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  1. Akron Zips 2018 Football Recruiting Story - by ZipsNation.org

    Thanks, that was awesome!
  2. Mykel Traylor-Bennett Moves Back to WR

    Great news. He really showed himself to be a team guy while he spent last year rehabbing
  3. Kentucky signs two-for-one scheduling deal w/ Akron

    I like adding a Kentucky OOC game. Nice exposure against a team we compete against for recruits. I could live without UMASS, although I have heard it's a great road trip game.
  4. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    A 1-3 OOC is a rough way to start but it should help line the coffers.
  5. 9100 Attendance

    If I were the AD, I would approach attendance with a design think8bg (Human Centered Design) approach. They are trying to solclve this from an athlete's point of view. We have t9 go a different route and be a little more systematic than the piece-meal approach we have taken. I think the Texas AD is taking things in the right direction, for his program. Texas AD Chris Del Conte explains plan to improve football game-day experience
  6. 9100 Attendance

    You have a valid point. There are a lot more Volunteer fans in TN than Titans fans. Tennessee has decased where UT was always the best game in town.
  7. 2018 Recruiting

    He did not clear Kohl's top 100. Bowden needs to pony up scholarships for kickers instead of this PW for average kickers. The kicking game was a total disaster in 2017. Gasser did better than O'Leary, but with a pretty limited range.
  8. 2018 Recruiting

    He got a nice shoutout from Taylor on Twitter.
  9. 2018 Recruiting

    I am going to go out on a limb and say that RB Abraham Alce might be the best freshman recruit since JB1.
  10. 2018 Feb National Signing Day

    This Abraham Alce kid was pretty heavily recruited. Great grab by the coaches. He seems like quite a character. 2018 Fla. LB Alce ‘not sure’ on taking official visit to MSU Miami recruiting: RB target Abraham Alce still high on Hurricanes, plans to visit ‘really soon’ It appears, from his twitter that he had previously verballed to Wisconsin.
  11. I am sort of surprised that I have not seen any posts on this, yet.
  12. Zips to Recruit More Ohio Student Athletes

    This news is far from ideal, but I have to appreciate a president who is looking for creative ways to address budget issues.