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  1. Cayman Islands Hoops Classic

    Toles has only practiced a handful of times in the last 5 weeks. Once he getsp his legs back and gets some chemistry going he will be a welcome addition.
  2. Game 11—Bowling Green Falcons

    I'm sure he just forgot the sarcasm emojis.
  3. Game 3- Chicago State Cougars

    Nice call oh great Swami!
  4. Game 3- Chicago State Cougars

    The guys watched the Chi-state, Ill-state game last night. They know what their in for Friday night.
  5. NCAA Tournament

    I would guess that our loss to Syracuse earlier this season was the difference between the 16 and 17 seed.
  6. 2018-2019

    Christian is a very smart kid. He is already a senior academically majoring in business. Next year he will be working on his MBA. This also translates to his performance on the floor. A coachs dream.
  7. Game 1—Cedarville Yellow Jackets

    Hester is no longer with the team.
  8. Game 1—Cedarville Yellow Jackets

    Jeremy Roscoe
  9. WMU - Saturday, Nov. 3rd

    Do you really think that they would tell you that any member of any coaching staff sucks and deserves to be fired?
  10. Twelfth Game

  11. Twelfth Game

    This is better than a bowl game. We play a quality opponent and we get to keep all the money.
  12. Game 9—Northern Illinois Huskies

    Just prior to that I had told my wife what a fine job the lady ref had been doing. Then she blew it!
  13. Game 9—Northern Illinois Huskies

    That was a really bad call. The NIU player merely bumped into Nelson. Does this ruling mean that the 1/2 game suspension against the player is overturned?
  14. 2018-2019

    The landscape of mid-major basketball is changing. With the new rules on transfers mid-majors are going to be more reluctant to solely recruit HS seniors to fill their rosters. Why spend a couple of years as a training ground for those players so the good ones can just transfer up to a P-5 school to finish their career.
  15. Baseball's Coming Back