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  1. Good for Council. He was not going to get the opportunity to take his game to the next level as a Zip. Best of luck.
  2. If you go look at the 2019 recruiting thread you can see who. There were very who stayed committed to Arth. Too early to tell about their on field impact as so many Freshmen redshirt.
  3. Arth released them from their commitments. IIRC, most did not end up at Akron.
  4. TB would not have had this team. His recruits are elsewhere. Even if you take talent off if the table, Arty made more than a few horrible coaching calls this season. Talent doesnt fix bad game situation coaching.
  5. Actually, let's take a look at this. This is a "Terry's next endeavor" thread. Bowden was fired and yet the same three people keep taking shots at Bowden like he was on the same level as Ianello, despite the facts. Who hasn't moved on? Those clinging to a new loser coach and taking shots at the old one who actually elevated the program.
  6. @clarkwgriswold and @John Ward maybe we should review how well firing Bowden has worked out. #BreakingNews - worst record in ot only the MAC, but all D1 College football, not even a glimmer of hope for a bowl bid, lost the Wagon Wheel...but it was a brilliant move to fire Bowden, lol. I bow to such wisdom.
  7. Seriously, what makes you the wealth of knowledge over which how coaches handle discipline? When you call the coach who took the team from consecutive 1-11 seasons to its first bowl win, first B10 win, a MAC East title and and championship appearance and call him mediocre it only shows what an idiot you are. Grow up.
  8. You are proving yourself to be a complete joke.
  9. Yup. That is the way some guys do it and they get away with it. Those days are disappearing, in case you haven't noticed. Waiting for someone to complain about kids going soft in 3-2-1... Hang on every word? No. Look like they dont even want to be there? That is a problem. What exactly are you smoking? Bowden lost control? What a joke. I am related to a player who played under Bowden. He skipped a couple of classes and started to let grades slip and it was dealt with before it became a problem. You seem nice, but full of crap, TBH. Complete BS. Oh, and Arth has yet to demonstrate that he has the team with him. I see zero evidence of that. Zero.
  10. There was a photo of him screaming at the kids during one game and the players looked completely disengaged. You can build accoubtabilitity and discipline without a blowhard. Screaming doesn't turn boys into men, it creates a culture of control and abuse. There are a lot of warning signs from this guy and everyone seems content to ignore them.
  11. Oh, here we go. Back to personal insults. Seriously? Let it go. You were wrong.
  12. It's not just that we are 0-12, it's that almost every single game, mi us one, was a total embarrassment. This guy is not suddenly going to start making better coaching decisions.
  13. You are 100% correct, but too many foolishly believe that it just takes hiring some magic guy....without the brains to see truth fir what it is. The way football continues to be cut at the U, why would anyone want to cone coach here, now?
  14. The same two geniuses still mocking Bowden...when will it occur to you how wrong you have been? I guess it will take 0-24.
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