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  1. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    I agree the team has not played well on the road this season for whatever reason. That being said, if they take the defensive intensity with them that they showed against EMU they can pull off a win Saturday.
  2. Terry's next endeavor

    Is Gerry Faust still employed by the university? I know I see him sitting behind the bench at every home basketball game.
  3. Game 16- Northern Illinois Huskies

    If the players on the floor are not going to play hard on D in the second half, put in different players. If the players are getting tired, put in different players. As the season has gone on the Zips rotation has been getting smaller yet they seem to have good first halves and terrible second halves. Should this team be giving more guys more minutes? Would that serve as a wake up call to those who get the most minutes now?
  4. I agree with this. I remember when the CBI was created that Romeo/Dru Akron team was one that was used as an example as to why the tournament was necessary. The CiT took it a step farther by being mid-major only. I agree these lower tournaments were more of a waste for those less interested Dambrot teams you mention. I don’t, however, think with good coaching that teams should not want to prove themselves in the postseason somewhere. I would hope that if the Zips fall short of the NCAA and are not selected by the NIT that the team would still want to continue to play and make a run at a tournament title.
  5. I wouldn’t mind seeing the NIT expand as long as they don’t keep their “good ole boy” selection committee. If the NIT ever merged with the CBI and the mid- and low-major only CiT then I would want to see the two latter tourney selection committees be added to the NIT committee as well.
  6. My hope for this year's team is that they are playing games beyond the MAC tourney in Cleveland. We'd all love a title and NIT usually only goes to the regular season champ but I'd even be OK with CBi or CiT this year as we climb back up.
  7. Possible Candidates

    Had some time this evening and thought I would look up some top FBS assistants and coordinators. A name I would like to see Akron take a look at is Ryan Silverfield at Memphis. His trengths seem to be exactly what the Zips weaknesses have been lately, namely offensive success through a varied running game and excellent offensive line play. https://gotigersgo.com/coaches.aspx?rc=1528 Anybody have any thoughts on him? FWIW Of the resumes I have seen I like Getsy first followed by Maine HC Joe Harasymiak then Silverfield. Of course there has only been any speculation at all about Getsy and the other two may be way off everyone else’s radar.
  8. Possible Candidates

    Just wondering...How important is a northeast Ohio connection if the prospective coach has been successful in the past in more geographically talent deprived areas?
  9. Game 10- Marshall Thundering Herd

    Zips didn't seem too confident or comfortable defensively to me in their last game and it was against an "up tempo" opponent. I don't think that bodes well for the Marshall game. Although the point of view could be taken that the Zips have now seen and played against a team like that and will be more prepared this time around, especially with so much time to prepare between games.
  10. Possible Candidates

    Arth and Kehres May be excellent coaches and fantastic hires. I don’t know. I guess my concern is that they may have built up such stellar records in D3 because JCU and MU simply always have vastly more talent than their opponents. Is the reason for the success the talent? How much of it is/was coaching? I guess I don’t see the Zips having the talent to overwhelm their opponents in the way Arth and Kheres have done in D3 with their squads. I am not saying they coulsn’t do it, only that it is a long way from D3 to FBS and Akron has not exactly been a perennial power at their level. I will be behind whoever is hired 100% but I wanted to hear what others thought about transitioning from a D3 power to the MAC and how important everyone thinks it is that the coach have a northern Ohio background.
  11. Possible Candidates

    If coaches like Arth are the type the Zips are looking for I still think they should look at Joe Harasymiak at the University of Maine. Of course, they probably can't talk to him yet because his team is still playing in the FCS playoffs. He may not have the NEO ties that Arth does but if you can recruit to Orono, Maine I would have to think you can recruit to Akron. Maine was the surprise regular season title this year in what is generally considered the top FCS conference. He seems like the type that really connects with his players. He is definitely an up and comer.
  12. Possible Candidates

    Duquesne has made the FCS playoffs frequently the last few years. Is there anybody there worth looking at?
  13. Possible Candidates

    Chip Lyndsey, Ironically the OC at Auburn, is leaving the Tigers. Rumors have him becoming the OC at Kansas but could he be persuaded by a head coaching offer in the MAC?
  14. Possible Candidates

    If this is the model that the University wants to pursue then I want to throw a name onto the candidate list. I would gauge the interest from Joe Harasymiak the current head coach at the University of Maine. He is one of the youngest coaches in all of Division 1 and has galvanized a program that had mediocre at best expectations and turned them into conference champions this year in what is likely the top conference in FCS football. Also, it cannot be as easy to recruit to Orono, Maine as it would be to get talent in the Akron program. If looking for someone with a bit more seasoning but still proving to be a quality head coach at the FCS level after serving in many coaching capacities in the FBS we could take a look at Columbus-born Jeff Choate who is a bit of a throwback as a run to set up the pass (although he loves to confuse defenses with multiple formations) and play strong defense coach as the current head man at Montana State. Just wanted to put those names out there to see what people think.
  15. Possible Candidates

    Who is the OC at Duquesne? Can he be brought in to replace Millwee? I do not think wholesale changes are needed, just specific ones. I think we could get an up and coming coordinator without spending a boatload of $$$ and one with success from somewhere not too far away geographically would also be a plus.