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  1. No grousing here, just an observation.
  2. He's a little busy watching the Elton John movie for the 7th time. Here's another article- https://www.tallahassee.com/story/sports/2019/06/10/terry-bowden-joining-clemson-football-coaching-staff-unpaid-intern/1411736001/ If Terry's position is unpaid, it leaves UA, I assume it leaves Akron on the hook for the full boat.
  3. Mike Davis is solid but it sounds like he has a teeny weensy bit of Marv Marinovich in him. I think the kid was probably the most ball dominant player we saw all year. I suspect that Mike benefited a little from Antoine being his son in getting the job and Antoine benefited from Mike being the coach with no limitations placed on his game.
  4. Interesting article on Detroit Mercy's Antoine Davis who took approximately 900 shots (really only 26) at the JAR this past season. Daddy-ball at the D1 level. https://www.si.com/college-basketball/2019/06/03/antoine-davis-detroit-mercy-mike-davis-nba
  5. My point was that WVU will do something OSU won't- play the "lesser" Ohio schools.
  6. It is nice that the largest in the State of West Virginia will do what the largest university in Ohio won't.
  7. Translation- "I screwed off academically for the last 4 years and believed I could succeed solely on my athletic talent, or I have a higher opinion of my skills than the college coaches, so I am going to prep school to qualify or further showcase my skills. Please respect my decision of choosing prep school over junior college."
  8. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, finally some damn news.
  9. Very odd looking shot. It goes in, but it isn't pretty form.
  10. I don't see him being much of a presence at Malone.
  11. If Kostelac was a D1 talent another D1 school would have snatched him up. He was destined to a career on the bench at any reasonable D1 school. Walsh is a good fit.
  12. Good for Mark. That's a well-coached (by Akron Ellet's own Jeff Young) and a level of play where he can excel.
  13. Sorry, that should have been "done thunk."
  14. Roscoe did not end up being the contributor I thought he would be when I saw him early in the season. That being said, it was his first year of D! basketball. He has enough offensive skills to be a contributor off of the bench. I thunk with more experience things slow down for him, he plays more under control and becomes a spark off of the bench.
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