while they don't have those same deals? Or would all the players make that much?
  7. a wing or a stretch? i'm really confused at this point.
  8. As we await paparazzi pics of the 7'1" on campus today or news of the unicorn "stretch four" I will weigh in and say that we all, including me, have the habit of saying..."it could be worse" or "you think your situation is bad...look what happened to so and so." it rather diminishes the other person's concerns or problems when we do that. But for my part, I think the Zips ARE in a far better situation than the majority of mid majors but losing Ali Ali does bite.
  9. Maybe he just wasn't that into us.
  10. the Muncie guys at Over the Pylon, who are very funny, had this joke that Whitford's claim to fame was a consistent second place in the MAC West.
  11. I thought you said you were wrong about him bettering is situation? Sounds like mostly positives. Maybe he simply didn't like Akron, the city, the school, etc.
  12. Tyler Cochran to Toledo. Really? Really????? SMH. Is he a grad student?
  13. Any word on the mysterious "Stretch 4?" This guy from Tennessee Brandon Huntley Hatfield may be what we need.
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