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  1. You are proving yourself to be a complete joke.
  2. Yup. That is the way some guys do it and they get away with it. Those days are disappearing, in case you haven't noticed. Waiting for someone to complain about kids going soft in 3-2-1... Hang on every word? No. Look like they dont even want to be there? That is a problem. What exactly are you smoking? Bowden lost control? What a joke. I am related to a player who played under Bowden. He skipped a couple of classes and started to let grades slip and it was dealt with before it became a problem. You seem nice, but full of crap, TBH. Complete BS. Oh, and Arth has yet to demonstrate that he has the team with him. I see zero evidence of that. Zero.
  3. There was a photo of him screaming at the kids during one game and the players looked completely disengaged. You can build accoubtabilitity and discipline without a blowhard. Screaming doesn't turn boys into men, it creates a culture of control and abuse. There are a lot of warning signs from this guy and everyone seems content to ignore them.
  4. Oh, here we go. Back to personal insults. Seriously? Let it go. You were wrong.
  5. It's not just that we are 0-12, it's that almost every single game, mi us one, was a total embarrassment. This guy is not suddenly going to start making better coaching decisions.
  6. You are 100% correct, but too many foolishly believe that it just takes hiring some magic guy....without the brains to see truth fir what it is. The way football continues to be cut at the U, why would anyone want to cone coach here, now?
  7. The same two geniuses still mocking Bowden...when will it occur to you how wrong you have been? I guess it will take 0-24.
  8. He is a "correspondant." He writes stories about the team for digital content marketing. That doesn't make him involved with the program. It makes him a fanboy. I have started considering, whether intentional or not, there is not future for football at Akron. What a litany of bad decisions.
  9. What a joke. His promises are based on how he feels. Sorry, thatbis not how real life works.
  10. You look at a kid like Alvin. All offenses needed to really do is keep away from him for 4 quarters and they could score at will against us. Tgere will be very little film highlights for him to help scouts find what he can do. Hopefully, his film from the previous 2 years will help.
  11. Congrats, Coach Arth, first 0-12 team in Zips history. Congrats, Larry William's, you fired a guy who pulled us out of the sewer and replaced him with a guy who sent us straight back to the sewer. I feel bad for the few talented kids we have, that have to live through this nightmare.
  12. His asseasment of Arth is spot on but there seems to be an obvious anti-football agenda.
  13. Honestly, you have a better chance making the NFL for a quality team in a lower division than you do the Zips in current state. It's not like you are coming to play for a Chuck Amato with a reputation for building certain skill players. I feel bad for Alvin Davis as this season has likely hurt his chances.
  14. Bob Dyer: University of Akron football is invisible "In June, interim University of Akron President John Green said half of the $1 million that had to be cut from the football budget this year would be offset by a huge boost in attendance that would result from the hiring of new coach Tom Arth. Ahem. The new coach's football team, with one game left to play, is 0-11. It is the worst team in the 130-school Football Bowl Subdivision, the only team without a single victory. Arth is the only UA head coach without a win since Harry Wilson finished his career at 0-1 in 1896.... ...Unfortunately, this year's team is difficult to watch in person or on TV. Statistically, UA is the worst FBS team in America in scoring, rushing offense, third-down conversions, sacks allowed, blocked kicks allowed and blocked punts allowed. They are second-worst in total offense, first downs and turnover margin." This all falls on Larry Williams' shoulders.
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