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  1. I think what is missing in the Bowden discussion is that he was a better coach-period and that finding a high caliber coach from a skill perspective, not name recognition, willing to cone to Akron is not easy. Firing Bowden shows just how arrogant Larry William's is. I also think some of you are in denial about competing with bigger schools for talent. Yes, some B10 schools did it, but that was a different time before the gap between haves and have nots in college football was not as enormous as it is now. The NCAA is not interested in parity or they would put a cap on the amounts programs could spend. Arth sucks, plain and simple. Losing to UMass is inexcusable. The Zips will go winless.
  2. Lol, so easy to throw out subjective, impossible to measure, defend, or prove crap comments. Seriously.
  3. Are you even aware of the change in academics during the Bowden tenure? Zips FB had very graduation rates.
  4. Bowden inherited the worst team in D1. At Chattanooga, Arth inherited a team who had a 9-4 record for two years prior to his arrival. You cannot honestly tell me that what we are seeing is better offensive play calling, either. As @Zipmeister indicated, this might not 9nly be a winless season, but the worst team in D1. Probably a good thing we didnt play a decent FCS team, this year.
  5. How do you know the culture is improving? There has been zero worth trusting this year. Are you really asking for another year or two? What a joke!
  6. I never understood the enthusiasm for a guy (Arth) who does not have an established track record of winning. Who cares about his recruiting abilities if he cannot win? What we have seen from in games 1 and 2 has not been impressive. He wasn't starting where Bowden started.
  7. Let the Arth excuses commence...sorry, he's on the clock, now. The recruits had little to do with the lack of discipline and overall lack of gameplan. He seems in over his head.
  8. I was on the road so I had to listen as opposed to watch. Used to hearing his name all game long.
  9. There is zero to be optimistic about this season. I must have missed it somewhere, but where is Alvin Davis? The hashtags are the lamest I have ever seen a football team use. #ourway and #heretodevelop There are some who continually spout their ignorant criticisms about Bowden's age and southern roots, but the Zips have taken several steps backwards. Larry William's should lose his job.
  10. 3 suspended for the first game? Great start to the season.
  11. I believe Stein holds the Zips record for points scored. Robert was fairly consistent with FGs within his range. At one point, he lost the starting job but earned it back and was really solid after that point. I am pretty sure he let the other other kid keep his scholarship, too.
  12. Where was Alvin Davis? Perhaps the best Zips returning defensive player was seemingly absent or silent.
  13. Before the game the BTN announcers mentioned Williams as the best receiver in the Zips. Welcome to the Arth era.
  14. UGIII secured a spot on the 53 man roster!
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