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  1. Local TV story on Currie from back in December- https://nbc25news.com/sports/path-to-greatness/path-to-greatness-taylor-currie They have some Mott CC game video on Youtube. Watched some of them and saw that Currie played a lot with is back to the basket, posting up. In one game, the opponent devoted a lot of effort to fronting him and he did a good job of holding his ground. Did a nice job rebounding also. He's not a defensive presence. He'll very much benefit from the Zips weight program. Some of what I saw was scheme as the high school/AAU video I previously saw had him a lot more on the perimeter and he has a reasonable shot.
  2. It's only JUCO. I expect a dropoff to a disappointing 19 PPG and 8 RPG a game a the D1 level.. 😁
  3. From my extensive and exhaustive research (4 to 5 minutes of a YouTube video), he seems different than X in that he seems to rely on going inside as opposed to relying on the outside shot. X seemed to default to shooting the 3 while this kid seems to drive the ball a lot more. While he is listed as a PF and was used there on his JUCO team, he seems pretty mobile. I sure like that length on the perimeter on defense.
  4. 23.5 minutes per game, 10.2 ppg, 49.8 field goal percentage, 32.8 3 point percentage, 8.8 rebounds per game, ,1 assist per game, 1.4 steals per game, 0.2 blocks per game. From the tape I watched, seems to be more of an interior player with most of his shots in close or dunks on breaks. His shot isn't awful, but he seems to prefer to drive to the basket.
  5. Wow, talk about a lateral move. He must love playing zone. I thought height, not skill or scoring ability, was EMU's recruiting focus.
  6. Players on teams from the following conferences are eligible for the Henson award: America East, Atlantic Sun, Big Sky, Big South, Big West, Colonial, Horizon, Ivy, Metro Atlantic, Mid-American, Mid-Eastern, Missouri Valley, Northeast, Ohio Valley, Patriot, Southern, Southland, Southwestern, Summit, Sun Belt, West Coast. Here's an article about the Lou Henson team and the honorees- http://www.louhenson.com/
  7. Another award for LCJ. Here's the article- https://gozips.com/news/2020/3/25/mens-basketball-jackson-named-to-lou-henson-all-america-team.aspx?camefrom=EMCL_3266058_156442140
  8. There's trembling trouble with Tribble and Trimble.
  9. Tough to tell until both sides of the transfer portal, transferrors and transferrees, flush out. Also, some high school seniors may not qualify. Just so much time before the season is here from thing to go to heck (think Eric Hester). At this point, I don't see PCCC making much of a run as they lose quite a lot with Pippen as the only returning starter. I like OU as Preston and Vander Plas are solid and Boles will continue to bring in talent and grow the program. BG came apart at the end of the season and lose Turner and Frye. Miami never seems to make much progress despite the fact that all of the kids should now be all Owens recruits. Bufflao is as solid as anyone for now. Just lots and lots of uncertainty. If you put a gun to my head, I'd put Buffalo and Akron at the top. I really like Dailey and Curry and think the Zips will be solid as long as Groce can maintain the "Team-ism."
  10. Ouch. Top two scorers, top rebounder. Nearly a third of their team scoring and rebounding right down the Kalamazoo crapper! Johnson's certainly welcome here. He's a grad transfer.
  11. Wow, what an awkward looking photo. Looks like he was being held at gunpoint and told to smile big or they'd shoot him.
  12. Sweet 16! Sigh. https://www.si.com/college/2020/03/25/march-madness-ncaa-tournament-predictions-kansas
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