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  1. Was really impressed with WR Nick Kilbride of Perrysburg High School this weekend. He clearly stood out as a very talented receiver with great hands and at 6’3” and 185 pounds he seems to fit the D1 profile for size.. I was told he has MAC schools showing interest. This may very well be a guy that the Zips would benefit from going after if they are not already.
  2. Ha1 I am not a big fan of the script Akron.
  3. I probably shouldn't have said midpoint but rather well into next season. That is when I would hope improvement is evident. I just don't always know how easy it is to read the non-conference part of the schedule and you really don't know much about the new year's teams. Certainly not sure how much knowledge we can gain if the Zips go to Clemson and lose 56-3. its also not all about wins and losses as long as the team seems to be more competitive and improving. My main point, though, was that I don't put a lot of stock in a new coach's first year. there were some who said Bowden would be terrible after his first year at Akron, others said he would be great. I think its safe to say he was neither. I remember how everyone loved Brookhart after leading the Zips to the MAC title in his first year but he was not the springboard everyone envisioned either. Just saying that you can't judge much by a first year. you hope to see a glimpse of the future in year two but can tell a lot more by the time year three comes along.
  4. Last year I was not in the fire Bowden camp but rather in the please replace Milwee camp. That being said I do think it is difficult to just say a new coach is terrible in year one unless it has to do with behavior and discipline. While I certainly cannot say I am a huge fan of the Arth hire so far I do think, as far as my own opinion is concerned, that the jury is still out and probably will be until the midpoint of next season. I will continue to support my Zips as always no matter who the coach.
  5. Streaming? Also how do we watch the game in Morgantown?
  6. I agree with what you are saying but also see the other side of that equation. Since we are not going bowling what better time to see what else we have on the roster in real game action without losing potential years for players? I guess what I am saying is I would want Kato in if available and as long as it is a potentially winnable game. Beyond that I wouldn"t mind seeing what he have in Deshields or any QB that has yet to play. You can only see so much from practice so if there is a chance for game action without hurting their eligibility long term why not go for it?
  7. Who would you all like to see start at QB? Is Kato still suspended? If Kato is able to play I think I would like to see him start. I would not want to burn Gibson's redshirt. I am not sure where he is in game count and there are still three left after this one. Maybe we could see more of what Deshields can do? BG has been very Jekyll and Hyde this year with more poor performances than good. Hopefully this turns out to be a competitive game.
  8. Dalton Hall, OT, 6'5" 270 lbs., Reynoldsburg HS class of 2021.... looks to be excellent in pass protection, very strong, has played against top high school talent in the Ohio Capital Conference
  9. Any word on how to watch the Zips games in DC if you can't attend in person? Those are the type of games I look forward to.
  10. Saw Nate Williams play for Newark Catholic. Not sure if we are looking at him more for offense or defense. He plays two ways at his small high school. That is one big boy and he moves pretty well for that size as well. One concern may be conditioning as he looked like he got winded at various points through the game and seemed to sit out a few series. Seemed like he took more defensive snaps than offensive ones. I will be looking forward to seeing what he can do once in a D1 strength and conditioning program.
  11. They are also a team that defeated the Zips and sent Akron into the offseason in the past, so its nice to get a shot at them at home even though none of the players are probably even aware of the last meeting.
  12. What happened to the coaches vs cancer event that had started the season with the four NEO schools playing each other? I see YSU is on the schedule but not right off the bat.
  13. I guess I just wonder why Malone and Concord? Don't we usually only play one non-D1?
  14. UTEP sounds better on the schedule than UAB, Troy, and Illinois right now. Never cared much for the scheduling of FCS but if you are going to do it you want to make sure they aren't the very top of FCS.
  15. That was a great game. The other thing I get from this is that I think I would like to see Akron schedule a home-and-home with UTEP.
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