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  1. a sincere question. This is what big time programs (like UCLA) do. they turn it on when it counts. If it's going to be a knock down, dog fight under the basket, the blue blood teams will win unless the underdog is hot from 3. l looking at play by play. Kent goes up by 4 with a 3 by Thomas. Pinky calls time out and then its the under 4 TV time out. They didn't score after that. WTF??
  2. Ravenna A & M up 66-62 with 3:41 secs left. They lose 73-66. Sad state of affairs.
  3. this is beyond depressing. may not take that week off in March like I usually do
  4. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/rankings/net/ This looks different. From today. But then there is this: https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/college-basketball-rankings-houston-is-no-1-louisville-no-361-out-of-363-in-first-net-release-of-2022-23/
  5. He practices and works hard. he listed a few things he did well on defense but it wasn't all praise.
  6. This is probably the worse FT shooting I've seen from a Zips team. Kobe got the praise and the post-game interview.
  7. Wonder if Garvin will be here in March.
  8. Tavari on defense. X getting his range. Nate Johnson lackadaisical out there. Kobe hustles on defense. Hankerson and Tribble get playing time
  9. Official timeout because a kid in a floor seat spilled his popcorn on the floor.
  10. X is missing as well. Lyles makes his FTs. That's something
  11. These guys need to work thru the shooting slump
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