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  1. After reading the allegations, the booster would seem to make a fine presidential candidate for either party.
  2. He's been around the program since Jimmond was a freshman. Nice kid.
  3. I was picturing Godzilla vs Mothra.
  4. Don't worry. Once Julie Acus gets a hold of his diet for a few months he won't look like that for long. She is a big reason why the Zips are such a well conditioned team.
  5. He is an assistant coach at CSU.
  6. My gut tells me those big paydays might be a thing of the past. Even the P5 schools will feel the effects of budget cuts.
  7. I think Dr Miller is following the advice of Winston Churchill, "never let a good crisis go to waste". Akron has been kicking the can down the road for years when it comes to deficits in the athletic department budget. Now under the cover of the Covid crisis it is the time to make a major course correction. Hopefully the rest of the MAC sees it the same way. GP1 makes a good point about the G6 schools breaking off and doing their own thing. They may not have a choice if the G5 thinks old Winston had a good idea.
  8. I thought we dropped that program?
  9. Because everybody knows the worst thing you can do is mistake a Swede for a Norwegian. And vice-versa.
  10. Put your finger on the sound bar graphic, hold it down and slide to the left to fast forward.
  11. Wishful thinking you April fool.🤪
  12. Saw this on Twitter today. I can only dream this would really happen!
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