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  1. #ourway and #heretodevelop might be the lamest hashtags I have seen associated with a college football team.
  2. Kyron Brown was signed by the Jets.
  3. Good for Ulysees. He will have a great opportunity in Pittsburgh.
  4. The fact that you called (without naming names) Trump a neo-Nazi sympathizer was political. It is your opinion, not fact, yet you treated as fact.
  5. They do a nice job with recruit visits. Very personalized and welcoming. Did you just want to take a swipe and expect it to go unchallenged? Just as I thought. They don't pass the liberal litmus test.Typical. Say, let's not turn this political...after they already have. What a load of crap.
  6. I don't follow Liberty. Can you enlighten me and share exactly what was said that makes him a neo-nazi? (Or if too inappropriate, share a link) Or did he simply con comply with a leftist litmus test?
  7. Not a lot to get excited about in the class, so far. Brandon Council, from the 2016 class played like a stud until he was injured last season. He was the OL, it seemed.
  8. Gosh, now you know how it feels. 8 have listened to lost of you pull the same crap for the last e years. Arth has shown nothing to be excited about. Recruits, to date, are not remotely impressive. Leftovers, mostly.
  9. I am really happy for everyone who wanted to see the Zips move to 1AA. We are well on our way....
  10. Davis earned this invite. He put in a great season. Best of luck.
  11. Chargers LB Jatavis Brown will miss the remainder of the season
  12. Typically, assistants are assigned to recruit a certain geographic are, although they are also involved with the recruits for their position. The head coach is usually reserved for the more desirable players.
  13. How do you know it wasn't? Oh, yeah, you don't. As others have mentioned, there are always 2 sides of a story.
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