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  1. Sayles and McIntyre are still with the team. McIntyre is a walk on. Walters is also back as a walk on.
  2. Football generates enough cash flow to cover its operating expenses except for scholarships every year. This comes from a combination of revenue streams such as ESPN bowl payouts, money games , ticket sales etc....The university charges the athletic department around $26k per athlete for tuition. If those 85 scholarships went away do you really think the university would reduce its operating budget by a corresponding amount?
  3. The Browns and NFL Draft: Whispers, trade partners and dot-connecting
  4. KD once explained to me the plight of the mid-majors. If you want to field a team that has a chance to make some noise comprimises have to be made when recruiting players. The P5 schools gobble up all the sure bet players. Some of them may never see the floor, but hey they played for Duke, NC, etc... That leaves guys who have talent but also some baggage that scared away the big schools. Guys like Tree(bad temper), BigDog(weight issues), Harney(weed, attitude), etc... For a mid-major coach to be successful he has to juggle all these guys with problems and find enough other role players to put together a winning team. Sometimes those combinations just don't work out. With the advent of the transfer rules it has made it easy for players and coaches to get a divorce.
  5. You need a better lawyer. https://fox8.com/2019/04/10/woman-sues-houston-astros-for-1-million-because-she-says-t-shirt-cannon-broke-her-finger/
  6. Blind squirrel theory. In baseball on any given day.
  7. The ultimate pay to play experience!
  8. Toles is not a point guard. Never ever. Ever.
  9. Not likely. X is more of a small forward.
  10. The key to beating Buffalo is preventing Perkins from dominating the paint. If we prevent Perkins from receiving the ball low left block it turns the bulls into a much weaker team. This has to be done without any help for his defender. The Bulls will try and create mismatches that will force the Zips into a double team. If that happens look for Perkins to kick the ball back out to an open shooter. Once they have the defense scrambled they get most of their offensive rebounds which also result in open 3's. When they played us at the JAR for what ever reason, Oates thought he could use Harris to exploit what he thought was a defensive weakness in Utomi. That strategy almost cost them the game that night. I doubt we will see that again. Massenberg will get his points but the key is limiting Perkins.
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