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  1. I think the crowd counting down the shot clock has faked out balls taint at least twice.
  2. Every night in my dreams, I see it, I FEEL it
  3. I need that clip of Big Dog hitting that shot to the titanic theme song.
  4. Also, that was my first time at EMU. I know some might thing the arena is a bit of a concrete box, but I liked it. Surprised to see it was over 20 years old. I really liked the lobby with the glass wall overlooking the football stadium.
  5. 1) Mikal was very vocal playing defense during his time on the court. You could tell he was excited for his minutes. 2) Reese was very vocal after everything good he did... drawing fouls, snatching rebounds, and alley oops. Love his swagger. More dunks please. 3) The real mvp was the noise meter on the jumbotron. That thing managed to go off the charts and break itself with only 15 people church-clapping
  6. I’m bringing the family up, thanks for the breakfast reco. Maybe a little Tony Packos victory dinner on the way back. We’ll buy seats at the game. Hope they don’t sell out!
  7. Who do I contact about buying some of that endzone turf for the man cave?
  8. Groce was not happy on the postgame. Seemed like maybe he was calling out Utomi for standing around on offense. He is also very pleased with Cheese.
  9. Someone needs to check this ref’s passports
  10. I played with Zagorski. Good dude. I’m getting old.
  11. “Akron’s playing WHO in a preseason tourney? ALL those teams? In the same year?!”
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