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  1. Matt Kaulig Racing just got it's first win tonight at Daytona. Not only that he took 3 cars down and finished 1-2-3 in one of the craziest races.
  2. https://gozips.com/news/2019/2/5/follow-football-signing-day-here.aspx make sure to scroll all the way down
  3. Should we read anything into the hoodie in this pic? Warren McCarty twitter
  4. They had 35 seniors on their roster this year
  5. why did we wait a week? It makes it feel like we had to settle for Arth.
  6. I see he woke up from his nap to write an article on things reported 2 weeks ago.
  7. Now that App St has announced their hire, are we the last div 1 to hire a coach?
  8. At the begging of the week with the lack of reports and Mont playing tonight, I was certain it was going to end up being Kehres. With all the names coming from left field the last couple of days I'm not certain of anything other than the clock is ticking. Larry is going to need to put some serious hours interviewing because we can't go deep into next week and not have a staff in place for the early signing day.
  9. I think your being generous with the 1
  10. I'm surprised at how quiet this search has been. I combed through some Mississippi fan sites today to see if they have said anything about Getsy's name being brought up in our coaching search .... I'm not sure they know he is. lol One surprising note though is they did have a topic on Buffalo talking about their football and basketball seasons. Seemed kinda random.
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