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  1. Zips—2019 NFL Draft

    While traveling this past weekend one of the Sirius NFL channels did a show on draft sleepers. Gilbert was mentioned. One of the two analysts said his NFL position may be as an in-box safety. I suppose his forty time is adequate?
  2. Maishe Dailey

    Local kid, had a couple of big games (Colorado, Michigan State). Played in 33 and 35 games the last two seasons. I'll take him. Being a Hawkeye fan I know he was buried behind a senior and a sophomore (coaches son) last two years. Iowa also has a couple of redshirts coming back next year.
  3. MAC Hoops 18-19

    My Canadian friends who thought that Buffalo had outgrown the MAC during football season are sure of it now. Their preference is the American Athletic Conference, and they are convinced it will happen soon. They reference working out details with Wichita State and Navy (but I'm not sure what that means).
  4. Columbus Crew SC

    It just may be my crotchety old man thing but I do really miss the classic numbering in soccer.
  5. Winter Thoughts On Conferences

    I don't think the B10 would let us in so I thought about it two ways. One , the less likely is recruiting another school or two to help enlarge MAC men's soccer. Two what other leagues are having the same issue the MAC has so we could combine and hopefully fix the issue longer term. In addition to West Virginia and SIUE schools that operate men's soccer outside of their "normal league" include: Kentucky, South Carolina, Belmont and Eastern Illinois. There are others but not good geographically. I don't see Kentucky coming back and South Carolina fits in well with the C-USA schools that do have the sport. Belmont fits in well in the Southern Conference and with 6 of the 7 teams being normal league schools probably more stable than the MAC. Eastern Illinois is in the Summit League which is in about the same condition as the MAC. So... my second option of joining with another league as a group of MAC schools is making more sense to me. In addition to the Summit League would be the Missouri Valley Conference. Current Summit League teams are : Denver, Omaha, Purdue FW, Eastern Illinois, Western Illinois and Oral Roberts. Current Missouri Valley teams are: Bradley, Drake, Evansville, Loyola, Missouri State and Valpo. I just wish the MAC leadership would be more proactive, 4 schools playing men's soccer is not enough to sustain a championship. I guess the other option is to go independent. Not sure how that would work but if anyone should have the gravitas to get into the tournament as an independent it should be the ZIPS! What do you all think?
  6. Future of The MAC

    I've said it before, I believe the league needs to fix the problem and not the individual schools. There are a few MAC sports that have low participation based on how many schools sponsor teams. Men's Soccer, Men's Tennis, Men's swim/dive, Women's Tennis and Women's Swim/Dive is a pretty complete list. In checking the Missouri Valley Conference (I assume their are others but I looked here) match up perfectly on these sports for also having low participation. So... for my solution have the two leagues combine for these sports only. For example the MAC would have teams from both leagues for Men's Soccer, Men's Tennis and Women's Tennis. The MVC would have Men's Swimming and Women's Swimming. It would reduce many issues of scheduling (more league contests so less non-league to fill), costs of holding championships, and maybe even spur some rivalries by playing teams more specifically.
  7. And now for something completely different

    I've heard it for years "we ARE what we ATE" or something like that!
  8. Game 1—Cedarville Yellow Jackets

    Everyone, we get Cedarville while Texas Southern plays their "pay me" schedule. Which one would you rather have? https://tsusports.com/schedule.aspx?path=mbball Baylor, Gonzaga, Iowa State, San Diego State is quite a start to the year.
  9. New Uniforms

    I always liked the old Black and White ones!
  10. Bye Week Pick-em

    EMU Canada Ball State Fresno Iowa State Nebraska
  11. Sorry if I missed this elsewhere but I didn't see it posted. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/23866176/which-schools-produce-most-draft-talent
  12. T.J. Deshields - walk-on QB

    We might as well work him in as a baseball recruit too.
  13. Bowl has been sold for huge profit!

    In 1973 my parents were out waking and my dad said they went by the Rubber Bowl to see how the new turf was going in. While walking by they saw one of the workers stash a large piece behind the bushes at the top of the bowl by George Washington. So a neighbor and I went and saved it for ourselves. I'm sure there was a disappointed construction worker at the end of the day but we carpeted a nice area of our basement for years. It may still be there, or the current owners may not know what an awesome piece of history they had/have.
  14. 2018 Akron Zips Defense Article - by ZipsNation.org

    Here is one for you coach Bowden. I saw him in HS. Looked more like an LB to me. https://www.blackheartgoldpants.com/2018/5/13/17350464/so-long-farewell-defensive-lineman-romeo-mcknight-to-depart-iowa-hawkeyes-football-program
  15. NCAA Tourney Thread

    There isn't that many Div 1 basketball schools, somewhere around 350. Why not just let everyone in? Seed geographically and the first 2-3 rounds are played at the home of the higher seed. They pay out to the visiting team a set dollar amount ($say $100,000). Then reseed for the rest of the tourney which would resemble what we have today.