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Women's soccer needs a new head coach


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There is nothing about this on the zip web site.   However, Noreen Herlihy has left the building (so , to speak)

lady zips were 3-15-1 last year.

Herlihy had signed a two year contract in June or July 2021.     In a non-revenue sport, they probably did not want to fire her with one year left on her contract.

She had coached at Slippery Rock before coming to Akron.  I believe that Indiana University of PA...is in the same Pittsburgh metropolitan area.



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This is a plus for us. I've talked to Noreen many times in her office. She is personable and easy to like. She just was in over her head in the MAC. She knew it and she knew she had no future here beyond her last contracted year. Leaving for IUP was a smart move. She has assured herself that she will have a job for another five years. We, on the other hand, can now focus on upgrading the program's leadership.  The question is will good coaches be willing to leave their current program this late in the down period before the season starts. They will inherit a mess, but they will be able to build it their way with the blessing of Guthrie, who will make the hire. We all know the program should be exceptional. 

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The fact that our coach has announced her arrival at a new job before anyone knew she had left her previous one...DOH! 🤦‍♀️ and that we are talking about hiring high school coaches says much about the free fall of the Akron women's soccer program.  There is just over a month to go before the players return to prepare for the 2022 season, so it will be near impossible to make a long-term hire, and we may end up with another "interim" label on whoever steps in.  No matter what you think about the overall value of UA WSoc vis-a-vis the rest of the MAC, you have to realize this situation is an embarrassment and shows the leadership is asleep at the switch! 

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