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  1. RPI Monday Morning ....September 26 Akron drops to 31...after yesterday's very weak offensive performance Ohio State 17 Duquesne 18 Indiana 20 Penn State 24 Pitt 25 FIU 41 Cleveland St 43 W. Michigan 46 Mich State 86 VCU 111 Wright State 115 BGSU 116 N. Illinois 156 Chicago St 204
  2. https://gozips.com/news/2022/9/25/mens-soccer-no-18-penn-state-edges-no-14-akron-1-0 "We are disappointed with today's result," Akron head coach Jared Embick commented. "I thought we started the game well, but we're not able to sustain it. A silly turnover led to a goal, and we just didn't play with the intensity, effort and focus required to win on the road. It was a setback after a positive performance at Pitt and we have to regroup quickly to be ready to play at home on Wednesday."
  3. UGH... lightning delay with 35:50 left in the game really looks dark right now.... play can not begin until 30 minutes after the last lightning strike
  4. Zips Are not getting a lot of help this weekend in RPI friday night Louisville 2 Pitt 1 this afternoon number 9 Maryland 1 number 13 Ohio State 0
  5. Other Friday night scores Michigan State and Indiana played to a 1-1 tie Bowling Green 6 Oakland 0 SMU 6 FLA intl 4
  6. First Mid American Conference game of the year Western Michigan 3 Northern Illinois 0 that is 6 wins in a row for Western Michigan they are 3-0 this year against the Big Ten.....wins over Michigan State, Wisconsin and Northwestern
  7. Penn State at 33 and Duquesne at !9 . Next 2 games are huge. Zips must get a W in both games. Cleveland State will also pose a good non league test. Cleveland State battled Ohio State to a 0-0 tie last night at Krenzler field. Sinisa has a done a great job at CSU.
  8. https://unitedsoccercoaches.org/rankings/college-rankings/ncaa-di-men/ zips drop from 14 to 15 .....in this week's coaches poll other zip opponents in coaches poll Pitt goes from 10 up to number 8 Ohio State (after tieing Akron and defeating Indiana) jumps from 22 to 13 Indiana drops from 15 to 16. Duquesne has a 6-0-1 record and is tied for 25 in this week's poll FIU and Western Michigan both received votes in this week's poll
  9. some comments from Coach Embick on zips instagram page https://www.instagram.com/p/CiteMjlMUYo/
  10. Highlight of the night was the healthy return of Sammy Tojaga. Hard working young man. Sammy was very good on the 2018 National runner up team Sammy and William Portman will be great leaders for this team over the rest of the year. If the zips can figure out how to defend corner kicks, this could be a very good team. I want to rewatch the key moments of the game......to see the very key no-offside call...and the very key offside call. Ryan Kingsford looked the best that he has all year. Great performance by him (with Shooky out). I agree with what the announcers said that they heard from Coach Embick. they said "Coach Embick said that Mitch Budler has been very good as GK this year. IMHO - Mitch has made some great saves against high powered talented teams
  11. the one Pitt announcer....did comment....that Gyuwon Chong of the zips was likely out for the year. Gyuwon Chong made a great impression for the zips in the first 4 games. I wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him in fall 2023.
  12. after today, blOSU will move up in RPI Today's big result Ohio State 2 Indiana 1 former Indiana player and former Assistant Brian M......seems to have the Buckeyes moving in the right direction
  13. Gaucho Dan RPI - September 14 11:40 am Akron 37 Indiana 13 Cleveland State 18 Western Michigan 23 Pitt 26 Ohio State 30 Duquesne 65 Penn State 83 VCU 113 FIU 125 Bowling Green 131 Northern Illinois 133 Wright State 147 Michigan State 150 Chicago State 200
  14. I could watch this 100 times...great individual effort by Jonas and Stefan
  15. or take a look at this photo. Gruesome injury. Michigan State player deserved a red card.
  16. soccer coaches finally released their rankings sometime...after 5 pm https://unitedsoccercoaches.org/rankings/college-rankings/ncaa-di-men/
  17. I want to give credit to the coaching staff for making a key adjustment. The zips were getting run over in the first part of the 2nd half. Akron's holding midfielders were not getting the job done. Akron's coaching staff stopped OSU's momentum by moving Jonas Buechte to holding midfielder. Jonas did a much better job of holding on to the ball in the midfield. Jonas made a spectacular play......and made a great pass to Stefan Dobrijevic. Dobrijevic made a great header for the 3rd goal. The coaching staff first brought in Frias to replace Jonas as CB. Frias (to be kind) did not shine. Coaches again made a quick adjustment to bring in the reliable veteran (William Portman) to play center back. I think that last Friday night and tonight clearly show that the Zips need Jonas Buechte most at Holding midfielder. If the coaches had not made the adjustment when they did, I am convinced that the Zips would have lost tonight. Yes, there were times during the game...where I was upset with the lack of possession....and non marking on corner kicks. However, the zips played this game without their best player....(IMHO).....Dyson Clapier. Captain Will Jackson has missed the last 2 games. I thought that Ashton Kamdem played a good game at left defensive back. All MAC selection in 2021 ...Ryan Kingsford...is not 100% healthy . Stefan Dobrijevic had by far...his best game as a zip. He was very active. It is very hard for a freshman to step in for a star like Clapier. However, I applaud Stefan for the huge strides in his game. Stefan's give and go with Malik Henry...when the zips were playing 10 on 11...did not lead to a goal.....but it was beautiful soccer by Stefan and Malik. The zips will be better down the road....as Stefan had to have gained tremendous confidence tonight Yes, we will remember Shooky's red card...and Shooky will be really missed in the game at Pittsburgh. That being said, Shooky had his best game as a zip. He really showed his speed tonight. His assist to Kingsford was outstanding. His goal involved very good decision making and great skill. This game was super physical. 13 fouls for one team and 9 fouls for another team. The ref lost control of this game. When the zips were down 2-1, they were getting mauled. I am proud of the effort that the team made to fight back to take the lead. Credit again to the coaches for the Buechte move.
  18. first start of the year for Stefan Dobrijevic Ryan Kingsford is also starting no Dyson Clapier????
  19. Monday night scores Michigan State 4 Chicago State 1 Cleveland State 2 St. Bonaventure 0 (Cleveland State is now 4-1-0 - only loss is to Marshall...) UIC 2 Northern Illinois 0 (NIU is now 2-2-2)
  20. Ohio State is 4-0-1 and they have only allowed 1 goal in 5 games. First game ...Buckeyes played to a 1-1 tie with South Carolina 3-0 win over Cal Poly 1-0 win over Bowling Green 2-0 win over Wright State 2-0 win over #12 Butler...Buckeyes totally dominated Butler. 20 shots to 10...9 shots on goal to 3 for the Bulldogs This is a very important game for RPI purposes. Go, Zips !!!
  21. Saturday night Duquesne 7 Howard 0 New Hampshire 3 Florida International 0 IUPUI 2 Wright State 2 VCU 2 UNC Greensboro 2
  22. Thursday night Lindenwood 1 N. Illinois 1 Friday Night Princeton 2 Penn State 1 (really good night for Ivies as Yale def. West Virginia 2-1) Ohio State 2 Butler 0 Pitt 1 N. Carolina 0 W. Michigan 3 Northwestern 0 UIC 2 Chicago State 0 BGSU 1 Mich. State 1
  23. Their field is an embarassment. They had to cancel home game on September 3rd due to an unplayable field. That being said, the zips had energy for 10 minutes.....and then Indiana had the better of ball possession. Zips need to do a better job in the 2nd half of getting the ball to Malik Henry.
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