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  1. I was joking.
  2. This is looking good for next year. Maybe we will finally make a run in the MAC tournament and win a championship!
  3. Ohhh. Don't let it happen again. We expect pin point accuracy...like a Forsythe hook shot.
  4. Kreed said that Poke is the only eligible "Big" next year. Isn't Kostelac 6'11" and joining the Zips for 2017-18 season?
  5. Pat Forsythe was great this year. Don't we have that Kostelac next year as a center?
  6. When was Pat Forsythe player of the year?
  7. If all the slots are full, could someone please list the complete roster and positions or copy it again if it's already been posted. Thank you.
  8. Made my night!
  9. Apparently, Ivey did!
  10. To follow up on Capt Kangaroo, I think the fans who went to every single game and followed every away game knew there was a problem and are excited about this change (even with the 20+ wins and Mac finals). That may not be 100% the case but the people I anecdotally find who are hesitant on Groce or are pro-Dambrot saw the superficial year in/year out stats and didn't see the deeper problems. I was never a player or coach, but I could certainly sense there was a "team" problem especially with the three guards. I also could visually see there was no bench for next year. I know we've been over this in the other threads.
  11. Not to hijack the thread, but we are in a Zips bubble. So I'm wondering if there's this type of recruiting excitement in Ravenna, Athens, or DeKalb. I mean are we recruiting better than the rest of the MAC? Are we being considered by players who would never consider the likes of Miami (Ohio) or Ypsilanti?
  12. Watching him early in that clip just walking by the defense for a lay up reminded me of the Zips defense this year.
  13. This is all so confusing.
  14. Jaaron dribbled out the end of the Kent semi final game. Never got a shot off.
  15. Jimond was front row center. Smart kid. The Antino story is warmed over blahness.