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  1. George chooses to write what the coach is telling him. Groce is not a rah rah type of guy. Groce is also very honest in his assessments of his team. If the Zips want to win the MAC title they need to play better defensively.
  2. It amazes me that Texas State can't field a winning team. San Marcos is a really nice college town and not far from the night life in Austin and San Antonio.
  3. After we clawed our way back to tie the game at 61, we had 3 empty possessions on offense in a row. LCJ dished to Ali who missed a wide open 6 footer, to Dailey who missed a wide open 3 and to Trimble who missed a wide open 3. On the other end of the court man bun guy made 2 3's and Jackson drove it to the hoop for 2 layups. Game over. Unless some of the other guys step up we will continue to see LCJ be forced to carry the load. BTW, M Jackson dod most of his damage in ISO situations with Wynn guarding him during UT's run to put the game away.
  4. Thankfully his wife and the other members of the coaching staff's families love living here. I don't know if that is enough for JG to give UA a hometown discount when it comes to contract time, but it can't hurt.
  5. Looks like Arth decided to bet on himself to turn things around instead of abandoning ship for the NFL. I sincerely hope he doesn't roll snake eyes!
  6. Look at you sticking up for Mrs Bowden!?
  7. Remember this? "My predictions; 1st 5 1. Jackson 2. Dailey 3. Ali 4. Marshall 5. Freeman"
  8. There is no such thing as a problem. Just an opportunity for a solution.
  9. Name you best candidate. Should we go for an experienced oldtimer or a up and comer similar to Lewis at PCCC?
  10. Bubba is probably halfway out the door right now.
  11. They had to dig really deep to find anything noteworthy. All I saw was lots of mediocre stats and turmoil.
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