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  1. To get suspended in mid-season, especially when you're the QB of a struggling team, is unforgivable. I suspect we may never see Kato in a Zips uniform again. If Arth yells, he's out of control and in over his head. If he didn't get mad and yell, he'd have no fire.
  2. Arth is going to have to hit the jucos hard to rescue the OL.
  3. You need to work on your reading comprehension. The considerable majority of those who wanted Bowden gone are disappointed with what's happening this year, they've just decided to be patient and not predict the future based upon only 6 games (especially when there's no quick fix available).
  4. I spoke to Dr. Miller today and he assured me that the opinions on anonymous forums will be given strong consideration in his review of the AD and the football program. He urged all critics to post the same things repeatedly to make sure their points got through.
  5. This may be a possibility. I had heard he was taking a class or classes at Stark Tech, so maybe that's his avenue to qualifying.
  6. I think "simple" is the operative word here.
  7. Agreed. The problem is that your post lump equate being anti-Bowden with being pro-Arth. I was ready to see Bowden and his issues move along, but that doesn't mean I wholeheartedly support Arth. For me, that jury's still out.
  8. I don't think anyone on here got a vote on who would be the coach if Bowden got jettisoned. People's dissatisfaction with Bowden and the identity of his replacement are two entirely separate issues.
  9. You might want to start a Gofundme page for his buyout.
  10. Let's hope he's taking Title IX graduate classes.
  11. Good point. I said it more tongue in cheek, referencing the "recruiting" rumors surrounding him.
  12. I appreciate the observations, but I don't see the talent you do. Offensive line is awful, they have no running backs and the DBs are a mess. As for Hoban's coach, he sure could help recruiting.
  13. Yep, Archie Miller leaving for Indiana coupled with the injury combined to end his time at Dayton.
  14. All of his stats dropped off from his sophomore to junior year. Apparently, he hurt his back mid-season and when he returned he was essentially phased out. Here's a good explanation- https://www.whio.com/news/jablonski-transfer-decision-xeyrius-williams-not-surprise/yNBTRliP7JT16XaGie6BFI/
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