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  1. Game 26- Bowling Green Falcons

    And there's joy at Kitten Attack.
  2. Game 27- Miami Redhawks

    We've had a few must win games recently, but I think this one really really is a Must win
  3. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    Single? Like unmarried?
  4. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    Paul Rutigliano? I'm no fan of Liberty but I see multiple African Americans on the coaching staff
  5. Camron Reece

    Don't see any 5'11 guards on that list. Buffalo wants a group of 6'5-6'8 guys on the floor.
  6. Game 26- Bowling Green Falcons

    and scoring more points than one's opponent.
  7. Game 26- Bowling Green Falcons

    Yes. Lots of revisionist hx and selective memory filling this thread. Hurley left Oats a pot of gold and KD had some nice recruits already. BGs situation is a bit more like the Zips this time around
  8. Game 27- Miami Redhawks

    2011 first round home win against EMU. 6th seed.
  9. Game 27- Miami Redhawks

    It's only been two years...but I also remember never stepping foot in the Q.
  10. MAC Hoops 18-19

    I thought there were only 3 games left it 5 . Zips can n secure a 6 or 7 seed by winning there last 3 home games. PCcC doesn't have Avery. NIU imploding and Miami has a tougher schedule.
  11. Game 26- Bowling Green Falcons

    Getting this team back to the top is a Marathon and not a sprint. Can look around the MAC and see how it's going with other teams. It's a bit like the pro golfer who has a lot of top 5 finishes and always pukes during the final few holes but one day it finally clicks.
  12. Game 26- Bowling Green Falcons

    Into March? Running out of time, no? I'm with you. Ivey and Utomi...SMH
  13. Game 26- Bowling Green Falcons

    With tonight's results on the precipice of being a bottom 4 team. If Zips go two and two should be ok. Miami has Zips and BG away and Kent and Buffalo at home. EMU, NIU, and BSU will feed on each other
  14. Game 26- Bowling Green Falcons

    Strike that