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  1. 2018-2019

    Very interesting, especially when they list 3 redshirts. I am pretty sure he was on there before.
  2. 2018-2019

    Thanks! You think before November 6th?
  3. 2018-2019

    Anyone know when they're sending out the season tickets?
  4. That's about what they'd get from Kansas, Louisville or Kentucky. Just no cut to the AAU coach.
  5. Game 6—@Buffalo Bulls

    OK, I maaaaaaay have overstated it a little. The website lists a mere 23.
  6. Game 6—@Buffalo Bulls

    Per gozips.com, "A.J. Milwee is in his seventh season on the Akron staff. Promoted to offensive coordinator in December 2012, he was the second-youngest coordinator (age 30) in the FBS at the time of his promotion. Milwee also mentors the UA quarterbacks." The Zips also have 137 people on the football staff, so there should be plenty of people to help with QB mechanics. I wonder whether it isn't being instructed or whether it isn't being absorbed.
  7. New Uniforms

    I know they've always tried to work them in when Danny Peters was here with Ball State, in honor of his dad, but the Zips only play at Ball State this year.
  8. 2018-2019

    Transfer from Long Beach State. 5-8 point guard.
  9. 2018-2019

    Just so many interchangeable 6-3 to 6-7 guys. This could be fun.
  10. 2018-2019

    I think you'll see Sayles, Riak and Poke sliding in and out of the 4 and 5 when they go big.
  11. 2018-2019

    So, Zips insiders, what's everybody's guess on a starting lineup and rotation?
  12. Game 5—Miami RedHawks

    Joe's p!$$ed. He's going back to only attending high school games at Infocision.
  13. Game 5—Miami RedHawks

    Embarrassing damn loss. Darn sick and tired of the one forward two steps back of this expensive program.
  14. 2018-2019

    Season starts ONE MONTH FROM TODAY!!!
  15. Game 1—@Nebraska Cornhuskers

    Article from Ohio.com on the dispute over payment- https://www.ohio.com/sports/20180921/university-of-akron-football-zips-still-awaiting-payment-confirmation-from-nebraska-athletics