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3 hours ago, akronzips71 said:

Looks like an athletic 6'10".

Has a nice reverse layup.

I like what I see. The highlights are almost all dunks, but he looks to have a nice stroke as well.


I;ve never seen highlight tapes like his, 3 second snippets of dunks and layups!  I am looking forward to the kid in a Zips uni.

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1 hour ago, LZIp said:

random thought, but this appears to be Groce's first class here where he didn't go the transfer route at all.


I think that's the sign of a sound plan by Groce, one that we hoped for early in his stay here.  Build it quickly to a successful program with transfers and jucos in the mix making it more and more attractive to top notch high school seniors that stay with the program for four years.  I don't think he'll ever stop turning over rocks for top notch talent, but the math is pretty simple-  4>1 or 2.

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27 minutes ago, Ham said:

Have any of these prospects signed?  With such emphatic commitments, l would have expected letters yesterday.

I'm not sure about Sekou Sada Kalle, but the other two definitely did. I didn't go out of my way looking for anything, just going off of what I noticed scrolling through twitter.

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This is a huge recruiting class! On paper this is our best overall recruiting class ever. Outside of Zeke we will now have our 4 highest rated recruited players in Zips history all on the same team. Tribble, Clarke, Nate Johnson and Kalle. Also don’t sleep on Kobe Mitchell his HS is small and in the middle of nowhere Ohio which doesn't get much attention. He could very easily be rated a 3 star recruit before the year is over. Obviously stars are stars and play on the court in college is what matters but this is an extremely exciting time to be a Zips Basketball fan. We have a VERY bright future. 

Now can I talk myself into thinking we could somehow land Chris Livingston in 2022 and wanting to stay in Akron? One can dream. 

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2 hours ago, clarkwgriswold said:

From what little I have seen of him he seems like more of a 2.


I don't want to be a prisoner of the moment, but he kind of reminds me of Bryan Trimble.  Like Trimble, his athleticism isn't going to blow you away.  But he can be a little tricky with the ball & hit a 3 off of a crossover from 4 feet behind the high school line.


His competition is reeeeeeaaaalllllyyy suspect, IMHO.  So I wouldn't be surprised to see him redshirt to get acclimated to higher-caliber athletes.  But he played AAU, so, who knows.  But the teams I've seen him play have been pretty low caliber... except East Liverpool.  East Liverpool looked pretty good & he dropped 40 on them.


Also, he's reeeeeeaaaallllyyy (yes, same spelling as above) going to have to step up his game defensively; not much intensity there.  However, when watching him play it appears his coach may be encouraging him to not risk picking up any fouls on D due to the fact that if Harrison Central has any chance to win they need him on the court all 32 minutes getting buckets.  He's a football player, so I have confidence he could get nastier on D if asked to.

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