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  1. The season is three months off, and I'm already confused
  2. He's 65. Probably his last job. Much better climate than Green Bay. I don't think he will be looking for his next gig. I like the private selection process. I'm sure everyone involved signed confidentiality agreements. The open process brings in too much distracting criticism from the outside. Kudos to the Board.
  3. I don't see Channel Banks in that photo either. Orange Theory. I did that for 9 months. It's a grind after awhile.
  4. Just can't stand Pluto. His writing is junior high newspaper caliber. This line: "I’ve been told CSU has only six players on the roster at the moment. At least eight have entered the transfer portal" should instead read, "Sources told me that eight players are transferring, and now only 6 players remain on the CSU roster." I guess one needs any excuse to use the phrase "transfer portal."
  5. Oh, I get it. We don't get North Carolina or Kentucky but we get Massachusetts. Getting a school without a hyphen named solely after a state is the accomplishment.
  6. What am I missing here? U Mass is something special?
  7. I can't believe that our "fawning" bothers you so much.
  8. Welcome to the board! Cheese, Riak, LCJ, Williams, and one of the McKnight brothers.🤔
  9. OT. A buddy at work had a D1 football player son who is transferring from a military academy. And because of Zipsnation I was well-versed in the Transfer Portal. Buddy: yeah, they put his name in... Me: The transfer portal?
  10. 8 kids just won the National Spelling Bee. Nothing is the same.
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