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  1. As I was writing Kreed posted same thing, I've never been a fan of discussing at large bids because it would mean we didn't win the MAC Tournament. Let's get that regular season championship, the automatic bid to the NIT, the top seed and win the tournament. If we were to finish 29-5 and with 9 straight wins, we would be looking at a much better seed. That at large big would seem difficult considering our post-season history. Cutting down the nets at the Q...nothing better. Anyone remember many years back when the top team in the West got the #2 seed and there was talk Akron lost a game or two to get on the easier side of the bracket?
  2. It's hard not to watch those final 15 seconds and not think those refs decided the game. We still have a two game lead on the MAC and only two away games left. If the Zips come out of this brutal stretch with only one loss (in a game in which we were still red hot from the 3), IMHO I think that is a darn good result. If we were in ConferenceUSA, our tournament would be in Alabama instead of the Q.
  3. When I looked at the schedule at the beginning of the season, this looked like just an incredibly hard stretch of games. 6 out of 8 on the road. Putting aside the missed bunnies and bad refs, something had to give in one of these games. And teams always play their best against the Zips. The Central team that has lost its last two games isn't the one we saw the other week. First really close game of the year. Isaiah made clutch free throws. Come Tuesday hopefully this will be out of my mind. Emotions are raw after a game like that.
  4. really bites. but if we were going to lose a game it was going to be in this really rough stretch. re-set and win out.
  5. ESPN3 has it. Only 2 point favorites. Can't lost to EMU and EMU went 1-14 from 3point. Win today puts us 3 games up in the MAC.
  6. French and Dunn just said Big Dog is going to try and play.
  7. I think they both went to and played for St. V with Lebron, and both were stars for the Zips from around 2004-2007. Dru, I think, now coaches St. V. I think someone else, though, could give you a more detailed rundown on the connections.
  8. Cool article in the Toledo Blade. Nice quotes. And, we apparently set a record. "BOWLING GREEN — The Bowling Green State University men’s basketball team forced Akron to miss its first seven 3-point attempts Tuesday. But then the Zips hit one — and the deluge began. By the time it had ended, the Zips had set a Stroh Center record for a men’s basketball team by raining 16 3-pointers on the Falcons and claiming an 83-68 victory. IN PICTURES: BGSU men lose to Akron “They’re a 3-point shooting team — if they’re not hitting, they’re not going to stop shooting 3s,” Bowling Green coach Michael Huger said. “You have to catch them on a night when they’re off. …"
  9. Quite a stressful night: first Josh, then the radio equipment fails, then Big Dog. Buffalo suspends their guard and loses. Cant barely gets by NI at home. Eastern crushes Central. Now the trip to haunted DeKalb. Players are stepping up. As we keep winning the pressure keeps building.
  10. Weren't our last two wins at BG with last second shots/tip-ins? One by Harney and one by Gladden? This year we haven't had overtime or any games closer than 4 points. And most of those were fairly settled going down to the wire.
  11. Was at the game last night and watched it at home on DVR. These are the observations from a guy (me) who has been at every Zip home game in the Dambrot era and unfortunately a number before that. (I remember when CMU, who was in last place at the time, knocked us out of the first round of the MAC tourney AT HOME!) With all that, I still don't know the difference between a "pick and roll" and a "moving screen." Or the difference between a "wing" and a "post." So here it goes: 1. I give CMU a lot of credit for being down 20 on the road and executing a plan to get back in it. It made for a tedious end to the game, but they stymied the crowd and took any rhythm out of the game. Reminded me of playing a Charlie Coles team. I was surprised they didn't foul one last time. 2. Coach D made a good point that he would rather have Noah shooting free throws at the end, but he needs him to inbound because he is so calm. 3. TV announcers said Fowler is a Theater major. He's obviously been giving some acting lessons to his teammates. 4. When Noah went in for a lay up on a fast break in the second half, the CMU player backed off. Some of our MAC opponents would have whacked him. 5. (May regret saying this) I hope Coach Davis stays with CMU for awhile. Quality coach. When we were on our huge run he stayed cool even though his team was rattled and didn't panic and start screaming at the refs. He regrouped and executed. 6. What I notice the most is that our team is staying composed when things aren't going well. At Green Bay and Toledo, they would get frustrated and desperate. Now Noah calmly bring the ball up the court, and we go about our business and are avoiding those quick trigger threes. 7. Will be nice to follow the MAC games tonight knowing we secured our first place position. I will be pulling for Eastern and Toledo on the road.
  12. Little late to this thread. Coach Dambrot getting the crowd fired up after the technical did seem reminiscent of Hurley's recent ejection at ASU. There's a fine line between a coach being combative and just being obnoxious. As seen below, Hipsher, who is on his 9th coaching life, still hasn't learned the difference. And I just hated having him on the bench. Yelled and screamed for its own sake. I doubt I would enjoy Hurley's antics if he were the Zips coach. My thought is that Coach Dambrot strikes the right balance. http://collegebasketball.nbcsports.com/2014/01/31/utpa-head-coach-dan-hipsher-suspended-one-game-for-violating-wac-sportsmanship-policy/
  13. At the moment, looks like Akron between 5.5 to 7 point favorites.
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