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  1. Jerome Lane

    Honestly, he needs to shut up and find a job. Time to move on, Jerome.
  2. Jonah Morris

    Also, he mentioned family issues, so he may apply for a hardship waiver.
  3. 2018 Preseason All MAC

  4. 2019 Recruiting

    He's fast: Fort Myers 14 Year Old Sets National Record And he has some legit offers.... Maybe the UA practice of letting kids be dual sport athletes paid off, again?
  5. 2018 Preseason All MAC

    All 6 are deserving of the recognition. That remains to be seen. One game does not an MVP make.
  6. Future OOC Schedule

    The players will love the chance to play in the Shoe.
  7. 2018 Recruiting

    Less than impressive. Only kicking profile was Prokicker, which is an OK organization, but they did not rank him (they only rank top 25) does not appear to have ever been a Kohl's kicker. Hi kicks would be no better than Gasser, when you move the ball back to the 35. I know there was a Kohl's top 50 kid planning a visit. He has a good looking leg.
  8. Zips in the NFL

    I think Jerome could still make it but I doubt he will take the steps necessary. He would need to connect and pay out of pocket to workout with a serious WR trainer and devote himself to study and hard work. I think if he were going to go that route, we would have seen evidence of it, by now. It's a shame that his response it to blame shift. He has a lot of natural talent, but he is not an exceptional talent, by NFL standards.
  9. The Zips Defensive Coordinator Thread

    Then you probably don't understand how difficult it is. It is as much of a science as kicking and punting and you can't just take a kid who has not been trained by a specialist and expect him to have the speed and accuracy needed to achieve the operation time necessary for D1 play. . A bad snap can cost you a game every bit as much as a missed kick or a lousy punt.
  10. The Zips Defensive Coordinator Thread

    Most college special teams coordinators know essentially nothing about the specialists (kicker, punter, and long snapper.) Unless they have the payroll to bring in someone with a background in one of these areas. G6 teams typically dont have that kind of budget. The most important thing that the Zips could do is go offer a top 50 prospect from Kohl's kicking for both punter and kicker and do the same for a Rubio lobgsnapper and offer them an outright scholarship, not a scholarship once they have won the job. I don"t see that happening.
  11. Balsey and Zach's Religion Thread

    TB has never hid his religious tendencies and there have been team prayers, I believe,l since he arrived. IIRC, Justin March said something to the effect that it was a easier time be a Christian on the team after TB arrived. TB shares his life philosophy just like PJ Fleck shared his. If there is a problem, it would likely come from an outsider and I am not sure why people who are not team members have an issue with a team prayer unless they are really religiously intolerant, honestly. With all that is wrong with the world, opioid addictions increasing teen suicide rates, violence, and other issues, a team prayer should be the least of anyone's worries.
  12. Akron Zips 2018 Football Recruiting Story - by ZipsNation.org

    Thanks, that was awesome!
  13. Mykel Traylor-Bennett Moves Back to WR

    Great news. He really showed himself to be a team guy while he spent last year rehabbing
  14. Kentucky signs two-for-one scheduling deal w/ Akron

    I like adding a Kentucky OOC game. Nice exposure against a team we compete against for recruits. I could live without UMASS, although I have heard it's a great road trip game.
  15. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    A 1-3 OOC is a rough way to start but it should help line the coffers.