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  1. I don't see a single offer for him, which is shocking. I don't know every athlete on the team but following up on the Coby Booker success, I would keep an eye on the Barberton roster.
  2. Game 1—@Penn State Nittany Lions

    To me, this stuck out like a sore thumb as one of my biggest takeaways from the game on TV. This team needs some upper classmen leadership and he showed very little -- other than playing at less than 100%.
  3. Game 3—Iowa State Cyclones

    To totally understand the Akron tradition, see if your group can rent out the Rubber Bowl for your large tailgating get-together. I hear it is only a short bus ride from campus.
  4. Schedule Released

    I get the big picture and I don't disagree with what you are saying. It seems to me the MAC business model is to have any interested fans watching from bars across the street from the stadium while the teams play to nearly empty stands. I hope the TV revenue pays for Infocision. Also, weeknights flat out suck for tailgating.
  5. Schedule Released

    Which is exactly why I won't be renewing season tickets this year. Move games back to Saturdays and I'll be there. Keep them at 4 hours on a weeknight and my run of being a season ticket holder is over.
  6. If you were the Athletic Director...

    Lost track of a friend one night in the Townhouse. Walked out to the parking lot and found him doing snow angels.
  7. Jerome Lane

    This mock has him going round 5 to the Chargers. http://www.drafttek.com/2017-NFL-Mock-Draft-Round5.asp
  8. 2018 Recruiting

    His game speed looks much faster than the listed 4.7 in the 40.
  9. Game 5—@Kent State Golden Flashes

    I guess technically this could have gone with the App State thread but thought it might have a better chance of being seen here. Are we missing starters from the beginning of the year in the defensive backfield? I was not familiar with #20 and #26 on Saturday. The missed assignment on the touchdown to the tight end and the wide open WR on the other TD is why I ask.
  10. Over/Under: 8.5 wins this season

    I'm just pleased that the number is 8.5 instead of 2.5.
  11. http://www.mlive.com/wolverines/index.ssf/2016/06/ex-michigan_ot_logan_tuley-til.html
  12. Hardest Hitting Zip of All-Time

    +1 Prototypical tackler. He ran through, not at people.
  13. Kicker from LA commits to UA.

    Wow. Based on that video we may have locked up the punting and kicking game for the next four years.
  14. Spring Game—Saturday, April 16th

    I'm with you on that one. If the fade route in the real season represents the same proportion of plays as it did Saturday................. It's not typically a high percentage play.
  15. Game 2—Pittsburgh Panthers

    I'll add a couple more. Ticket scanners at the gate not working. TV's near the concession stands underneath all dark. No radio underneath the stands broadcasting Frenchie. Mr. Williams, are you listening?