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  1. I read the universities will be losing a ton of $ from the NCAA because of March Madness cancellation. EMU anticipating that loss of revenue
  2. I think they were modeling the Zips performance on the 2013 team.
  3. I would advise not watching it. They had Freeman playing and Zips down by 21.
  4. El Amin leaving Ball State I don't think any of the 2019 Bulls have even landed on an NBA team
  5. Notice Chris Jans on there? Guy fired by BGSU. Wow...what a fateful turn of events for the Falcons.
  6. I know Groce can hold our team together through all of this. Why so important to find that cohesive group of players who really are One Team/One Fight.
  7. I give Graves credit for sticking with Buffalo after Soybeans left.
  8. I guess this would be considered 'looking forward" Good laugh for everyone!
  9. Probably a hard NO from Groce and Co on this kid. Mr. Basketballs enjoy being the #1 on the team.
  10. you guys are hilarious. Thank you for making me laugh today. "rebounding his own misses." "good luck against Reese and Currie" and "hope he gets to participate in a CBI one day." "must have been slim pickings" Good comparison to Torrey Patton.
  11. Speaking of injuries or "almost" injuries, I remember early in the season X went down hard on the floor with a loud thud. It sounded and looked like he hit his head. The JAR went silent. Never heard it so quiet, and the rest of the season was flashing before my eyes. Then X got up with a big smile.
  12. I remember that game. Miami at home near the end of the season. I also remember Noah's reaction and his chewing out the legally blind trainer. That being said he had to be in a lot of pain and really scared at that moment. I also remember Jayden taking that fall in the BG game. Goodness how lucky the Zips were this year. Only a slightly sprained ankle for Cam Reese during the NIU game. Otherwise, those Zips knew how to take a fall. Ironically, it was the NIU crazy basketball court that injured Reece.
  13. Unfinished business next year that's for sure.
  14. Who on Zipsnation is in charge of monitoring the Transfer Portal
  15. I posted on the other thread, I wonder how comfortable one of the seniors would feel coming back and disrupting the recruiting process for new guys. They ended on such a high note. And there's nothing to say they could rekindle the magic.
  16. reading some of the posts on Instagram, definitely looks like X is ready to move on. I think it would be very hard for any senior to feel good about staying another year and impacting a new guy coming on the team
  17. That's so cool, thank you for sharing that!!!! Yeah, I'm crying. "Five players on the floor...no more important than the other." Norman Dale. And...Michael Reghi "Spottsville missed them both!"
  18. Maybe not most exciting entire game but probably most exciting and improbable final minute.
  19. Sayles set the screen of a lifetime at the end of the Eastern Michigan game. He's a popular teammate
  20. I wonder if a few...maybe Ali or Sayles...will transfer. There's also the Edwards kid. I read that all these guys and gals getting another year could enter the transfer portal. I would hope that there would be a restriction that you have to stay with the same school. I'm sure the university could raise more $ for scholarships from donors. I think this ban on recruiting until 4/15 is giving the NCAA a chance to figure out what they are going to do...have a tournament (good for Zips) or give seniors another year (also good for Zips). German, for all his lack of prose, did make a good point...the NCAA screwed over the athletes. Giving the seniors on the NIU gymnastics team another year of eligibility doesn't stem the damage done to the basketball players. Does the NCAA chalk this up to ... life isn't always fair? or make amends?
  21. https://sports.yahoo.com/ncaa-tournaments-championships-college-athletes-seniors-eligibility-year-petition-092848893.html
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