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  1. I think he's referencing the historic nature of the stadium and how kids in Ohio grew up wanting to play there. I had friends who played in a state championship game there and it was certainly an honor for them. I don't know of many kids who grew up watching UA games on TV and dreaming of playing in the Rubber Bowl. There's plenty in that presser to dislike but his reference to OSU wasn't one of them for me.
  2. No need to deflect the nerf balls lobbed at him.
  3. Well, coach can count the games and knows the days of the week. He seems to know more about the Duquesne/OU game than the UA/Temple game or the UA/Bryant game. Is GT the only reporter there? I'd send in fake reporters just to make it look like a real presser.
  4. Well, somebody had to do it. Bryant comes in this weekend at 1-1, having lost to Rhode Island (45-21) opening week and beat Sacred Heart (17-6) in week 2.
  5. Hell, I would be happy if they were competitive in 6 games. I hope and pray for 6 wins but can't expect it based on what we've seen. The Zips are now 125/130 teams in the USAToday poll, having fallen 4 spots. Temple's outstanding performance moved them to 110. The MAC has 4 schools in the bottom 15- Miami, OU, BG and the Zips. Yikes. Arth isn't going anywhere. With the school's finances they're not going to put themselves in a position again to be paying two head coaches. Also, if you can him mid-season you pretty much have to appoint someone from within as the interim and who on this staff has the experience to do that job?
  6. An alum at Pitt gave the school $20M to get the naming rights of the head coach position. The head coaching position at Pitt is now named the "Chris Bickell '97 Head Football Coach." Given Akron's history of coaches maybe RLD Relocation and Logistics would want to step up and do this at UA.
  7. I've tried to remain objective and balanced with respect to the Zips under Arth. I was not a Bowden fan for a number of reasons and thought it was a good time for a change when Arth was hired. While the team struggled through the transition I urged patience and asked others to not pass judgment on Arth prematurely. I sat back and hoped we would see steady improvement as Arth built his vision of the program. After yesterday, I think I've seen enough. The Zips were up 14-0 with 4:26 left in the first quarter. Over the next 43 minutes in the game they gave up 45 points while scoring only three. From Arth's postgame comments he thinks the long early Temple TD demoralized the team and impacted the rest of the game. If that's true, it's not a positive reflection on the staff that a single play can have that kind of impact. Rather than a demoralized team, I saw a team with less talent and worse coaching than a bad team playing a backup freshman QB. I could come to no other conclusion than that Temple's players were bigger, stronger and faster than the Zips players. I regularly saw Zips dominated at the point of attack and players out of position. I didn't expect vast improvement. I didn't even expect a win yesterday. I just wanted them to show some heart and be competitive. It doesn't help that while I await this improvement, our rivals to the east continue to improve their program in just the manner I hoped for the Zips. I realize that it's not necessarily an accurate comparison, but John Groce came into a completely dismantled program after KD left but with him we saw signs of steady improvement. Certainly, a basketball programs can be turned around much faster than a football program but we should seeing some signs of progress and improvement on the field 33 months into Arth's tenure.
  8. Did any of you suffer the misfortune of hearing Arth's postgame comments with Joe Dunn. Other than a lot of old tired cliches and looking on the bright side, Arth thought that the turning point was the long jet sweep for a TD. He thought that the players lost their confidence and positive attitude as a result of that play. That tells me that you are recruiting or training the weak minded, neither of which is a good reflection on the staff. No mention of failing to use a challenge on the real momentum changer. I shut it off pretty quick as the Dunn-Arth positive "some good will come out of this" was making my stomach churn.
  9. The faculty union was strongly in favor of football going to D2 or D3. They appear to have gotten there wish without all of the formalities. Arth is ours for the foreseeable future unless he walks away and waives the balance of his contract. That's not happening. I'll save the rant for tomorrow when I am calmer.
  10. It's a matched set with the offense.
  11. If they score here...we can get our hopes up for further disappointment.
  12. Wow, is this bad.. So, we get a three minute review on this catch and no review on the Kato fumble/injury. How could Arth not request a review on such a huge play?
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