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  1. But unless we get that "Big" we are doomed.
  2. Despite having a relatively innocuous payload, these guns have not always brought joy to attendees. In 2018, a mascot named Chip at the University of Colorado-Boulder suffered an injury when a T-shirt cannon malfunctioned, shooting him in the groin. (The video, of course, went viral.) That same year, a fan named Jennifer Harughty claimed that Orbit, the mascot for the Houston Astros, shot her with a T-shirt and shattered her finger, necessitating surgery. In 2019, Alex Swanson was at Citi Field for a New York Mets game and alleged that a shirt struck him in the eye and knocked him unconscious. Both sued the respective teams. remember if you see the University you must file in the Court of Claims. I was lucky. not injured.
  3. TOS. Dan Majerle going home to CMU?
  4. I was merely referencing the attendance at the typical EMU game
  5. I'm sure there will be a crowd of 10-12 there to greet him at the first game
  6. EMU to the Elite 8! EMU hires Stan Heath as men's basketball coach; ex-boss Tom Izzo calls it 'terrific hire' Tony Paul The Detroit News
  7. EMU and CMU are taking their time. Both playing game of chicken over Paul Winters I guess.
  8. the courts have a lot of programming and treatment options for first time offenders that can lead to a dismissal of the charges even if a gun is involved.
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