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  1. Couldn't embed. Some kid from Jackson, Ethan Adkins, was offered a PWO? at Akron.
  2. Any news for the Zips from the transfer portal? (Asking for a friend)
  3. That was "thump" heard round the world. Then dead silence. I just put my head in my hands, but he got up smiling.
  4. He sent all of us into a state of despair for a few minutes on Sunday.
  5. God bless you for following women's basketball. Once I learned they used a smaller basketball than the men use, I lost interest.
  6. Decent article. I wouldn't say the crowd went into a "frenzy" when Zips took the lead, but I think we were all shell shocked until that point. But Groce is right, the team didn't panic. I think the last two years they would have played hero ball and started chucking 3s to make up the deficit. On another note, I thought the MAC would be easier this year. Looks like it will be more brutal. And off topic: this has some good press for Zips and their fans if you scroll down. Notice PCCC isn't mentioned. https://www.chatsports.com/duke-blue-devils/a/source/acc-roundup-a-hurley-brothers-sunday-special-15690222
  7. Did Groce say that Reece was sick? When X fell hard on the floor, I saw the Zips season flash before my eyes and it ended with a quarter final loss to Toledo.
  8. Zips take lead. Southern in foul trouble. Refs only called half of the fouls they've done on the Zips
  9. Good comeback. Probably would have been better not to take a timeout for that last play
  10. Zips need to wake up. They seem a bit surprised by Southern. Stat board isnt working and Riak just clobbered LCJ. Down by 9. Totally out hustled.
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