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  1. You're never going to get around his Twitter block at this rate!
  2. They're a little overwhelmed right now so be patient.
  3. That was my point. He's had 3 high win seasons to even get to .500. Also, if I am an AD in a conference like the MAC, I am looking for a younger up and comer. Not a 56 year old. Maybe they got an alumni discount and he may be solid, it's just not the direction I would look to go.
  4. So they ditched a 49 year old with a .517 winning percentage for a 56 year old with a .502 winning percentage? Other than 4 nice seasons, one of which he had handed to him at PCCC, Stan Heath has not been very good. On the other hand, it will be a nice homecoming and the alums will like it.
  5. The MAC has rescinded its intra-conference transfer policy. Athletes can now transfer within the MAC without having to sit a year. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/31216380/mid-american-conference-eliminates-intraconference-transfer-policy
  6. Being a bench player for Bobby Hurley is apparently more appealing than I thought.
  7. Hawkins had a nice run in the early 2000's and from 2010 to 2015. After that, his teams looked short on talent. He stopped getting top talent and some of the talent he got bailed. I think teams on the MAC level will be more interested in finding a young up and comer rather than a 58 year old retread. He certainly knows the conference and might do a passable job buy no one s going to get in line for a guy of that age and so far under .500 in his last 5 seasons.
  8. The kid looks like a player. NIce shot, good handle, good vision and distributes the ball well. Also an All-Conference Academic Team as a freshman. Definitely looks like a rotation player. It's also a move that puts Tribble more at the 2.
  9. I hear they are going to make a splash by hiring Steve Hawkins or Mark Montgomery.
  10. I confused it with the first scrimmage.
  11. A conspiratorial soul might think it's all done as part of a bigger plan by the administration to downgrade football to FCS or D2.
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