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  1. Alliance of American Football (AAF)

    That was quick! From what I have read, everyone was left out to dry....
  2. Possible Candidates

    If they said pass, then something is up(unless it was a $$$ issue).....
  3. Possible Candidates

    After what happened at South Carolina, at least make the phone call to see if he would be interested....
  4. Possible Candidates

    I will throw one out there: Steve Spurrier and why not!
  5. Possible Candidates

    Why would Kehres leave Mount Union? That makes no sense.......
  6. I would be too, but we play at Clemson next season.....
  7. Game 5—Miami RedHawks

    Zips in the lead! Fumble on the punt and Gilbert scores!
  8. Game 5—Miami RedHawks

    He is back up, but got nailed for targeting....
  9. Game 4—@Iowa State Cyclones

    After a INT, sounds like nice hold...
  10. Game 4—@Iowa State Cyclones

    I may be at a wedding today, but i will be, sneaking score updates snd trying to listen to the game on my phone(should be a interesting) Go Zips!
  11. Game 1—@Nebraska Cornhuskers

    So in other words, we(Nebraska) will pay you for coming, room and board, going home and that's it and you are SOL.....
  12. Game 3—@Northwestern

    I was looking for the replay also. Is it behind a Paywall?
  13. Game 3—@Northwestern

    Can this team after 5 years stop the Flag Fest.......