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  1. You're not kidding. I was in the north bleachers and heard the thump and then he just didn't move. I was surprised he came back in.
  2. https://gozips.com/news/2019/12/9/mens-basketball-williams-named-mac-east-player-of-the-week.aspx?camefrom=EMCL_3171089_151593586
  3. Some Wikipedia info for your reading pleasure- Concord University is a public university in Athens, West Virginia. It was founded on February 28, 1872, when the West Virginia Legislature passed "an Act to locate a Branch State Normal School, in Concord Church, in the County of Mercer". Founded by veterans of both the Union and the Confederacy, Concord is named for the ideal of "harmony and sweet fellowship". It is known for its picturesque campus which has been dubbed "The Campus Beautiful" and its scenic location on a knoll overlooking the mountains in the area. The university also operates a center and conducts classes in Beckley, Raleigh County, West Virginia. The school also has "a community theatre organization known as the Appalachian Shakespeare Project."
  4. Both LCJ and X seem to be doing a better job of squaring up and not rushing their shots lately.
  5. The Zips come out of exam week next Sunday with Concord at the JAR. The Mountain Lions recently had a huge win over Notre Dame (College of Athens, WV) to go to 4-5. 6 foot freshman guard Ethan Heller leads the Mountain Lions with 14.4 ppg. 6-8 forward Simon Kovac (who oddly is not on their online roster) leads rebounding at 9.4 rpg. Hopefully, the Zips can use the game to shake off the rust from exam week and use it to iron out some issues before the DC tournament where there hands could be full with 7-2 Tulane and 10-0 Liberty.
  6. I told my wife before the game that the Zips should win by 12-15, that it would be comfortable but not a blowout. Eventually, that's what we got. Southern was a good test. Lots of experience and hustle. However, the Zips first half was ugly. They can't do that in the MAC and expect to make it up in the second half.
  7. Southern 41-36, 18:15. Ugly start to half. Southern shooting the lights out.
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