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  1. Certainly against Buffalo during their Top 20 year. Of course, in the last 5 games, Akron's been way off the spread (if that's the term for it)
  2. Clearly, the excitement is building for this one. Looks like Toledo and Ohio will end up on top and Zips may be looking at a 4th or 5th seed and a first round game against Kent or Buffalo. Eliminating those first round games puts the pressure on really fast
  3. When the Zips women's team won the MAC tournament, they had players hitting 90+% from the FT line. I mentioned to someone that the women should be teaching the men's team on FT shooting. That someone then told me ... you know they play with a smaller basketball? A part of me died.
  4. They play with a smaller basketball. It's much more likely to fall into the hoop.
  5. as they say in the men's thread: a win is a win. in the Ball State game, that was up tempo with lots of lead changes those media timeouts seemed interminable.
  6. I don't quite vagueries of the women's game, but why would the coach call a time out with a 13 point lead? aren't their timeouts different in the number they get per quarter as per half like the men. Also, their timeouts seem longer
  7. Toledo produces good regular season teams and a bad tournament teams. I looked at the MAC stats for minutes played: Ali is #6 and Castaneda is # 7 behind two Kent players, Sears, Segu, and Lamar Norman. Toledo players pop up around #15 and higher. I noticed Toledo will sub in 4 at a time. Akron does not have a good record against Toledo and last won up there in 2013? I don't expect much out of this game. Circled it as a loss. Agree with everyone, if Trimble is hitting the 3, the Zips have a good chance. Also, Toledo is leading in almost every statistical category. "Amazing' how they've done this while losing the Jackson's and the guy with the man bun. I've always thought something was rotten in the Glass City.
  8. All home teams easily won tonight except Mt. Pleasant. That leaves Akron in sole possession of 2nd (or is it 3rd) until Friday night when they will fall back to a tie for 3rd or in sole possession depending on Ohio at Buffalo: Toledo. 8-1 Ohio 6-1 Akron 6-2 Buffalo 4-3 Kent 5-4 Bowling Green 4-5 Miami 3-4 Ball State 3-4 ----------------------- Northern 2-4 Eastern 2-5 Central 1-3 Western 0-8
  9. Toledo always looks like world-beaters until they hit Cleveland in March. re-watched last few minutes. The guys really seem to be cool under pressure but for Xavier and Ali getting frustrated with each other after Ali's travel. They had a close up of the CMU bench during a time out and one of the players turned his head away while the Coach Barbee was talking to him and Barbee grabbed his arm and yanked him back into the huddle.
  10. As I said, Central is a desperate team with nothing to lose. They have a lot to prove and the Zips have been playing with fire except for the BG game.
  11. Watching Buffalo at Toledo. Buffalo upping their game since the loss at the JAR. Toledo is tough. Zips are looking at a world of hurt on national TV Friday.
  12. I'm awaiting the notice that this one is canceled because CMU can't field a team.
  13. CMU is desperate at this point. They got nothing to lose. Their record is terrible, and they lost their best player. And they haven't had competition in weeks. Their last game was 31 point loss to EMU. This would be a total collapse and fail if the Zips lose this one.
  14. Had he an audience he likely would have been much worse. However, this proves he really is an SOB and it's not merely performance art.
  15. super photos. good one of Stan Heath. And I hope the Rowdies love seeing their awesomely obnoxious selves in print.
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