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  1. I had the opportunity to talk Zaire over the summer. Great kid. He is quite a physical specimen. Too bad things aren't working out.
  2. Reece is quite a physical specimen. Big chest and shoulders. Strong lower body. He looks to have quite a motor so far. A man among boys.
  3. They might have to schedule a makeup field hockey game that day, so that might effect the number of fans that show up at Info.
  4. Usually suspensions like these have nothing to do with the coaching staff. Most likely violations of NCAA rules. That's why there is no information available.
  5. Brad has family commitments that prevented him from continuing as the color guy.
  6. Hilltopper


    Our friends 17 year old son won $112,500 for finishing 9th in the Fortnite world championships held in NYC several weeks ago. First place paid $1 million. Edit; the winner collected $3 million. Seems he got "Swatted" recently. https://www.espn.com/esports/story/_/id/27374218/fortnite-champ-bugha-swatted-streaming
  7. Moff is the KSU beat writer for the Record Courier.
  8. Sayles and McIntyre are still with the team. McIntyre is a walk on. Walters is also back as a walk on.
  9. Football generates enough cash flow to cover its operating expenses except for scholarships every year. This comes from a combination of revenue streams such as ESPN bowl payouts, money games , ticket sales etc....The university charges the athletic department around $26k per athlete for tuition. If those 85 scholarships went away do you really think the university would reduce its operating budget by a corresponding amount?
  10. The Browns and NFL Draft: Whispers, trade partners and dot-connecting
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