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  1. 37.5% shooting for Akron. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Haven't made a jump-shot this half.
  2. Somebody needs to step up or we are going to struggle some more
  3. I think you're right with Nate, but I think there are some other players that might be ready. Brett McKnight is one of them same with Chris, they just gotta play more to really show something. Steve McNeese is ready for sure. I also think Roberts looks pretty good and calm. But we are going to struggle if nobody else steps up.
  4. Can't is not better than us. When you have 3 refs giving you the game, take it! Instead they win by single digits. If we had fair refs it wouldn't of been that close. Akron would've gotten inside more because they would've had Ham&Cheese fouled out that stupid thug. 23 turnovers is bad but we would've had less if we could've gotten some calls. I hate MAC refs. Why not just destroy the MAC and just send all the teams to different conferences. At least until the MAC gets its system under control. We need to e-mail Can't and tell them that their students are classless. You don't flip us off and say f you all over the place. By the way, you can't be taken seriously in a teletubby outfit. OMG! That was hillarious. Lastly what's the suspension rule for getting thrown out of the game before? Aren't you supposed to miss a game? If so Can't must have snuck Singletary (or how ever you spell that hippys name) in there. By the way, it's hard to go inside when they have you in a bear hug!!!!!!!!!!!I'm still ticked and I'll be ticked until they come to the JAR!Come on Zips let's win the rest of our MAC games!!!!
  5. All I gotta say is if Cant's colors are so ugly, then our blue and gold should stand out as very beautiful and a sight for sore eyes (from looking at all of the Cant garbage).
  6. 5 games stick out in my mind that could make a difference: 1) BOTH Can't games- I think they are good and earning some respect that we don't have a whole lot of so we could turn some heads if we sweep them in the regular season2) At Ohio- They have a great inside game and the NCAA knows it plus a sweep would be nice.3) At Miami- They've knocked off some teams and therefore would be a great sweep this year too.4) The Bracketbuster- Who knows who we'll get, but think of the mid-majors out there that we could get. I know the NCAA doesn't really look at many mid-majors, but there are some great ones out there this year that could come to our place (for once) and that we could knock off. All I'm saying is that we still have some big games left before we start talking about NCAA bids and all that. Come on Zips no let downs at Can't!!!!!!!!
  7. He flopped violently and gave himself a concussion
  8. Ok I'm sorry. I know this site. It's just that I've seen a lot of RPI's and they all were all over the place.
  9. What site is the rpi coming from? I'm just wondering because Sagarin has Akron at 66, Miami (OH) 76, OU 75 and Can't State 51. Only reason I question it is Miami being that high is a little over-rated along with OU. Can't can't be that good. I think we're right in the 70-60 range right now.
  10. I'm lucky because I don't have school Friday. So this time doesn't affect me much. By the way, how many people think Bubba will have 1 pt. or less?
  11. We are the 9th best mid-major team according to this site http://www.midmajortop25.com/. If we keep playing the way we are we could get a very good team like Creighton, Gonzaga (do they do the bracket buster?), George Mason, or St. Mary's. Come on Akron! Let's add a great mid-major to our schedule.
  12. There have been lots of commercials for this game on ESPN 850 AM. But we need more than that. Let's hope SportsCenter does a what2watch4 tomorrow and Akron is on there.
  13. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! GO ZIPPY!!!!! Way to Go Akron Nation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring on Brutus and Flush next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Miami needs to know that they got lucky. And how do we do that? Shove every possible point down there throat. The Rowdies have to be loud. Fans need to show up and be into it and be standing up when a chain of good things happen. This game is almost as worse as Can't State, so let's treat it like a Can't game. LET's GO ZIPS MIAMI (OH)
  15. speakin of Jason Taylor...any thoughts on the Browns trading to bring him here...it would have to be a trade since he is still under contract....I know..I know he probably doesn't look like a fit for a 3-4 but a pass rush might be worth some sacrifice...I have heard stuff about Parcells talking to Romeo. Miami needs a quarterback and we need a pass rusher and run stopper. Anderson (and maybe another scrub) for Jason Taylor would give Cleveland that extra DL they needed. I hope we can get something done with that. I would love the Browns even more than I do now.
  16. That article was on the front page under hoops during the scrolling thing. How Cool!? ESPN I wonder if Cedric's interning has anything to do with it. Go Zips and good luck tonight at the YSU game.
  17. Miami beats Illinois Valley Upstate 61-58 in overtime at Illinois Valley Upstate.WHOOPS! Correction ... that was AT Illinois as in Big Ten (Eleven) Illinois . Nice win for Miami and the MAC. Miami plays a VERY nice schedule. BORING basketball but a nice schedule.
  18. I thought I read somewhere on Zips Nation a while back that dirt would start moving as soon as this past soccer season ended so that the new stadium would be ready in time for next season?
  19. National exposure. 2 mascots. 1 winner. Everything is on the line. So let's do this thing and win us the capital one bowl mascot challenge!!!!Come on Zips fans this is where our fan hood shows. We need to get the Akron name out there, and if this is the first step, well we gotta use it. Come on Zips fans this is for all the marbles.GO ZIPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Can he hold a pencil and find his way to class more often than not???
  21. I'm sorry, but that was a hard tournament with the Alaska trip first of all and second of all, our times were stupid. Waking up at 12:00 A.M. on a Saturday night eastern time to listen to the Zips is All though we lost to Portland St., I think we still stand a chance if we win the games like Bingmington at home and Temple (which by the way is a ? as to how good they are) and Wyoming. You win at Winthrop and I think we should be feeling good going into conference play. As for now take it game by game and always laugh at Can't when they loose to Detroit at home on a 3 at the buzzard :lol:
  22. http://wyomingathletics.cstv.com/sports/m-.../080907aaa.html"I'm very pleased with how the schedule came together after we got here in April. When you look at road games at Wichita State, at Akron and in the UTEP Christmas Tournament, I believe it is a schedule that will prepare us well for league play and hopefully for postseason play, which is going to be our goal every year.This season's game at Akron on Dec. 1 is the beginning of a new home-and-home series with the Zips.This game shall be interesting.
  23. Nope because we need them. Plus once a Zip always a Zip.
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