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Pittsburgh game

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Highlight of the night was the healthy return of Sammy Tojaga.   Hard working young man.

Sammy was very good on the 2018 National runner up team   Sammy and William Portman will be great leaders for this team over the rest of the year.

   If the zips can figure out how to defend corner kicks, this could be a very good team.


I want to rewatch the key moments of the game......to see the very key no-offside call...and the very key offside call.


Ryan Kingsford looked the best that he has all year.    Great performance by him (with Shooky out).

   I agree with what the announcers said that they heard from Coach Embick.  they said "Coach Embick said that Mitch Budler has been very good as GK this year.    IMHO - Mitch has made some great saves against high powered talented teams

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I just want to know how the announcers got the info on Chong seen above, and about how Embick was "going to try and wait until next week to bring back Sam Tojaga"? Our own broadcast, local media, match interviews, etc. get next to no information on injuries or insight from the team. 

For example, I haven't heard anything about Will Jackson being out for the past two games

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3 hours ago, bigzipguy said:

Thank goodness we got the tie!!!!!, Way to fall asleep at the end of the first half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Too bad the AR was asleep. Pitt was clearly offside on that 2nd goal just before the half. I was standing on that side of the field, and there was no doubt at all about the offside that was not called. 

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Very happy to see Sammy Tojaga back on the pitch. Also happy to see Will Jackson get a few minutes. Hopefully, both are well on their way to recovery and getting significant minutes again.


I also enjoyed seeing and talking with Keith Dambrot. Always a pleasure.



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