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  1. I was looking at the numbers in the same way recently. Although there have been some slight changes per class since May, the trend is still the same. However, there is a little more experience than it looks like. With the red shirt rule and not losing a year of eligibility last year, we are skewed a little low (I know that this applies to all schools). Take Logan Hawkings for example; he is listed as a R-So this year. Looking in more detail, this will be his 4th year in the program. This applies to others also. So, although we are young, there is more experience than it looks and it should not be used as an excuse. Go Zips!!!
  2. I do not care much about the uniforms. I care more about getting good recruits and having great coaching on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball resulting in 5-6 wins this year. Let's get the people at the games to view a good product and then move forward to multiple bowl seasons. Look at the roster, most of them are freshman and sophomores. I am looking forward to very good seasons in the upcoming years.
  3. Although they play a different position, his tape reminds me of last years OL recruit Colin Lyons. The tape shows that they are both punishing in their blocks and their tackles. Colin bowled over most Defensive linemen in his tapes, while Christian Hanson attacks from the defensive side of line backer and punishes the ball carrier. The tape of both of these players is very impressive. It makes me think; are both of these players really that dominant, or do they play in a weak conference with a weak schedule. I hope that both of these players are long time Zip dominant players and all MAC players. Go Zips!!!!!
  4. I got a red screen that says this site is unsafe. Be careful.
  5. can someone provide an update on Teon Dollard? what is going on with the case?
  6. Can you detail what happened to Teon? Carrying a gun can be allowed. In deer season, there are thousands of people carrying loaded guns.
  7. yes, but he has a ND degree and played in the NFL with a lot of contacts, He has a law degree. If he is walking away he has much better options, 'there may be a delay, but Larry will turn up iin a better job.
  8. very good start. Let's keep it going and continue to add to the list. Go Zips
  9. Agree that it is time to turn the page. 'we have some young good QB;s that someone needs to step up. We also have a JUCO. Let them compete and pick the best. The problem is that we will probably lose 2 of the young QBS to the transfer portal when they lose out for the job.
  10. B & G, you do a great job tracking recruits. Why not start a new thread with the late signing period. I enjoy the accuracy that you bring to the Zips nation board.
  11. Lot 9 after the Kent game in 2023. If you are right, drinks and food are on me. If I am right, I take some Warsteiner and a steak off the grill.
  12. Big loss for the Zips that will come back to haunt us for several years. Through family members, I know that Arth was recruiting him hard. This is different than Kareem Hunt not getting a look by the Zips several years ago. Ian was holding out for the big time, but with the Zips signing a couple of QB;s, I understand why he went a different path. Also, he was invited to a couple of big time camps last spring and summer, and they got cancelled due to Covid. I am certain this reduced the visibility on him. Also, the 2020 HS schedule affected everything. But, he was the D1 player of the year as a junior and first team all state as a senior. Kent got a steal. When I am at the stadium in a couple of years watching Kent roll us because of Kipp, I will be really sad. But, I will have probably have tail gated with his family for a short period of time before the game.
  13. My key take away is that Michigan State has had 15 players enter the transfer portal in the last two months. This is the norm in today's world. The Zip fans should not get excited with the players that have entered the portal. This is the world today.
  14. I realize that I am crossing over a couple of posts. But, if you look at the scholarship chart, 56 of 76 scholarships are either freshman or sophomore (redshirt or saving last years of qualification due to covid rules). This does not include the potential transfers and late signees from this years class. My point is that the starters who earn playing time are going to develop over the next year. Others who are down on the depth chart will be entering the portal because of the lack of playing time. I see that Akron will have many people transferring over the next year or two. This will be much more than Boogie, who I think is a big loss. For example, look at the OL. We had 4 RS freshman start. In addition, Arth has recruited several very good players the last 2 years (Chambers, Georges, williams, Lyones, Malot). I would say that we are set on the OL. However, expect several of these players entering the portal in the next year or so because they want to have playing time. Players do not grow up in Ohio wanting to be a Zip, they may grow up wanting to be a Buckeye and they are willing to wait for PT. Not the case in Akron. As a fan base, we need to realize that there will be large exits from the Zips roster. Let's just ensure that key players stay and we will establish a winning record, starting in 2022. .
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