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  1. MIP in the Windy City? https://chicago.suntimes.com/2022/6/22/23178411/high-school-basketball-darrion-baker-macleab-rich-niko-abusara-drew-scharnowski-jordan-pickett
  2. So who IS going to be our goalkeeper this season? 🤔
  3. Major correction. We have our PG. She was Bulls' starter last season. Appears to be her third transfer, as she spent a year at Troy and one at a JC. Must have two remaining. Still a good addition to the backcourt. https://ubbulls.com/sports/womens-basketball/roster/dominique--camp/5905
  4. Decommitted from Buffalo following Felicia's move to Cuse. Commits to coach Jackson & @ZipsWBB.
  5. 6 game suspension per Miss Sue L. Can be appealed by NFL.
  6. I noticed that Aodhan's dad Brian Quinn has been head coach at the U of San Diego since 2018. Interesting possible scheduling matchup.
  7. Zips have become famous for central mids over the past 15 yrs. And I love the name...Caleb Borneo! If he has red hair call him #Orangutan. If not, get some dye! 😂
  8. Looking at the roster again, besides Kobe Mitchell and Nate Johnson STILL being listed as sophomores, I see we have a new Director of Operations and Analytics who played for Groce at Illinois. John Ekey. https://gozips.com/sports/mens-basketball/roster/coaches/jon-ekey/974
  9. Guess who weighs in on the Realignment Wars? A FCS Commish and Old Friend of ours. I wasn't aware this is his third conference at the helm! https://www.playia.com/wistrcill-conference-realignment-big-ten-big-12/
  10. Coach Winston on his route from Eugene to Akron, alongside @BallCoachJoeMo (literally!).
  11. Sorry if I'm Debbie Downer, but this is another 2 or 3 year interim hire. Not sure what the WSoc salary is, but it's clear to me that outstanding candidates would not be interested in this job! Why not?
  12. European (i.e. UEFA) football indeed. Like include promotion/relegation in the CFB Super Liga. 😂
  13. Be competitive! Don't get blown out by the top MAC dogs/no 30+ pt spreads in conference. And keep Tennessee and Sparty under the 50 mark while putting up some points, like at least couple TDs against each. Beat the bottom dwellers. Gotta play well vs Bee Gee and Ohio and beat an iffy EMU team at home. Perhaps most importantly, create SOME kind of interest in college football again on campus and in the community. I don't see more than four wins -- which would be progress -- but gotta bring back those casual fans lost by dreary football under the Mistake from JCU. And PLEASE stop playing those games with kick-off at 6 a.m. or earlier in Hawaii Standard Time. Yes, that would be welcome progress! 😊
  14. That would be Guthrie's biggest and best move if he could pull it off! His father, Randy Waldrum is kind of a legend in WSoc coaching at Notre Dame and in the NWSL for Houston Dash as well as internationally for T&T and now Nigeria. Chances are Ben could sub in for dad in Pitt or get another high major job before long. I know in the past UA ADs (Wistercil specifically) have interviewed Big10 and SEC assistants but not found the "right fit". I think anybody with that level of experience we could grab would be amazing. Beats D-2 coaches. 😥
  15. Everywhere except anywhere near Akron. Or anywhere else in the MAC! As always.
  16. https://www.yardbarker.com/college_basketball/articles/former_no_1_recruit_emoni_bates_transferring_to_eastern_michigan/s1_127_37634675
  17. ESPN's Pete Thamel quoting Nelson Stewart, Arch Manning's high school coach: "Stewart also told ESPN that Texas QB coach A.J. Milwee was a huge part of the recruitment. "I think I’ve talked to A.J. Milwee more than my wife the last two years." He joked that Milwee was around so much Milwee turned the light on in the Isidore Newman weight room at 7 a.m."
  18. The fact that our coach has announced her arrival at a new job before anyone knew she had left her previous one...DOH! 🤦‍♀️ and that we are talking about hiring high school coaches says much about the free fall of the Akron women's soccer program. There is just over a month to go before the players return to prepare for the 2022 season, so it will be near impossible to make a long-term hire, and we may end up with another "interim" label on whoever steps in. No matter what you think about the overall value of UA WSoc vis-a-vis the rest of the MAC, you have to realize this situation is an embarrassment and shows the leadership is asleep at the switch!
  19. Not surprised. He's been on scouts' radar for a while. https://premiumhoops.org/2021/08/19/put-ryan-rollins-on-your-radar/
  20. Former coach at Ball State. And Arizona State? https://www.caller.com/story/sports/college/texas-a-and-m-university-kingsville/2022/06/22/texas-a-m-kingsvilles-nicholson-named-head-softball-coach-akron/7698489001/
  21. Took me a while to figure this new US Soccer scenario out. I think it's a matter of MLS demanding to have the superior position in all areas of pro soccer nationally. I remember when WNBA started up and blew out the previous women's pro basketball league (WBA?). Strange, however that MLSNext has no national TV contract while USLC is on ESPN. And, according to this blog (attached below), MLSNext is considered Division III of the US Soccer ladder, yet is the most direct route to MLS! I'm interested personally as Hawai'i politicians are promising a USL team as soon as the New Aloha Stadium is completed in 2025. Hope we get some former Zips (and local stars) in the islands! ☺ https://www.conductdetrimental.com/post/mls-and-the-usl-are-in-competition-whether-they-like-or-admit-it-or-not
  22. For those interested in USL Championship competition, Nick Hinds and his El Paso Locomotive are on ESPN right now vs Detroit City. Nick's the starting Left Wing for Locomotiv.
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