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  1. I know there is a shortage of things out there, so not to complain, but a little disappointed I still can't really buy anything with the new logo on it yet.
  2. I think it's easy for people to look at the recent history of the Zips and assume it'll be another joke of a season. That's the easy thing to do. I of course don't think we'll be a top 25 team at the end of this season, but I do feel Akron has the potential to do really well and surprise many people out there. JoeMo has just begun, but he's already light years ahead of what Arth could ever accomplish.
  3. I was really pumped for the two-toned court. Bummer 😑
  4. I wonder if the top of the scoreboard is next before the season starts?
  5. I received two separate emails this morning. One with the tickets for the games to download, and the other email was the set of parking passes for each game to download.
  6. Received my tickets this morning. Yessss football is upon us!!
  7. Any of these camps open to the public?
  8. Maybe I'm asking a lot, but I really hope people take advantage of that. It doesn't interfere with the Buckeyes game that many will mindlessly watch on Saturday, and its live football for free! I dream of that stadium being packed and a great atmosphere. A free ticket to the home opener in a new era is hopefully a good start to get some @$$es in the seats
  9. I watched it as well and appreciate the notes from you, too! I really like him, and man oh man would I love to talk to him about his days at Miami. He was on those stellar '01 and '02 teams. I'd also love to ask him if that was indeed "pass interference" too LOL.
  10. I was wondering if that was going to be changed actually
  11. B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!
  12. Fellas, please keep posting this stuff! I don't have social media, so this stuff is appreciated!
  13. Also, are any of these going to be open to the public?
  14. Yes!! Season is upon us!!
  15. If Akron was to leave the MAC, what conference would suit them well and be considered a "step up" or "conference upgrade"? I'm curious. I've thought about this too, wanting to see what other minds are thinking! Maybe the day won't ever come, but maybe it will!
  16. Yeah, that court is beautiful! Simple can be amazing if done right, like in that pic!
  17. I'm interested to see how this plays out. I assume it's Irons job to lose of course (and I like Irons!), but Undercuffler is intriguing.
  18. SAME!!!! New tailgate items are ready for use!! 😁
  19. I love college football. And I love the Akron Zips. But I hate the direction college football has taken, and is continuing to take, personally.
  20. Yet an Ohio State player sneezes and they get front page stories up here. Frustrating to say the least.
  21. Akron Zips website (and YouTube channel) posted the two same videos. The interview with JoeMo is not very in depth. I hope they post (or somewhere else posts) a more in depth interview, especially the one he did on ESPN+.
  22. Ooohh I've been looking for a gray Zips shirt. May need to get this one. Was hoping to buy one with the new logo, but not sure if I can wait. Sorry I don't have anything to offer on logo year. In fact, part of me was thinking if it was ever an official logo, or just a fan created logo for a retro look?
  23. Well, I missed Akron's portion lol. I assume the Zips or MAC YouTube channel(s) will post the interviews and such.
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