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  1. It's true. I believe it was you who were talking him up after someone posted a video of him tearing up the Akron/Canton Pro-Am League but we were warning you that in the Pro-Am League defense is... optional. Lol. We were warning you to curb your enthusiasm 😂😂
  2. I watched that game on replay tonight to sort of scout Toledo. Both Kent & Toledo looked good. Toledo's on a roll. They outscored Kent 5-0 in the last minute of the game to win by 2. Marreon Jackson is the 2nd best PG in the league. He hit a deeeeep, clutch 3 to tie the score in the last minute of the game. They've also got a great freshman in Ryan Rollins; kid's gonna be a true stud. They've got a 3-point specialist in Duquene transfer Spencer Littleson. They're a handful.
  3. Even though I was pretty salty when he left and will never be a Duquesne fan, I love KD & always will. But hindsight being 20/20, are we lucky to have Groce, or what?!?! Last game -v- Kent the announcers even commented on how good & consistent our free throw shooting is. They remarked that both LCJ & Freeman have the same routine at the line so it's likely a team system/coaching. The comment instantly took me back to some not-so-great memories of KD Zips teams. Plus, for the life of me I'll never understand KD's rotations, short leashes, and always taking the hot shooter out of the game. To this day it absolutely blows my mind. Not to mention I find our current style of play much more entertaining to watch. In Groce I trust. We're so lucky to have him! Go Zips!
  4. The first game this year or the first game last year? I remember his tantrum last year. It took Arth a good minute to calm him down.
  5. Maishe & Trimble have to learn defense leads to offense. Lock in like a dog on defense & just let the O flow naturally. Get your confidence up on the defensive end of the floor.
  6. I like only 8 teams making it; adds more weight to the regular season.
  7. Not even LBJ. Let alone LCJ. It’s a team sport, after all.
  8. According to another great article by Ashley Bastock’s (sp?), Tribble has a sprained ankle; they hope he’s good-to-go -vs- EMU on Tuesday. ABJ, PLEASE make Ashley the new ZIPs’ beat writer.
  9. You’re right. We don’t really have a #2 right now. I also thought it would be Maishe; now I think it may become Dawson before the season’s over. Idk. But the situation was forcing LCJ to try to do too much at certain points in last night’s game. Not a recipe for continued success.
  10. I’ve been disappointed in the play of Maishe Dailey. I thought he’d be a 2nd Team MAC-caliber player this year & he’s just been playing soft & apprehensively. He needs to step up & play MUCH more assertively.
  11. Man, yet ANOTHER epic Akron-Kent game!
  12. Ali’s gotta do more of that driving.
  13. Marshall & Trimble got confused on the inbound play; both set screens on the other’s defender.
  14. Good take Maishe. He’s pure finesse; need him to play “tougher.”
  15. They need to play “tougher.” Too soft.
  16. Yeah. I trust groce, of course, but Kent’s exposing our lack of size like St. Bonny did. our 2 bigs are 6’7” power forwards. I think Currie’s 6’8”... but more of a center. I think I saw Aziz Bandaogo on the sideline & in uniform. Maybe he’ll be up to speed by February.
  17. Man, Didn’t Garvin miss a couple head-scratcher layups v Malone? But hit a half court 3. Lol Curries body language was extremely poor while leaving the floor.
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