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  1. Facilities that host OHSAA playoff games get a rental fee and are allowed to keep all parking and concessions sales. The rental fee is the same for any game regardless of division or size of the stadium. OHSAA even sets the price you can charge for parking. For UA, the costs to staff these games are significantly higher than the average high school hosting site. It is a real crapshoot for UA to host. It is not a sure bet that they make a profit.
  2. Happened at the JAR. Not a pick up game. Pretty sure the incident is all on video.
  3. My bad Zipgrad. It is sad to see any kids career end that way.
  4. Jake Fischer is no longer with the team.
  5. Lets clear some things up. KD did offer Nance a scholarship but his dad encouraged him to go to Wyoming. Larry Shyatt was a mentor to Nance sr and he felt that would be the best place for his son. As fars as McCollum is concerned, it is true that there was not a scholarship available for him. KD is a very loyal guy. Until the recent madness surrounding the transfer portal he would never dream of pulling a scholarship just to give it to another recruit.
  6. Dr Miller spoke at the Varsity A Hall of Fame induction this morning. A synopsis of his speech would be the importance of D-1 athletics at UA. He was a D-1 athlete himself. I seriously doubt there will be any meaningful changes to the status of UA athletics under his governance.
  7. Kid is a good practice player but really has no chance at seeing the court outside of garbage time. Trust me.
  8. Yes Van Horne is a baseball alum. Of course he wasn't thrilled about the dropping of baseball. That had more to do with a pissing match between head coach at the time and the university president at the time than anything else. Matt Wilson and several of the trustees were the driving force behind the return of baseball not Van Horne. The large donation was solicited by another member of the athletics development department, not Van Horne. That employee is a former KSU baseball player to boot! That donation came in well after the restart of baseball. No argument that the university is in the midst of a budget crunch. You are way overestimating Van Hornes power. All the actions above where at the behest of other powers at UA.
  9. Can't we add one of those captcha things to the forum so when new members sign up they have to prove they are not a robot?
  10. DR is a solid player. What he lacks at the offensive end he makes up with defense and leadership. He also has an amazing motor. Never takes a possession off .This year we will have more offensive weapons.
  11. It is doubtful that either Ali or Edwards will be redshirts. Both have enough talent to see the floor during games. Remember that Edwards was originally a Buffalo commit. He is a prototypical Buffalo recruit, 6'6", long arms, fast and super athletic. After seeing Ali this week I was impressed with his size, athleticism and ability to handle the ball. You don't get quality players if you tell them you are going to redshirt them.
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