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  1. No question. Their shortcomings have nothing to do with effort. I'll take one Riak or Sayles over a hundred talented head cases (e.g. Harney, Cotton...)
  2. Millett Hall is one of the top 10 basketball arenas (in Oxford). I think the seats in Yager Stadium are closer to the football field than the seats are to the court in Millett.
  3. The last time I saw a post like this it ended with "I'm drunk." LOL. I do appreciate the enthusiasm.
  4. Willie looks like one of Uncle Drew's counterparts.
  5. We ended up with some awful switches in Toledo's run. LCJ was on Jackson and they would run a ball screen with Jackson and a big which the Zips would switch as they generally do, usually putting Riak on Jackson and LCJ on Willie Jackson or Knapke. The result was Riak giving Jackson space and Jackson drilling a three or Riak tightening up and Jackson blowing by him. If Jackson cooled down, we may have seen the bigs exploit Jackson That switch has generally served them well, but with Jackson having the game of his life, it hurt the Zips today.
  6. Groce in the postgame pretty well summed it up- Toledo played great... Zips were very good on offense, not so great on defense...Not the end of the world and on to Oxford.
  7. The 14-4 Zips head to Oxford Tuesday to face the 8-10 Redhawks. The Redhawks are coming off of a 71-62 loss to Ball State in Muncie. I'm always uneasy when the Zips play in Millett Hall. The Rehawks put it on PCCC last week on Oxford. 6'4" junior guard Nike Sibande (#1) is again Miami's leading scorer, tallying 14.6 ppg to go with 6 rpg. 6'7" junior forward Dalonte Brown (#13) leads rebounding at 6.3 rpg while adding 12.7 ppg. Sibande was named to the East Division Preseason All-MAC Team. The Zips need to spring back from the Toledo loss.
  8. Yep, hope they use this one as a springboard. Hard to believe Toledo was 9-8 coming in. They have way too much talent to have that record and they had the better team today. Willie Jackson is "grown ass man" on the boards. Mareon Jackson's performance was one of the better JAR performances I have seen in a while.
  9. Toledo averages 76 points. Zips give up 62. Toledo is going to score 90+. Enough said.
  10. The other side of switching that ball screen is that LCJ ends up on a big. Not good.
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