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50 minutes ago, LZIp said:


I like how Moorhead chuckled and lit up a little when talking about the true freshmen OL. He knows it’s only a matter of time before we are really good up front.


Not sure who George is afraid we’re going to lose. Doubt any of the P5 transfers would transfer back out and it’s unlikely any of the freshmen would transfer out at this point. I think the more likely scenario for anyone who transfers out is to go D2 or nowhere at all. Irons probably would be the exception.

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2 hours ago, LZIp said:

A note here, Gettman and Hester were put on scholarship recently.

- Enjoyed hearing Moorhead talk about the young LBs - McCoy, Griffin, and Fish - and how they are going to be great players. Mentions how they go about things the right way, watch film, and love football.


- I get more excited about Landers every time I see him play. Can’t wait to see the other freshmen next year.


- Love how Moorhead is rewarding the contributing walk-ons with scholarships. I think that’s 3 now? Durant, Gettman, and Hester. All 3 of them are heavily involved with Special Teams.


- I was surprised to see Moorhead get asked about Naim and Anderson, but glad they were mentioned. Naim is another special teams contributor and has flashed excellent hands at receiver. I’m excited about the potential Anderson brings. He’s stuck behind George right now, but he could become a big time red zone target for us in the future. Hopefully Anderson gets worked into the spot Shocky is playing right now and we see George and Anderson on the field together in 2023.


- Moorhead mentioned Ryan Johnson had his best game. Johnson has been quietly developing throughout the year. 

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I thought this was a really good episode, especially when talking about recruiting towards the end. Joe Dunn has done a nice job this year of asking questions about who is on scholarship, eligibility remaining for players, and getting Moorhead to speak about how the freshmen are developing.

- Robarge and Georges have been put on scholarship.
- The most competition when recruiting the high school level is for OL and DL. Even more so in the portal.

- The staff is recruiting hard for players in a two hours radius, but Akron won’t be a fallback option. “We want everybody who is local, but we want the guys who can play.

- “Start taking guys who can’t play at this level and you have a roster full of guys who can’t win.”

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A few takeaways:

- Sounds like the OL is now settled into a rotation of Landers at LT, Whigan at RG, Williams at RT. Georges, Robarge, and Kilbane splitting time at LG and C. JoeMo said Georges, Robarge, and Kilbane came in as walk-ons but did not say if they are all currently on scholarship. He didn’t mention it but Chambers has also seen some time at LT, giving Landers a break for a series or two.

- Hawkins saw time in the heavy D packages at NT and held his ground.

- Corey Thomas is now officially a DB, playing mostly Nickel but considered a Safety.

- Terry has played his best football the past two games.

- I don’t remember his exact verbiage, but he said something along the lines of Kellom probably has a little more shiftiness and burst to him than Wiley and Price, but needs to add on more weight.

- JoeMo was happy with the rotation at Linebacker, but don’t have the bodies for the same kind of rotation along the defensive line or secondary. (My words here and not his) Its concerning that some of the young guys like Fann and Lawson still haven’t developed enough to give us anything.

- Looking forward to the matchup with Buffalo.

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Last Episode of the season.


JoeMo talks about several points we’ve discussed on this forum numerous times.

- Holt is coming back and was probably up to 80/85% by end of season. Excited to have an offseason with him.

- Bubba is coming back.

- Tim Terry came on strong the past 4 weeks.

- The safety combo of Thompson, Martin, Woods developed well throughout the season.

- The portal is hurting HS recruiting the most as it’s taking scholarships away that used to be allotted for HS seniors. 
- Would like to keep playing because the team has gotten better throughout the season.

- Team is playing physical football now.

- There has been pro interest for Shocky, Whigan, and Jones.

- Golden will compete for time in the slot with Adams next year.

- Spoke about all the missed opportunities and how the team will learn and grow from them.

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