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  1. After skating by St. Francis in OT last week, my expectations are low. I expect something g lime a 50-10 blowout, though I am always cheering for MSU to lose after the NCAA failed to punish them for their role in cov e ri g for Dr. Larry Nasser in the USA women's gymnastics abuse scandal. Coach Joe has a lot of rebuilding to do. Arth left the program in shambles.
  2. Brand streaming had to happen. The end product is "meh" and people will continue to use the other 8 logos because the new one is so lackluster. It's too bad they are minimizing the emphasis on "Zips" which is a very unique differentiator.
  3. https://twitter.com/FootballScoop/status/1496479207744065543 @FootballScoop: New proposal would allow for joint practices in fall camp https://t.co/6dF1lbqw8D via @zach_barnett
  4. I made it back this fall and spent 2 weeks in the Knoxville and Gatlinburg area. I had forgotten how beautiful the area was, how friendly the people are (unless you are Lane Kiffin), and how good the food was.
  5. Has offers from Tulane, SMU, Rutgers, Syracuse, Hawaii, Minnesota, Georgia Southern, Toledo, and Virgina. He's a good DT but I am not sure what he is waiting for because he probably won't get any offers beyond what he has. All of these programs have more money than ULM but not sure any will give him more or better playing opportunities. Zac Alley is a rising star and won't be at ULM as a DC for long. It will be a miracle if Bowden is able to keep him for a second season.
  6. I have seen a lot weird wording for offers this year, tbh.
  7. Regarding next year: if Moorehead is able to grab enough talent from the portal to start to flip thi gs, Liberty is winnable. Bowden beat Liberty this year and their QB will go to the draft. Regarding bringing in P5 schools: the Pitt tailgating experience was great. Having ignornat Pitt fans sit among us, as we got soundly beat in one of the wettest, if not the wettest game I have ever sat through, not so great. I will say, though, it does make us feel like a legit D1 program when we bring in these schools. Indiana is a great example. I also really liked the Sunbelt math ups we had against Troy, App State, and ULL. The Zips can be competitive and playing quality G5 teams gives us a measuring stick. I think right now the SBC is playing better football, overall, than the MAC, so if we can run with those dogs, it would be progress.
  8. This is a game I would really like to see the Zips win.
  9. I have only been able to listen to a few minutes, but wagon wheel was definitely a theme. Good opening presser. Guthrie seems uber pumped to have score Moorehead Good for him.
  10. Is there a replay of the Presser somewhere? I don't see it on YouTube.
  11. I agree, but I don't think it is realistic. I have been astonished by how many kids who don't even see the field still think they are going to the NFL. I wish the NCAA included trade schools better suited for a different type of student athlete, too.
  12. Fair point. I sort of included more playing time in the bucket of better opportunities, in my mind.
  13. I think college football fans need to move on from the position of hating on players who enter the portal. Portability is here to stay, and it is more fair for the players. They usually move on for better opportunities and better facilities. For years there has been an expectation that the player be more loyal to the program. than the program is loyal to the player. If coaches keep open lines of communication they have a chance of winning the player back.
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