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  1. Remember Groces first year! Lucas Smith. Still managed to get to Cleveland
  2. Looks like this will only be on the radio.
  3. Catching up on all my comments: EMU and NIU traditionally give the Zips trouble, especially on the road.
  4. As Jackie Windon says: and the ability to go arms straight up like a volleyball player.
  5. pacing themselves for WMU and another game on Tuesday. Great warm up for tournament play
  6. I'm sure Groce knows who he needs for Saturday. Important that 10 players got time.
  7. Ugh...it's Keno Davis. Yes, just put it together. One too many blows to the head from the cannon.
  8. He made the game winner against Toledo and also the big defensive stop.
  9. Fate plays a part. A bounce here an injury there. If Arth leaves a new door will open.
  10. I will be the first to post it: Whoever is the coach at Mount Union OR that guy from Wayne State.
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