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  1. Guthrie didn't schedule the Tennessee game. LW scheduled that one.
  2. Charles doesn't follow ZipsNation.o
  3. Stan Heath spent the entire game bitching at the refs on Saturday night. Surprised he didn't get T'd up.
  4. Changing our colors as they exist now is off the table. The only discussions will be what will be our primary logos.
  5. Tavari Johnson update: Glenbard West Hilltoppers are #1 in Illinois crushing opponents by more than 25 points per game. Glenbard has 4 D1 college commits led by 6-9 forward and Gonzaga commit Braden Huff. In a big 32-team holiday tournament Glenbard was looking forward to playing Bolingbrook in the championship game. But behind Tavari's 28 points his Lyons team upset Bolingbrook. Glenbard overwhelmed Lyons in the championship game as Tavari is the only D1 commit on an otherwise mid-pack HS team. Led by Tavari Lyons is now 16-3 with 2 of those losses to #1 Glenbard West. Lyons is currently ranked #10 in Illinois despite limited talent behind Tavari.
  6. #11 and #3 for WMU shot it like Steph and Klay and the Zips still managed to pull it out at the end. Wynn is done for the rest of the season. If anybody else on the bench showed they could help I'm sure Groce would gladly make use of their talents.
  7. There is going to he a committee formed to decide what our branding should look like. It will consist of a mixture of UA staff, long time season ticket holders and other marketing experts. Everything is on the table.
  8. Probably no more than 10 freshman total. Expect JoMo to hit the transfer portal hard again after NLI day when more players jump in after seeing the possibility of loosing PT to talented newcomers at their current school.
  9. You need to have 7 healthy players.
  10. I would expect to see between 15-20 transfers and 5-7 highschool seniors signed in this class. The majority of the transfers on the defensive side.
  11. Pretty sure that COVID protocols established by UA and his employer have prevented him from attending the pressers and many games.
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