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  1. Interesting fact. The first time brothers are head coaches in the same conference. https://miamiredhawks.com/staff-directory/travis-steele/513 Steele, the brother of current University of Akron head coach John Groce, was born Nov. 12, 1981 in Danville, Indiana. He and his wife Amanda reside in Cincinnati with their sons, Winston and Anderson.
  2. Here's what I learned Groce says we have 2 more players that will be committing in the next 2 weeks. Once they clear the compliance process announcements will be made. That will bring us to 13 players on scholarship. 4 more football players will be added through the transfer portal in the next few weeks. JoMo is very optimistic about seeing real improvement this season but is realistic about how far the program needs to grow to be a consistent force in the MAC. He totally understands how important it is to beat Kent! Every practice ends with a drill focused on making that happen. Embick says we should see improved scoring this season but we have a young backfield that will need to improve. The rifle team signed 2 freshmen that placed in the top 10 at the junior Olympics recently. Womens golf had their best ever MAC finish this season taking 3rd overall. Track and Field is getting ready for the regionals next week. They feel confident the Zips will be represented at the NCAA meet in Oregon.
  3. I'll be there along with another Zn.o member.
  4. A side note from that ABJ article. Marion Rossi and John Cistone both went on to have long careers as local High school football coaches. Rossi at Garfield as Babe Flossie's right hand man and Cistone at StVSm as a head coach. Both are inducted into the Summit county sports Hall of Fame. "McMullen couldn’t decide whether to start Marion Rossi or Johnny Cistone at quarterback. Two days before the game, he was still unsure."
  5. I didn't design anything. I was just part of the focus groups that gave feedback to the real designers. The same group that gave us the Z and Fear the Roo.
  6. I like your edits but concensus was to not try and be gimmicky.
  7. I was a part of this process. The driving factors in the design were as follows. 1. Consolidation of the 8 different logos that are currently in use. 2. Coming up with a clean simple logo that would tie in with the word Akron. 3. Creating a Font that was unique and could be trademarked. (It has been) Even the font in the word Akron was trademarked. Expect to continue to see the use of several of the old logos in various situations to add effect. The word Zips with the stylized Z on home uniforms and Akron on away uniforms. But the main emphasis will be the A and the word Akron.
  8. Yes it is really happening. Stay tuned.
  9. And so it starts. Players threatening to leave if the don't get the same deal. https://theathletic.com/news/miami-isaiah-wong-nil-deal/VfKukhEhOjar/?source=fbnews
  10. Not surprising considering all the shady hires he made during his tenure. Also the new baskeball coach might find it more difficult keeping his players academically eligible depending on who they hire to replace him. https://www.cleveland.com/news/2021/03/disgraced-ex-cuyahoga-county-official-promoted-to-head-of-csus-human-resources-department.html
  11. Hankerson is a good defender. He is also coachable and should fit in with Groce's system. Those are Groce's priorities.
  12. Now we just need a lockdown defender wing/guard. Hmmm
  13. Patience grasshopper. There is a stretch 4 in our future.
  14. Bo Boroski officiating in the Final 4. Who knew!💪
  15. The parts that are left remain to keep the hillside from collapsing and taking the road with it.
  16. Women's soccer coach is next.
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