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  1. It will be a much shorter commute from her home near Butler to her new job than it was to Akron. The fact that she never really relocated here after she was hired was baffling. I'm sure Charles will make a hire who is fully committed to raising the level of the program.
  2. The black rubber will tone it down.
  3. I would expect another solid hire by Guthrie. Fielding a solid MAC contender would be a realistic goal.
  4. This is a great hire by Guthrie. A proven winner. I'm sure the members of the team are thrilled.
  5. How ironic. He is paying to sponser an event that gives money to LBJ.
  6. Looks like there will be no webcam after all. Chad reached out to me today and said something different is in the works. I have no idea what that means. Sorry for getting peoples hopes up.
  7. Had a chance to chat with JoMo at the golf outing today. Irons is the #1 QB out of spring practice, but that is subject to change. He likens his preference at qb to be like a point guard. He wants the QB to distribute the ball to the play makers all over the field. He values good decision making and no turnovers over splashy individual play making.
  8. The outing was completely sold out weeks ago. It was a nice day for golf(a little hot) and the course was in great shape. A nice opportunity to meet student athletes from every sport
  9. I talked to Chad Welker today at the golf outing and the web cam should up and running in the next day or two.
  10. You are totally wrong about the AD being not interested in fixing this situation with the MAC regarding soccer. I'm sure once the MAC completely implodes there will be a landing spot for us that you will like. Believe me when I say soccer is a priority for Guthrie.
  11. I'll never forget the final game on grass at the Rubber Bowl. We played the Quantico Marines. It was a near blizzard. Quantico wore all white uniforms with white helmets. Without the mud you wouldn't have been able to see them. By the end of the game there probably wasn't a single blade of grass left.
  12. Was on campus today and stopped by to take a look. Nothing happening at Infocision stadium. Lots of activity at the JAR where they are filming scenes for LeBrons Shooting Stars movie.
  13. The penalty is for having obnoxious fans on a teams message board.
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