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  1. I am just going with the guys who make the most sense in Groce's system. Guys who can get up and down the floor in transition, finish at the basket, make the open 3 off the pass from LCJ and most importantly DEFEND!
  2. My predictions; 1st 5 1. Jackson 2. Dailey 3. Ali 4. Marshall 5. Freeman Next 5 1.Reece 2. Tribble 3. Dawson 4. Trimble 5. Currie 😯
  3. We have some scheduled. Whether we can play them is the question. Just going to have to be patient and see what happens.
  4. Anybody remember these fearless predictors prognications from last year? As long as we have #1 running the team I like our chances. I think Zips fans will enjoy some surprises this season.
  5. PCCC football revenge tour continues this week. It pains me to admit they have leapfrogged us to such an extent.
  6. That pretty much sums up the situation with Pear. Great guy.
  7. LePear Toles will not be playing this season. He was medically disqualified prior to last season.
  8. Hilltopper


    Total lockdown on the horizon. He'll show them who's the boss.
  9. Still the GOAT! https://nesn.com/2020/10/is-tom-brady-exposing-bill-belichick-skip-bayless-explains/
  10. The university has control of who the announcers are for the broadcasts.
  11. 429 total Covid related deaths of people under the age of 25 years. 43 million citizens under the age of 25 in US.
  12. Don't you have an aspirations of your own? There is way more to this story than his wife being Japanese.
  13. The union gambled and lost. Say goodbye to $12,000 severance payments and free tuition for the kids. https://www.beaconjournal.com/story/news/2020/09/18/university-akron-faculty-lose-arbitration-case-67-still-laid-off-union-aaup/5824384002/
  14. There are people on that committee who love the football program.
  15. I count 4 of them. Several others that work for the university that I personally know are strong supporters of athletics. Overall not what I would call an angry mob looking to abolish sports.
  16. Damn you Dr Z. Now you have ruined it for my future grandchildren. How can they possibly survive without Disney and ESPN!
  17. I know this thread is very entertaining for some of our more mature members of Zipsnation. With that said, our friends 16 year old son has already won over $250k playing Fortnite. That is in addition to the $3k salary per month that he is making playing the game.😳
  18. A big part of the problem in the athletics budget is due to accounting methods. In athletics every single cost can be nailed down and charged to that department. That goes all the way down to the people who clean the bathrooms at the JAR and those who mow the grass at Lee Jackson field. Compare that to the English department. If a new building is constructed to house the department do you think the cost of that building is considered a cost of the English program? How about the janitors or grounds keepers? Pretty sure Athletics doesn't get a credit for all the tuition paid from walkons or players from non-scholarship sports.
  19. Twitter lynch mob is going after another innocent person.
  20. He was already on the way out. Sold his house and moving to Michigan. His wife go a new position there.
  21. I certainly hope you didn't graduate with a degree in business or economics.
  22. After reading the allegations, the booster would seem to make a fine presidential candidate for either party.
  23. He's been around the program since Jimmond was a freshman. Nice kid.
  24. I was picturing Godzilla vs Mothra.
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