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  1. Trimble and Dailey are both good three point shooters.
  2. I wonder if Willie Jackson still has his Cadillac?
  3. They have flown to Dekalb in the past. The plane resembled the one in the movie Major League. I'd rather take the 6 hour bus ride.
  4. That arena in Dekalb is like playing in a big warehouse or barn. Throw in the fact that their attendance is right up there with Eastern makes for a scrimmage type feel. Not to mention the campus is surrounded by cornfields. It's an easy place to have a letdown.
  5. I would put the odds of CJ leaving the Zips at slim to none.
  6. The game was part of a double header at Rocket Mortgage arena in Cleveland that featured a game between OSU and WVU.
  7. Doubtful that photo is from 1892.
  8. Doubt you're going to hear Groce using any foul language on gamedays.
  9. Not likely. He hasn't participated in even one practice.
  10. Dawson was the top recruit of this years class. If he is eligible, look for him to get significant minutes after he gets some time to get acclimated. We will now have a legitimate 10 man rotation.
  11. #4 was actually the HOF drum and Bugle show. 15k attendance. All in the west stands.
  12. You're overthinking it. If somebody is open and has a good look they need to take the shot if it is within their role. Probably not going to see Reece firing up 3 pointers. Nor will you see LCJ trying to post up a defender.
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