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  1. No limousines in Akron. This isnt about liberal v conservative. Union leaders are elected to see only one side and that's the union side and to oppose anything that hurts or takes something away from the union members. But 100% agree that the athletes are students as well and her attitude is condescending towards them. However, she's doing what is her job and that's to fight for her members. Its high stakes negotiations.
  2. https://www.beaconjournal.com/sports/20200705/university-of-akron-football-zips-players-coaches-taking-covid-19-precautions They are giving it the old college try. A for Effort.
  3. These guys can't catch a break. Some are probably living with parents and can't risk it. He'll even if they got a job in Europe they couldn't go.
  4. considering, that Columbus and Franklin County is the hottest of the COVID hot spots this isn't surprising.
  5. yes, it's all over the Beacon and the union president is painting athletics as the evil that must be destroyed. Because the Director of Family Studies is an expert in such matters. She has a position paper that will demonstrate how much $$ the U will save by moving to Division 2.
  6. And we can all wear paper bags over our heads (dual purpose)
  7. i think this is the perfect year for the Zips to catch everyone off guard and win the whole thing!
  8. they could open to season ticket holders and everyone can spread out. limit concessions. there would be plenty of room. hell they could even spread the band out over the entire east side of the stadium.
  9. What's your point? Can I not decide for myself what is "good news" to me?
  10. absolutely, Wake Forest is the fall back school for prep school kids who don't get into Ivy League or UNC, Duke, etc. Groce and Co. are going to offer him a supportive and solid environment to succeed.
  11. Wake Forest suspends Sharone Wright, Michael Wynn vs. Pittsburgh Jan 3, 2020 Associated Press Facebook Twitter Facebook Messenger Pinterest Email print WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Wake Forest sophomores Sharone Wright Jr. and Michael Wynn have been suspended for Saturday's game at Pittsburgh. The team announced the one-game suspensions Friday, saying they were for "failing to uphold the standards of Wake Forest Basketball." The school didn't elaborate on specifics in its statement. Wright is averaging 3.4 points while Wynn is averaging 1.3 points for the Demon Deacons (7-5, 0-2 ACC). It will be Wake Forest's first game since beating North Carolina A&T on Dec. 21.
  12. Best news I've had in awhile. Thanks for finding and sharing.
  13. I'm realistic but its good to be hopeful. Ohio and Michigan so far are containing outbreaks. I'd be happy with a 9 game MAC season.
  14. Yeah, and my friend's son had a double-header baseball game. I'm going to keep hoping they can get the players on the field.
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