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  1. Hoping the new president has some game. Wilson shooting against the students was one of the few entertaining game breaks in recent years.
  2. CSU has become such a non-factor in the life of the Zips that I can't muster much emotion for them one way or another. Now if they get good, get on our regular schedule and/or start getting players the Zips want, that may change. I hope Dru does well but not to the Zips detriment. If he does well, he won't be there long.
  3. Interesting tidbit from the end of the article that Morris says he's done for the season while Arth states no decision has been made. Arth quote- “We met today. We have not met with the doctors yet. Jonah has not seen a doctor for his knee, so there’s no decision being made,” he said. “It’s our hope we’re able to rehab him. He may miss a few more days, but hopefully we’ll get him back next week.”
  4. I find the whole Cooper thing sexist and racist. If he was a white female, this wouldn't even be a story.
  5. I have very much enjoyed Terry over the years, but I have to admit his work in recent years has been disappointing. It's often informal and conversational as opposed to journalistic. His book about the ABA, "Loose Balls", remains one of my favorites.
  6. Quotes from a Terry Pluto cleveland.com article earlier this week about CSU- "I’ve been told CSU has only six players on the roster at the moment. At least eight have entered the transfer portal." "I’ve been told the basketball team did not have a strong spring quarter academically. Some of the recruits committed to CSU are very iffy in terms of having the academics to actually make it on to the court." I don't believe they've yet hired a coach. Seems like a real recipe for success!
  7. Yes, as I recall they beat #5 seed Mississippi State then lost to Va. Tech.
  8. Tulane was a brutal 4-27 last year. The roster indicates they are a young team, with one grad transfer and no seniors. They have a new coach. Hard to believe they moved on after a a 4-27 season! Liberty was 29-7 while Towson was 10-22. Here's hoping we get the test of Liberty.
  9. Surprised (and pleased) to get the mail about my season ticket renewal and learn that the GA season ticket is still only $60. That's the best deal in town. I do, however, reserve the right to b!+ch like I have $600 seats.
  10. More people tend to come to the JAR when the team is playing well. Formula: good product on the floor + a brand of basketball that fans find entertaining + decent visiting teams = butts in seats
  11. I paid $60 for a GA season ticket. It doesn't get cheaper than that. They do charge too much for single game tickets. A family finds the single game experience too expensive. I don't get the sense that season reserved seat sales are bad, but many people buy them and don't use them. My thought on cutting budgets is that they spend way too much money and efforts on sports that regularly are unsuccessful. They need to prioritize for programs that have been successful and that are less expensive to run, like basketball.
  12. Your attributing a middle aged male intellect and mindset to 17 or 18 year olds.
  13. If the value of a specific school's degree had any role in the mindset of 17 and 18 year old basketball recruits, the Ivy League would leapfrog the ACC, SEC and Big 10.
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