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  1. I LOVE how CJ at the end pretty much only talks about the packed house and how much he loves the fans. He's a class act. It's 6:06 and
  2. Lets also try to vote in other no-name schools if we can to get the flush and nut-head out of the top 5.
  3. Well when people see the day light and how much of a loser life they would've had in the Can't band, they will come to Akron or another school and leave the hippies to trying to figure out why their band is pathetic.
  4. It's 10:01 and but zippy is losing by 30some after we had a 28 vote lead. We can't let the hokiepokie bird dance all over us at night. Let's show this contest how to FEAR THE ROO!!!!
  5. yeah that and the rush over to the Can't side to grab the Wagon Wheel.
  6. You know before the game during warmups, we (the rowdies) were shouting Let's Go Zips and CJ looked at us and was doing the pump up the volume wave with his arms he was pumped partly because of us and partly because of the Can't motivation. He is a great guy and I like what we're building with the pride for Akron. Lots of the basketball team was there which is always a good sign.
  7. We Beat The Hippies Wahoo!!!!!!! Akron Akron Akron
  8. Hey just because I broke my fair share of bleachers 'accidentally' last year... it's not my fault they don't withstand multiple people jumping up and down on them. please don't do that at the new stadium lol. Instead do it on Can't
  9. Zips 35Can't 21My old science teacher has already started the hate Akron thing he has going. He put Can't junk all over the school. Now i'm putting Fear the Roo blankets in his room and posters over the Can't junk.
  10. Can't State will probably sell to a guy at the Bermuda Triangle. That way they'll be lost forever and Akron will rise even more. We WILL Can't til there's no more evidence we beat them.
  11. how's big red doing? he was beating cocky earlier :cheers:We're a little more than 100 behind cocky come on Zippy
  12. Can't isn't as good as people think. They struggled on both sides of the ball early on in the Delaware State game. This week will be fun. We will see who is contender and who is the pretender (unless the .1% chance Akron loses happens, then they are both contenders).
  13. This team will make some noise and I definitely think they will beat Can't next week and be one of the best teams in the MAC. Akron played a game where we lost by 17 in the last 9 min. Wait til we get our new stadium and get some experience. They won't wanna come in and play us.
  14. 3700 now over Cavman. We may be a smaller school but we are getting huge fan support. Virginia fans went woke up and went
  15. i gotta get more teachers at my school to vote. WE ARE AKRON WE SHALL NOT LOSE!!!!!! COME ON ZIPPY AND ZIPS FANS!!!!!
  16. Let's go Charlie. I'm spending my $75 i got for my b-day on a charlie frye jersey from Seatle.
  17. Zips 7Indiana 6Zips are gonna be mad at OSU and come out and beat them with defence and trying not to do too bad on offence and special teams.
  18. MAN!!!!!! This is Savage's fault. If he hadn't drafted Quinn Charlie wouldn't of been under as much pressure. Now i'd go get Leftwich.
  19. My daughter, a buddy of mine, and I stuck it out at the Lizard. As I said in another post, pathetic but civil. It's going to take time and a lot of winning to build critical mass here in Akron.
  20. My daughter, a friend of mine and I watched the game at the Winking Lizard in Fairlawn. There were four OSU fans all decked out in OSU garb/jerseys in the parking lot waiting to get in when we got there. One of the guys is a local school teacher who got his teaching degree from Akron . His buddy is currently a student at Akron . The school teacher asked my 9-year-old daughter why her dad lets her wear that kind of stuff ("Fear the Roo" T-shirt). She responded "Because we live in AKRON!" Outnumbered 3-1 by OSU fans but it was civil and MUCH more quiet than I expected it to be. NICE defensive effort by the Zips helped hold the OSU crowd at bay. Can't wait for the day when Akron has enough critical mass IN AKRON to hold their own at the bars/pubs against the OSU clowns.
  21. OSU is taking control aren't they? I knew Jim Tressel wouldn't let his team get upset like Llloyd car did
  22. YESSSS!!! we needed that to send a message. I hope chris berman says we rule this week because we are gonna beat ohio state and Wake Forest AND North Carolina Akron
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