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  1. Again, I mostly agree with this, especially the part about poor decision-making vs. commitment. Your points about the resume are notable. I quit paying for ESPN+ to watch Zips game and mostly ended up turning off the radio broadcasts because they were just not interesting any more. I think right-sizing expectations is a key to G5 success. What does it look like at the current budget? What does it look like with more money and support? What happens if support diminishes? It seems like the expectations are the same regardless of the level of support. It just doesn't work like that
  2. 100% I don't think decline has to be the fate of G5 schools. They are selling the wrong product to the communities. I am concerned about the lack of commitment the administration has to D1 football. I think Arth got promoted one level above his ability, but it is tough to give him a true fair assessment with the way the program has been handled by administration.
  3. Akron football has almost fallen off the radar. Arth, Williams, and U are all responsible for that. I do believe the trajectory is FCS or D2 ball for the Zips. We went from beating Northwestern in 2018 to this? What a total disaster.
  4. A Tom Arth statue for going 5-3 and 3-1? Your points don't actually rebutt the more wins and fewer injuries points.
  5. He and LW disagreed about using money games as the primary way to fund the program. It adds L's to your record, not W's, and leaves the kids beat up. Look at his last season with the Zips. Really rough OOC schedule: Nebraska (canceled), a good Iowa State Team, Northwestern, and South Carolina. Com0are that with the 2015 schedule. The best teams in the SBC have one money game, at the most. His point was that the AD can help the program out, alot, with scheduling.
  6. TB was on an interview this AM and he talked a bit about the impact of LW on the football program. TB starts at about the 1:16 mark. https://www.facebook.com/TheTimFletcherShow/videos/464258538153542/
  7. It's only going to get worse if they don't expand the playoffs.
  8. Actually, he oversaw and created the plummet to the bottom with the Bowden/Arth move. He dug a hole too big to dig out of, financially.
  9. This staff probably doesn't have the network to pick up some if the portal guys. .
  10. Bowden always was able to get some great talent from the portal.
  11. Not surprised by those numbers. A lot of xoaches are holding off signing portal kids until after spring football when they have a better handle on what they need. Lyons seemed to do a decent job of long snapping. It's an important role to fill. Maybe they borught in a bigger, more athletic kid. Time will tell.
  12. I think we have the cleanest bathrooms in college sports. Of course it's easy to keep them clean with the crowds we draw.
  13. It wasn't the absolute bottom. The absolute bottom was the way Ianello left it.
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