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  1. Reece doesn't give us a guaranteed win against a team that shoots 50%+ from both beyond the arc and the field. He definitely would have helped spell Riak, and given us some much needed physicality inside. This is a must win bounce back game. Suffocate them with defense, make your shots, and all will be well.
  2. The overreaction by some is asinine. No matter how bad our defense was compared to our standards, Toledo still had to make the shots and they did from everywhere on the floor at an above-50% clip. Not many teams, even P5 teams, can overcome that type of scoring, and we fought pretty damn hard the entire game. Anybody that has a basic understanding of basketball could see Toledo played out of their minds today. We got their best game (ever - in school history), took the L, and now we move on. There are some good takeaways from this game from the X's and I'm standpoint, but the biggest takeaway is this: we're at the top of the MAC; we're going to be getting everyone's best effort, and sometimes their best effort might be good enough to beat us. Onto Brick Building, OH.
  3. This is a game for the record books. These numbers are unreal.
  4. Gotta get #3 Jackson another foul. Don't like our shots recently. 31 pts. for M. Jackson.
  5. Refs have zero control of this game. Goaltending not called then LCJ took an elbow from Knapke.
  6. Somebody did some coaching at the half... Wow.
  7. We aren't even playing THAT bad. The University of Elon Musks are shooting 60%(!!!!!!!!!!!) from 3. Unreal. Our defense is struggling though.
  8. That game was amazing. To top it off, that was also the night of the Syracuse/UCONN 1587204728347247 OT thriller (6 to be exact, IIRC). Came home from one thriller and watched another into the wee hours of the morning. I believe that was the most games we ever had to win for one of our MAC Titles. Pretty ironic that Brett McKnight saved the first ball to Humpty Hitchens for the 3, then Humpty inbounded it to McKnight for the game-winner; not sure I ever noticed that.
  9. The issue is how healthy Reece's ankle will be. Our secret weapon to neutralizing a guy like Knapke is the ability to dribble drive. Get that dude in foul trouble, and do it early. LCJ, Cheese, Banks, X, Tribble - drive right at him (controlled, obviously).
  10. Did you give your login information to the drunk Ball State guy?
  11. We would've hurt their chances at the precious 20-win mark. Our brand of basketball is night-and-day compared to what the Dukes are putting out there. I would love to see us play Duquesne - anywhere - but I highly doubt it will happen, at least not until KD is confident Duquesne could win; even then I'm not sure he'd be willing to risk the "upset". I watched the latter part of regulation and all of the overtime session. I saw the same stuff that plateaued Akron's program - little ball movement, inside-out basketball, etc. TDM made his first and only 3 of the game in OT. We wouldn't have had 2 years of suffering, but the ceiling is much higher under Groce, his type of recruits, and his style of play than it would have been had KD not departed. Side note: I was reading Duquesne's board, and it sounds like Maceo Austin's sister may have passed away recently, which could have led to a flatter performance/closer game.
  12. This is so nostalgic to look at. All the years of going to this website to watch us climb from a preseason ~100 team, to cracking the top 100, to landing somewhere in the 60-70 range with maybe a quick peak in the top 40 or 50.
  13. A bit early into the 7 year, $7M KD contract to be talking about him coming back, no? Besides, if this is anywhere near true, by the time KD is ready to come back Groce will have already taken us deep into the tourney. 😉
  14. Here is the link to order the tickets online. Promo Code: EMMASTRONG Thank you for including this @clarkwgriswold.
  15. Is this Saturday the Emma Pfouts fundraiser? If it is, I hope it's a strong turnout. Also, LCJ post-game just said he ends every night with 500 makes. WOW.
  16. Never trailed. Great game. I'm glad NIU fought back, forcing us to face some adversity and respond. Hopefully Cheese's & Reece's injuries aren't serious. I thought this was one of Riak's best games in a Zips uniform, and Sayles' second best game this season (he was key against Balls). Not much more needs to be said about LCJ and Cheese other than what has already been said. Tribble provided great backcourt depth. Alone atop the MAC. 1-0 today. Go 1-0 on Saturday. Keep it going boys!
  17. Cheese has been fantastic during this little run. Great coaching by Groce to regain the team's attention and focus.
  18. Solid post move by Reece to draw the foul and have the opportunity for an And-One. I love this team.
  19. Marketing idea for NIU: if ESPN is going to send this broadcast crew to DeKalb, they should have a fan-commentator night where 2 different people are picked each half to commentate for the stream. This is cringe-worthy commentary at best. I'd like to see us get to the basket a bit more early on here, although my goodness are we hot from deep.
  21. Facing the right way, their center court looks like an owl. From this angle, it looks like an older gentleman with one hell of a stache.
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