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  1. Matt Kaulig Racing in their first attempt to make a Cup Series race, was fast enough to get locked into the Daytona 500. They will be racing in the 1st Dual race tonight that sets the line up for the 500 on Sunday. They will also field 3 cars in the Xfinity Series on Saturday. The same drivers that went 1-2-3 at the last Daytona race.
  2. I want to throw out there 2 other moments that haven't been mentioned. The Andre Jones walk-off return for a TD in 2007 against Western Mich. That was on every news network and ESPN top 10 plays for over a week. The other one is the Daron Alcorn 58 yrd field goal to Beat Toledo in the home opener at the Rubber Bowl in 1992. The Zips would go on to a 7-3-1 record that year. Daron Alcorn would then go on to be Mr. Irrelevant in the 1993 NFL Draft
  3. After looking it up ...I forgot a good one that also did it twice. Mike Johnson. Guys that have done it once in a season also include Jeff Sweitzer ; Carlton Jackson ; Matt Rodgers ; Clayton Moore ; Tommy Woodson.
  4. I could name 2 QB's that have done that twice. Marcel Weems and Charlie Frye. ( I though Butchie Washington ran for 100 in a season but it was only 99) Marcel Charlie
  5. They issued a statement and said both cars will be on track. This was for their 2nd car that they have run part time this year. The actually just announced they are fielding 2 full time cars next year with Ross Chastian. Ross is one of the hottest up and coming drivers. This is a pretty big get for Kaulig Racing. Ross has all the talent in the world and is supper aggressive. He is the kind of guy you love when he is on your team or hate him if he is not.
  6. Can'ts long snapper Palumbo Sounds like a good kid but here's to kicking issues on Saturday 🍻
  7. The defense will score a td in this game but my Fearless Forecast will be that Kant ends up losing due to 2 missed kicks during the game.
  8. This was so irritating last year. I was hoping they would change the route so it didn't mess with the faithfuls in lot 9. I'm thankful for the heads up though, since last year I showed up and was told i wasn't allowed in along with the line of trucks behind me who were not aware either. The university just doesn't know how to plan events around their sporting events. They totally botched the fan application tailgate on the home opener.
  9. Matt Kaulig Racing just got it's first win tonight at Daytona. Not only that he took 3 cars down and finished 1-2-3 in one of the craziest races.
  10. https://gozips.com/news/2019/2/5/follow-football-signing-day-here.aspx make sure to scroll all the way down
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