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    First time those words have ever been spoken.
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    I first noticed that Leo was gone at the MAC Tourney last year when another fan noted during the Zips v WVU match that he was not there. During the NCAA Tourney match v Stanford, which I watched at the JAR, this same fan mentioned running into Leo somewhere on Exchange St. Also, Leo was not listed in the College Cup Program among the Zips staff. Apparently, the Zips runs through the 2018 MAC and NCAA Tourneys were done without Leo.
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    My ideal schedule would be a tournament similar to what we had this year with a ranked opponent or two, a money game at WVU, OSU or Pitt.. and home and homes with a selection of teams in similar boats as us: Illinois State, Western Kentucky, Fort Wayne, MTSU, Marshall, Murray State, Valpo, Oakland, Vermont, Belmont.. There are enough schools that we could find 4 or 5 to put on our schedule each year.
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    Have to give it to Akron this year. They put up a better fight than I anticipated against Clemson and Nevada. I didn't know they had it in them to go from worst defense in the MAC to best defense in 1 season. Now if only we had an offense
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    Even without "challenge" with another conference, I'd love to see more games against similarly situated regional teams. I'd much rather see games against like Marshall and IUPFW than teams like UT-Martin, Tennessee State, Alabama State, etc. From a fan perspective they are more entertaining. From a team perspective, I think it prepares the team better for league play.
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    Seriously, you don't think Liberty is able to recruit African-American athletes? Check out their rosters. You may be letting your anti-Liberty sentiments get a little out of hand. http://www.liberty.edu/flames/index.cfm?PID=36959&teamID=6 http://www.liberty.edu/flames/index.cfm?PID=36959&teamID=9 http://www.liberty.edu/flames/index.cfm?PID=36959&teamID=7&CFID=618874407&CFTOKEN=45823418
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    One of my fondest Rubber Bowl memories was when YSU played us, and as usual, they outplayed the Faustians...and after a score by the Penguins a lone YSU student was running around the bottom of the bowl with a Y flag, and “jolting Joe” Dunn punched the kid as he ran past!!! Got suspended I think....🤪🤛🏻🥊🥊🥊
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    Colts Prospect Interviews: Akron Cornerback Kyron Brown - Akron Cornerback Kyron Brown could be a perfect fit in the later rounds for the Colts.
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    I for one am shocked that balsy is complaining about something. The content on ESPN+ is well worth $5 a month to me, so whatev.
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    SoCon is having a historic year. Even with that they currently rank 12th in average net rankings while the MAC is 8th. The only notable OOC win that conference has was Furman beating Villanova. The top 3-4 teams in the SoCon have propped their numbers up against the other 6 members of the conference who all frankly suck. Currently 4 SoCon teams (10 team conference) have a NET ranking of 240+. For comparison the MAC only has 1 team with a NET of 200+.