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  1. I'm with everyone who is a little sad about only 5 home games. Ideally, I think it should always be 6 home and 6 away. I'll get over it, but it looks like there may only be 3 Saturday home games. If one is on a Thursday, then one would surely be on a Tuesday as typical, yes? And there's a lot of talk on here about road trips. True, but maybe I'd rather just see them at home for a 6th game then travel to another state to see them live. Just my personal opinion. NOTE: Now, if they were playing at UNLV, I'd be there!! ๐Ÿ˜
  2. True, good points! I just got new tailgate stuff too, so I'm going to do it right for the season opener, dammit!! ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Thursday night season and home opener. Hmm...wish it was a Saturday, but I'll deal with it lol. Should be a WIN! EDIT: Also, only 5 home games?
  4. I'm honestly not that afraid of our chances against Tennessee, to be honest. Not saying we'll win, but I think it'll be competitive hopefully. They don't exactly run the SEC these days.
  5. Wow...this season can't come soon enough!! Love this thread, it's like Christmas!
  6. With that said, next Wednesday (National Signing Day) is going to be fun!!!
  7. Hopefully some of the southern kids love the sight of a lot of snow! ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, if anyone knows, what kind of stuff would they be doing for/with these kids in a recruiting weekend?
  8. Our current colors are awesome!!! Touch our logo, but don't touch the colors imo!
  9. The roo itself has to be incorporated somewhere. It's a great mascot! lol
  10. I never realized how bad the Script Akron was until basketball season. When someone is up for a foul shot on TV, the camera shows the player wearing a script Akron on the jersey, their stat line below has the script Akron, then below that on the left is the script Akron logo, then immediately to the right it says "AKRON" next to the score. Holy overload of script Akron!! We have such a unique mascot, why that isn't displayed much at all is beyond me. I'm beating a dead horse, and it looks like change is upon us, but I wanted to mention this as it dawned on me watching basketball games.
  11. First of all Captain Kangaroo, great posts from you!! I share the same excitement! Dr Z, I quoted your post. I'm curious to hear what you feel it would take, besides winning, to fill the stadium? And I apologize if this comes off as me challenging you. No, I'm just curious to hear what other things it may take as I sometimes have too much of my eyes set on winning changing all things which I realize isn't the full story ๐Ÿ˜
  12. Great read, thank you for posting!! One thing that excites me is I feel confident Joe is here for the long haul and not leave after a first winning season. Family being close seems really important to him so I could see him being really content with staying in Akron and building success here and not really giving into the temptation of a big school coming after him, especially if it is further away from home. That is very good news for us Zips fans!
  13. I find that acceptable for sealing a recruit. For anything else though....please no.
  14. Love seeing all the updates. Each commit feels like Christmas morning! I'm already convinced we have a much better team already than we did the past 3 seasons. I know it's on paper, and maybe it's optimism that is blinding me, but still though. I'm stoked!!
  15. Everyone trying to catch that Sean McVay magic the Rams did!
  16. Update: He's off to Southern Miss it appears
  17. Guthrie is so on top of things! And awesome, a spring game is scheduled!!
  18. Good deal! Offered Tuesday and committed today. Had interest and offer from EKU, but no others. Go Zips!
  19. Love all the action in this thread. Thanks for the updates fellas!!
  20. I thought on that too. He gets an offer on the 3rd from Akron and commits today, after having other school offers for a while. Awesome! I wonder what sealed the deal for him? Sooo excited for this Moorhead era!!
  21. Onward and upward for Coach Joe as he settles into Akron! I'm so excited for this coming season!!
  22. Man oh man are these commits getting me EXCITED!
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