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  1. Beacon article on Trimble- https://www.beaconjournal.com/story/sports/college/zips/2021/01/22/university-akron-mens-basketball-trimble-making-presence-known/6664359002/
  2. Game is at 5 p.m. Another odd one.
  3. The Zips head off to Kalamazoo Saturday to face WMU @ 5pm. May we have a moment of silence in honor of Steve Hawkins please? The Hawkins-less Broncos are 2-8, having wins over CMU and Adrian (yo Adrian!). Their top 2 leading scorers from last season, Michael Flowers and Brandon Johnson, bailed on WMU in the off-season after Hawkins was shown the door. 6’0” sophomore guard B.Artis White leads the Broncos with 14.8 ppg. 6’9” senior forward Greg Lee leads rebounding at 7.4 rpg while scoring 9.7 ppg.
  4. That Lane kid is a load. 205 pounds on their roster. Ummmm, no.
  5. I wonder what ever happened to the plan to put a bunch of fan submitted photos on a banner and put it behind the bench.
  6. ...and some more time for Wynn.
  7. Not so sound the alarm too early, but they're letting another lousy team stick around.
  8. You're doing better. You're only a couple of days behind!
  9. Good point. Wynn is 6'6" however (not that he's ready). My preference would be to stick with Dailey for now.
  10. You're replacing a wing with a post guy in that scenario which messes up spacing, etc. I had hoped Dailey was coming around there with a couple of better games and then he disappeared. If I were to take him out of the lineup, I'd probably look to move Tribble, Clarke or Wynn into the lineup.
  11. I'd not heard it was a money issue. I'd heard he was in line to get it then got back doored by a wealthy alum and backroom politics.
  12. Since nobody has said it and it seems like an obligatory response every time this comes up- Tim Tyrrell.
  13. My immediate thought was Jimmy Haslam and Tennessee. Yikes! LOL. I don't have a problem with the idea, that's just the situation that came to mind.
  14. GT's latest- https://www.beaconjournal.com/story/sports/college/zips/2021/01/20/university-akron-mens-basketball-team-begins-develop-chemistry/4235205001/
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