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  1. Matt Kaulig is a phenomenal ambassador for the program.
  2. Nice... That has to be the most impressive offer list we've had from a commit in a while.
  3. I would like to think this will help our movement on offense with more spacing.
  4. Maybe the team would be more focused if they didn't have the distractions of say Boca Raton. Really enjoyed watching us embarrass ourselves against FAU from the comforts of my home in cold & snowy Ohio. Glad it was warm down there, though. Any chance a MAC school can get against a P5 school, especially at a neutral or home site, is a good thing. I like it.
  5. I thought the tiebreaker was to spell each finalist's name? Erin Howard was the gimme. Contestant: "Erin Howard - was that the superstar football player, Mr. Ohio, that went to Akron at one point?" Moderator: "No, what was Erick Howard. Please continue with the name." Irony is discussing the spelling bee in a thread about Emmanuel Olojakpoke.
  6. Awesome season opener (at least an opener for WVU; Akron TBD). Road trip!
  7. For a University that is struggling mightily financially, not sure paying FCS schools is the wisest use of the money. Also, I made some changes to your post for the ideal scheduling in my eyes. No - that's extreme. What's wrong with 1-2 P5/Pay Days (Illinois is winnable AND a pay day) and 1-2 G5 schools? Yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy...
  8. Agreed but man is our back court tall.
  9. This could prove to be a significant get, and a turning point for the program. Up to this point, we haven't necessarily beaten out other solid schools for 4-year recruits. Everyone knows we need a shooter/scorer, and this guy looks to be just that. I'm expecting some pretty immediate impact from him this year. Side note: how huge is it to have Fulford on the staff for recruiting purposes?
  10. While the non-conference schedules may be complete, my puking isn't finished after looking at these names...
  11. We had never beaten a Big Ten program prior to last season. I think we have Big Ten wins in back to back seasons.
  12. Easy choice for him. Looks like his wardrobe won't change much, minus the letters. Imagine being used to wearing blue & gold, committing to Can't thinking their colors are blue & gold, then you're handed pee-yellow attire.
  13. Why? A couple of those players pictured are about to make a phenomenal amount of money because they developed at Akron, Akron's way. There's a head coach in the NFL whose taglines include "Progress" and "Battle". Hint: his name rhymes with Fat Smurmur. Nothing will be worse than those words, at either level.
  14. I think this a very smart move. The program has been at best, stagnant, and at worst, in decline. Holding back a few scholarships after what is hopefully an exciting season will only benefit the program more.
  15. http://www.verbalcommits.com/players/marcus-johnson-oh How is Akron's architecture program?
  16. Hold my beer... Wait, looks like Clark's holding your beer.
  17. Tribble is a high percentage shooter - he made 100% of his shots in those videos! There's your Cooper. Difference maker at guard. Love how many high percentage shots he takes, whether it be a mid range jumper or layup/dunk. I think this is a big get, considering college basketball - especially in March - is guard-dominated.
  18. Normally I would partially laugh at the idea of the Zips participating in celebrating Day 3 of the Draft, but with John Dorsey as GM of the Browns, Day 3 matters. Plus, it gives Arth and the program some exposure.
  19. Riak as well. It would be a nice little pipeline to build.
  20. Since you're apparently deciding to be serious, 2. Sayles & X are both listed at 6'9".
  21. Utomi played the emergency 5 because he's built like a brick wall - wasn't able to be backed down very easily. X lacks the height advantage and the strength advantage to hold that spot down.
  22. Thank you. It's called Optimism. And no, I didn't get it from a former PG. He was selling stuff called Ceiling, named after the coach that recruited him.
  23. I don't see Utomi as a game-changing loss. I wasn't particularly fond of him on defense, he turned the ball over a lot with offensive fouls & travels on offense, and was a key contributor to the poor shooting we witnessed all season. Aside from Ivey, you're returning every piece of your top 25 defense nationally, you're adding a healthy Toles, Williams, & Reece, and leadership pieces such as Dailey (as I mentioned in a previous post - until he's on the floor, he's an unofficial assistant coach) will help everything gel. Physically & athletically, we match-up with or over-match every team in the MAC with Buffalo's Golden Class gone. I think fundamentally, we actually outclass the MAC now. It comes down to executing and making shots, both of which are largely out of Groce's control, but I think we'll be most improved in that category. Amazing. Not only does @Illini Zip flip allegiances to our humble fan base, but he does the dirty work for us. Bravo.
  24. Not sure that's a fair statement. The landscape of college basketball and recruiting is changing. Groce has been tasked with stopping the bleeding, and 4 year players don't exactly do that at this level, especially when some of your initial 4 year players aren't locker room fits. Get me a winning product. I don't care if that's 10 4 year players, 10 1 year players, 10 JUCOs, or a concoction of everything. Win.
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