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1 hour ago, Blue & Gold said:


I don't want to be a prisoner of the moment, but he kind of reminds me of Bryan Trimble.  Like Trimble, his athleticism isn't going to blow you away.  But he can be a little tricky with the ball & hit a 3 off of a crossover from 4 feet behind the high school line.


His competition is reeeeeeaaaalllllyyy suspect, IMHO.  So I wouldn't be surprised to see him redshirt to get acclimated to higher-caliber athletes.  But he played AAU, so, who knows.  But the teams I've seen him play have been pretty low caliber... except East Liverpool.  East Liverpool looked pretty good & he dropped 40 on them.


Also, he's reeeeeeaaaallllyyy (yes, same spelling as above) going to have to step up his game defensively; not much intensity there.  However, when watching him play it appears his coach may be encouraging him to not risk picking up any fouls on D due to the fact that if Harrison Central has any chance to win they need him on the court all 32 minutes getting buckets.  He's a football player, so I have confidence he could get nastier on D if asked to.


Good call.  That's exactly who I thought of as a comparable.  Then again, maybe that makes it a bad call!

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