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  1. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    16 with that 3 from Riak!
  2. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    Well we were desperate for change back then. Arth has family with him. Lots of young kids.
  3. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    KLac looks like his face met a fist.
  4. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    Jimond is awesome. Lots of unselfish play and hustle.
  5. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    They gave him 30 secs.
  6. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    One turnover per minute .
  7. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    I don't understand. Oh, I get it. Like when at the end of the Marshall game I knew Akron wasn't going to make the final shot. An unlucky team.
  8. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Wonder who the other 2 finalists were?
  9. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    Big Game tonight!! Exciting.
  10. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Akron is notoriously bad at staging these events. The John Groce welcome was a train wreck as well. The best part was watching Antino smirking and circling around the student union while Groce introduced himself. They then had a private meet and greet for the fans at EJ Thomas. That wasn't that hot either. I don't understand football that well, but I do understand human nature. Tom Arth has a hunger to succeed. He's got a wife and five small kids (I think one is special needs), and he knows he can't screw this thing up, get fired, and be scrambling to find a head coaching job at Albion or Otterbein. I'm sure this is overwhelming change all of a sudden mid-school year for his family. John Groce had such an easy transition. Illinois owed him millions. He had a stable group of assistants who were going to follow him wherever. And he only had to meet with 9 or 10 players as opposed to 80! So if he wasn't all rah rah Akron U at the presser I get it. Also, he was sitting there with an interim president who is a political guru who joked about Arth being the lowest paid in D1. He is right out of central casting for football coach, and I can see how he wowed the interviewers. He's going to need all that youth, energy and family support to make this thing work at Akron. Right now he's refreshing and definitely something new for us. I hope he succeeds and can really brand himself and our football program.
  11. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    I know that Infocision is a WiFi black hole but.no problems for me at the JAR.
  12. Welcome Tom Arth!

    There was nothing of substance from Arth. He stood up there, looked like a Sears catalog model, and gave the usual drivel about this and that. No hard-hitting questions. I also expect GT wanted something more scandalous than what John Green gave him regarding finances. OT...future NE game is worth 1.45mill
  13. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Basic question about the buyouts. John Green explained that the Nebraska payout took care of Bowden and there is still negotiations with UTC including bringing them here for a game. Something about $8mill being reallocate from athletics. Basically, Arth I'd one of the lowest paid coaches in D1 and he needs to produce.
  14. Welcome Tom Arth!

    A lot of pressure on this young man
  15. Welcome Tom Arth!

    John Green is funny.