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  1. 100% against. Plenty of teams in MAC I would support in tourney. Buffalo isn't one of them. Ok Buffalo's had their 20 minutes of fame. Time for Arizona to wake up.
  2. 2018-2019

    Since we are jonesing for any news, I will tell you that I reviewed the Big 3s (Ivey, Utomi, Parrish) Twitter feeds and there is nothing to report
  3. 2018-2019

    Could you narrow that down a bit?
  4. 2018-2019

    I remember all the posts in the various threads about how John Groce and his staff are going to leave as soon as something better comes along. I don't necessarily look at that as a negative because in order for him to do that he's going to need to build the Akron program into a team that's in the NCAA and winning games there. When that time comes, it will be up to the administration to decide whether the Zips go the route of Ohio U or the route of Buffalo. I don't want a coach that is just happy with being slightly above average.
  5. Selection Committee Show

    http://www.toledoblade.com/DavidBriggs/2018/03/12/Think-the-NCAA-tourney-screws-mid-majors-The-NIT-is-even-more-rigged.html confirming what we all thought and know.
  6. 2018-2019

    Totally OT but speaking of EMU. This is amazing.
  7. 2018-2019

    Since I wasn't in the room when Groce and Cotton had this discussion, I don't know why this occurred. We all know who the core players are on the team for next year, and I haven't heard of any of those guys wanting to transfer BG and WMU have important players leaving (although, I don't think Derek Koch was all that), and both teams crashed and burned at the end of the season and didn't make it to Cleveland.
  8. 2018-2019

    Virshon had some great moments we will always remember with Western game and BG game as well. But I still remember watching him go after Jimond and there was the suspension that was pre-pink eye. When Virshon had a big game, Groce let him do the post-game interviews. I appreciate that Groce is able to make a hard call and put sentiment aside in order to build a team. (If that's how it played out).
  9. President Matthew Wilson

    Dyer is lazier than George Thomas. Somewhere in his vague memory he remembers Geno Ford and then compares a Kent basketball coach's contract to a University president's contract implying that Kent is smarter than Akron is. Guess what Dyer it's called "negotiation." Wilson gives Akron a few things such as a lower salary, not taking the house, and whatever else and in exchange they give him a 6 month out clause. Akron wasn't in a great bargaining position at the time, and Wilson certainly knew that. He probably could have jacked up his salary request but instead took the out clause. Dyer also did a hatchet job on the Groce hiring.
  10. 2018-2019

    Ohhh. I was thinking Time Off Soon or Terms of Service or Termination on Sight. I guess all three could apply
  11. 2018-2019

    I don't even know what TOS means.
  12. 2018-2019

    Tubby to DeKalb? Tubby to Kalamazoo?
  13. We always had some top teams in the MAC in basketball and it's fluctuated around, but what I'm seeing developing is maybe a situation where there is a permanent underclass in the MAC and maybe some multiple bids from the top group similar to A10. I think Akron and Miami will move to the top tier with Buffalo. Maybe Toledo will hang around at the top. As for KD, he did wonderful things for our program but he stalled out and didn't have the recruits to continue.
  14. 2018-2019

    I would like that. I didn't mean it would literally break up into the haves and have nots but that right now some schools have had new coaches for a few years now and just aren't getting traction unlike say Cal State Fullerton. And there may be an even more dominant core of top MAC teams.
  15. 2018-2019

    http://www.ocregister.com/2018/03/12/cal-state-fullerton-rebuilt-a-basketball-program-the-old-fashioned-way-and-its-worked/ This is a good read. Not sure why but the article makes me think the MAC will divide up not necessarily East and West but by the go getters and mediocrity. I see Miami joining Akron and a few others in the first group. Skip please feel free to set me straight as always.