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  1. He ended with 3 tackles. No flashy plays but he seemed to do his job. I didn't notice him a lot in the second half.
  2. Nice https://twitter.com/PFF_Steelers/status/1160309849550446593?s=09
  3. He more than impressed in his limited action. The Steelers announcers were all about him and citing the Steelers roster spots held by MAC players.
  4. UGIII with 2 sacks, ain't I interception, and a strip in less than 6 minutes in the 4th. Really great night for him.
  5. Sources indicating UGIII to be traded to the Brownies for Duke Johnson.
  6. I think KB was overlooked because he did not have the numbers, but that was because opponents completely avoided him for 2-3 years. I really hope he does well.
  7. #ourway and #heretodevelop might be the lamest hashtags I have seen associated with a college football team.
  8. Kyron Brown was signed by the Jets.
  9. Good for Ulysees. He will have a great opportunity in Pittsburgh.
  10. The fact that you called (without naming names) Trump a neo-Nazi sympathizer was political. It is your opinion, not fact, yet you treated as fact.
  11. They do a nice job with recruit visits. Very personalized and welcoming. Did you just want to take a swipe and expect it to go unchallenged? Just as I thought. They don't pass the liberal litmus test.Typical. Say, let's not turn this political...after they already have. What a load of crap.
  12. I don't follow Liberty. Can you enlighten me and share exactly what was said that makes him a neo-nazi? (Or if too inappropriate, share a link) Or did he simply con comply with a leftist litmus test?
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