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  1. Zips have slow start (Nostradamus here) then rally to keep it close at the half and into the second half but then Toledo, having the deeper roster and a couple of go to guys rallies and pulls away. To the consternation of the gambling degenerates, the final score is 84-76.
  2. I'd love an arena but they'd have to get awfully creative with the financing as the voting populace in Summit County made it pretty clear they had no interest in funding it the last time it was raised. It was headed to the ballot as a tax measure combined with county-wide 911 improvements and they did a poll which overwhelmingly showed that the levy would go down if the arena funding was included. As a result, we've watched good basketball in a barn while we watch bad football in a nice stadium. One of the hot rumors circling the JAR early in the basketball season was that the groundwork had been laid for Charles Thomas to get the Central Michigan job at which time KD would resign at Duquesne and return to UA as AD. The first block in that chain of events, Thomas getting the CMU job, fell through the and the KD return went along with it. In the end, the job then went to Guthrie. I'm not sure I am buying that rumor, but it is one that's made its rounds.
  3. 14/15 from the line. Maybe they should give lessons to the men's team.
  4. During an awful stretch in the game last night, one of the announcers made a comment to the effect that the MAC had so much talent that it was a shame the MAC is a one bid NCAA tourney conference. I actually said out loud "what game are you watching?"
  5. I watched some of the Toledo-Buffalo game last night during Toledo's second half run when they pulled away and all I could think was "damn, they're good." They are not unbeatable but they really seem to be hitting their stride. As Blue & Gold stated, the Zips can't have one of their slow starts because unlike the awful directionals Toledo will keep their foot on the accelerator and pull away. I am afraid if they yank Trimble from the starting lineup that it may ruin his psyche for the rest of the season. They will really need to get a handle on Rollins Friday. Some of the league's top guards, Sears, Williams, Carry and White, have had their way with the Zips and Rollins is as good as any of them. He's also coming off a MAC player of the week and had 25 points, 11 boards and 5 assists against Canada.
  6. Good stuff MDZip! Thanks for doing the research. Let's not forget though that these were the guys who told us "Defense is a Tony Barbee staple" and "CMU settles into the 2-3 that's been pretty effective this year." All the while, CMU is the worst defense in the MAC.
  7. The Zips head west to face the league leading 16-4 Toledo Rockets Friday night. The game is being broadcast on CBS Sports Network (grrrrr). 6’4” sophomore guard Ryan Rollins leads the Sprockets and the MAC in scoring at 19.4 ppg going into the Buffalo game. Rollins was a member of last year’s All-MAC Freshman Team, starting every game, and was an All-MAC first teamer in the pre-season poll. He just had 25 points, 11 boards and 5 assists against Buffalo. He is as good of a player as I have seen in the MAC this year. 6’7” junior forward JT Shumate leads the team in rebounding at 6.5 rpg and is second on scoring at 15.3 ppg.
  8. Toledo looking like world beaters and peeling Buffalo in the second half.
  9. Groce will tell us on the postgame that their effort was good. That may be true, however, the reality is that this team is just not very good right now. Just keep plugging and hope it comes.
  10. The light reflection on the floor is burning a hole in my retinas.
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