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    Glad I didn't stick around for this one and stopped watching when I did. Losing to 1-4, 0-1 Miami on the Homecoming game...after beating Northwestern...and being 2-1 going into conference play, when having two-weeks to prepare for this game...is absolutely unacceptable. It's beyond embarrassing. The Zips had no business losing to 1-4 Miami...let alone 41-17. I'm personally almost ready to call it quits on this season. Hopefully you guys can talk me off the ledge...I've been in a foul mood lately...and the Zips were supposed to be my diversion for the week.
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    Do we have a plan of attack? Or are we just kicking the ball?
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    From Crains: Akron tries to tackle the sports dilemma - Akron's athletic department budget of $33.1 million in 2017-18 - operating expenses budget of $11,174,159. The figure was a $1,230,159 above the original projection - total payroll budget of $10,181,747. The figure was $173,747 above the original projection - Football for the 2016-17 school year was at $7.25 million. The Zips' total, however, ranked eighth in the 12-team MAC and was about $940,000 below the conference average for the sport. - InfoCision Stadium has an annual debt service of $5 million. Football expenses The expenses for Mid-American Conference football teams in 2016-17, according to data submitted to the U.S. Department of Education: 1. Ohio $10,134,888 2. Toledo $10,046,711 3. Miami $9,346,412 4. Eastern Michigan $9,033,503 5. Western Michigan $8,667,334 6. Northern Illinois $8,035,152 7. Buffalo $7,796,405 8. Akron $7,253,770 9. Central Michigan $7,233,254 10. Ball State $7,044,512 11. Kent State $6,861,750 12. Bowling Green $6,537,321 Total: $97,991,012; average: $8,165,918 Number of sports programs Akron: 19, once baseball and women's lacrosse start play in 2019-20; MAC average: 16.3 Men's teams Akron: 8 (including baseball); MAC average: 6.7 Women's teams Akron: 11 (including lacrosse); MAC average: 9.6 Note: Akron's totals include a pair of rifle (which have a combined 18 athletes in 2018-19) and golf programs (14 athletes). Akron's in- and out-of-state athletes Men's sports: 129 in-state, 123 out-of-state; in-state percentage: 51.2 Women's sports: 98 in-state, 86 out-of-state; in-state percentage: 53.3 All programs: 227 in-state, 209 out-of-state; in-state percentage: 52.1
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    Embarrassing damn loss. Darn sick and tired of the one forward two steps back of this expensive program.
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    Season starts ONE MONTH FROM TODAY!!!
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    Our worries are over. We don't have to worry about going to a bowl game. We don't have to worry about driving to Detroit for a MAC Championship game. We don't have to worry about parking in lot 1 the rest of the season, because there won't be many filled spaces. We don't have to worry about Kato vs. Ramart, because the coaches must see something I didn't so far in KN. Don't have to worry about people bad-talking the Zips, because no one will come back to see this s*@show. I had my binocs stuck in my eyes most of the game, so help me out. We're the receivers covered that well that Kato had to tuck it in and run so often? Oh, forgot, we don't have to worry about seeing our team improve from making stupid extensive number of penalties. Women's basketball just started, so men's will be around the corner and we can forget about how bad today really was. Balsy was right to tune out early, wish I could have....
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    Too many long passes tonight for the zips... picture quality is good...but these announcers are awful... You would think that BG has won 3 straight national titles...with the way that these players are being described by the announcers Zips need to start playing possession soccer and stop standing around
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    So we lost out on over a million dollars from Nebraska. We lost against one of the worst MAC teams and now have four away games in a row. I'm looking for the upside.
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    I've seen this plotline so, so, so many times. Nice crowd... Great weather... Zips lay an egg 😐
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    We had 2 weeks to prepare for Miami...🧐🤔
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