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  1. Didn't realize Keith Dambrot was still drawing up bad plays for us. What a disappointing end to that one.
  2. What a disaster. This is a Swiss cheese defense that allows nearly 80 pts per game... And we can't seem to score on them.
  3. Talked to Nyles personally and here's what he had to say going further: LINK
  4. No talking about KD or comparing him in this thread. Only in a special designated thread. đź‘Ť
  5. No need to get triggered over a fair point. You Dambrot apologists never give up, do you?
  6. That was definitely a Dambrot Zips free throw performance... But it was a Groce Zips strategy. The future is bright.
  7. Both the illegal formation and the missed pass interference calls were egregious. Funny how we rarely get these sort of game-changing calls.
  8. The definition of insanity? People on this thread that are apologists for Dambrot. It's great that we make it and yes he's built this program...but we lose the same way in big games every year. He needs better staff around him or needs to reevaluate his predictable game plans.
  9. I'll be there as well. Looking forward to taking over KC!
  10. Everyone who defends the refs tonight should have their heads checked. You all have no credibility as zips fans.
  11. The refs let the teams play?! I'll say that the game was better, but the stupid no touch fouls were there and called against both teams. That kind of crap ruins the entertainment of the game. Still, definitely better than most games, but hardly a perfectly officiated game (are they ever?).
  12. Exaggerated a bit, but less than you made it sound lol
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