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  1. I think Tavari's ascension up the depth chart pushes Garvin down the depth chart. We'll see how he responds. I think we all hope he responds in a way that earns back the minutes but today's athletes are just as likely or more likely to jump into the transfer portal than work harder.
  2. Word on the street is that PCCC's Sean Lewis is joining the new Prime Time staff at Colorado as OC.
  3. I have a good friend who is very connected in baseball circles. His friend, a college head coach, had one of his players come to him to tell him he was considering entering the portal. The coach told him "I've recruited you once, I am not doing it a second time" and gave him directions to the door!
  4. The Zips get the week off for exams then return to the JAR next Sunday to face 1-6 Jackson State. Jackson State's record is a little deceptive as they've generally been in their games and their one win came in their last game against SMU. Prior to that they lost 95-78 in the cavern known in Oxford. They play TCU this Tuesday. Ken Evans and Trace Young lead Jackson State scoring each at 14.1 ppg. Evans is a 6'5" RS guard while Young is a 6'8" RS senior guard/forward. Young leads rebounding at 6.4 rpg along with 6'9" junior forward Romelle Mansel. They were predicted to finish 7th in the SWAC preseason poll, placing no one on the first or second team. The Tigers' new head coach in former Cav Mo Williams. Willams brought Young with him from Alabama State.
  5. I left when Evan Wilson hit his 3. That completed my day. With the season ticket, that cost me between $3 and $4. I didn't get my money's worth.
  6. A team consisting of Evan Wilson and the managers would be better competition.
  7. With Mr. Pinky, all things downward are possible.
  8. I can confidently say that the program is in better condition on December 2, 2022 than it was on December 2, 2021. I'd have liked to have seen more wins but in the final analysis I am pleased with the direction of the team and this coaching staff.
  9. 2/3 of Ohio, the Houston area and around Lubbock, Texas- https://506sports.com/
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