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    On Thursday December 20th, new Zips Head Football Coach Tom Arth was kind enough to allow me a 30 minute interview. While I would have loved to garnered details such as recruit names and a detailed list of staff candidates, unfortunately neither was possible. Trust me, I tried. Until things are official, and contracts are signed, we all simply need to put the puzzle pieces together ourselves from Twitter and other similar sources. That said, I though he provided some great insight into his personal life, his football mindset and the DNA that will make up Akron Zips Football in the Arth Era. I hope you enjoy it. Note to Dr. Z: Regarding photography at scrimmages - Coach Arth was quoted as saying “Still photography is great.” Unlike the Bowden scrimmages, where only the initial 15 minutes of warm ups were open to photography, you should now be able to take plenty of action shots. Hope Santa got you a sweet new sports lens for Christmas this year! Coach Arth Q & A
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    Welcome to being a season ticket holder and thanks for sharing that. That speaks greatly about the support that Jared garners for our program. It was Jared along with Caleb, and the beautiful style of play in 2009, that got me hooked on our team and this sport. Until then, I was a very casual fan who knew little about the game and never really appreciated it. Now, I can't get enough of it. I have a lot to learn, but Jared and company got me interested enough to buy some books to try to learn more. I can get a little over-exuberant at times, but thank goodness people understand or keep me in check. Edit: I bought a season ticket in 2009, the first year season tickets were offered, to get a scarf. I came to one game, and got hooked. I still think our 2009 team was the best in NCAA history. 23-1-1 by NCAA rules. Never gave up a goal in 5 games in the NCAA Tourney but didn't come home with the top prize. Shows how much luck and circumstances contribute to this game of football.
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    Jared took the Zips to 3 College Cups in the last 4 years. He was an assistant 6 of Caleb's 7-year tenure and was instrumental in the back-to-back College Cups in 2009 and 2010, including our National Championship. There is no one who has had a bigger impact on taking our program to its highest levels. Indeed, UA's financial stresses and future impact on support to our Men's Soccer Program may have taken their toll. I hope this news is not a done deal and that UA can do the right thing for it to go our way. Jared and his staff, players, etc. are family. I wanted Jared as Caleb's replacement from the day Caleb announced he was going to the Timbers. And I hope that Jared will retire as our Zips Men's Soccer Head Coach.
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    I purchased my first-ever soccer season ticket just yesterday
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    On BigSoccer yesterday, they reported that Coach Embick had turned down the job. obviously, I hope that today's news tweeted above is not true. Coach Embick is the only Akron soccer coach ever that has led his team to the College Cup 3 times. Coach Embick is a tireless recruiter and he works hard to help players improve. We have been very fortunate to have Coach Embick as the leader of the Akron soccer program for the past 6 years. He was the great recruiter during the Caleb Porter years. All of us worried when Caleb Porter left. Coach Embick's great soccer mind and his ability to get the best out of young men...has been the key factor in Akron being a great program for the past 12 years. The financial difficulties of the University of Akron and not having a permanent university president....might finally be hurting the soccer program. if this is the end of the great Embick era, I want to say thank you very much...and wish Coach Embick the best. Honorable, hard working man. Great coach.
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    Aaaaah, the age old character vs. talent conundrum. That's now referred to as a "Gordon."
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    If this is correct, Arth is basically bringing his entire staff with him from UTC. For a lot of them this is their first time in FBS. They should be hungry to prove themselves, but I was hoping to get at least one coordinator with some big time experience at this level. Brian Cochran coached at Kent last season.
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    Great news! I’m happy to share images with ZipsNation when given the opportunity! I think this summer fans will be hungry for info. I’ll be there! PS Being out of the country and state working for the last month makes me realize how valuable this site is to fans that aren’t able to attend or watch games. Thank you ZipsNation members! Great job on the interview CK, looking forward to meeting coach Arth when I return. 😎🏖🌞 Go Zips!!!
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    Nice job Captain. Well done! I really liked this quote- "At the end of the day, where a player comes from, how he gets here is less important to me than the type of person he is and what he can contribute to our program. Both on and off the field. Is he the right fit for The University of Akron? Is he the right fit for the culture of the program that I’m looking to build here? Those are the decisions we have to make.”
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    And we still won the Wagon Wheel! 🏈.
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    Zeke not only got his degree, he has actually done some freelance tech support even while pursuing his basketball career. Might be my favorite student athlete ever to come through Akron. Great guy and very smart. He prepared himself well for whatever follows, he will be just fine. I know your schtick is to try be the board smartass but you're way off base on this one.
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    https://www.topdrawersoccer.com/college-soccer-articles/2018-mens-division-i-postseason-awards_aid45636 Congratulations to Carlo... Well deserved 3rd team All American for Abdi and David 2nd team all freshman for colin Go, Zips !!!
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