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  1. Lots of energy in the arena early. Thought it was a sellout though?! Lots of empty blue chairs...
  2. Never forget when the AK-Rowdies infiltrated the KSUcks student section and gave them a sign that read, "We Suck," which the Can't students proudly held up.
  3. When boys become men... He'll have a blast. Pro tip: don't forget Can't State students like to sit either behind the south basket or in the corner next perpendicular to the south basket. At age 6, his immune system is probably still susceptible to whatever KSUcks students have that made them choose that school. Either run quickly by or avoid the area at all costs. CAN'T STATE STILL SUCKS!!!!!!!!! Agreed on the level of excitement for this game. The JAR will be ROCKING and there is hardly anything more fun in the world than Akron/Can't with a title on the line at the JAR.
  4. According to the Can't forum, CJ Williamson won't be playing tonight. 6'6" guard that provides decent depth for the Yellow Flickers.
  5. GT spent 2 years trying to figure out what kind of cheese Tyler is. Senior Night comes around, and the light bulb finally went on, at least a flicker - call it a "Flash" (which would semi explain what a Flash is?). Cheese, Riak, and Banks deserve a HUGE round of applause tonight. They laid the foundation for the quicker turnaround under Groce, and we owe them a HUGE thank you for coming to the University of Akron. Is it good news that LCJ isn't being honored tonight despite already graduating?
  6. Good morning ZipsNation. Who is ready to win the MAC outright tonight and kick in some bird teeth?
  7. 2 years of disappointing basketball has really made ZN pretty soft. We used to have a NCAA Tourney Win valuation on the left now. Now we're giving it up for a local reporter. Sheesh. Still saving that right nut for a National Title though. #KnowYourWorth
  8. This team has proven they can win without Cheese and without LCJ (for the most part). They need to prove they can run a team out of the gym again.
  9. I like how Tribble, Ali Ali, and even Dawson have stepped up in the past week or 2. If that continues, your depth looks like this... PG - LCJ, Tribble 2G - Cheese, Dawson F - Banks, Ali F - X, Reece C - Riak, Sayles 10 deep is deeper than many teams we'll face. The key is getting meaningful minutes out of Reece, Ali, Dawson, Sayles and Tribble, which we've seen recently is very possible. Additionally, defense is typically the key to winning in Cleveland, and while Ali/Dawson/Tribble/Reece/Sayles may not contribute as much on offense, their defense is typically stout.
  10. Toledo. Both teams have the talent that scares me, but O-Who has the fan base to give them home court advantage in Cleveland. Plus, if Toledo shoots 55%+ from the entire field again against us, we could possibly call for a NCAA investigation to see if they're drinking Michael's Secret Stuff.
  11. Any word on the health of PCCC? I'm talking about the players that were out the other night, not the population that chose to attend that ****hole.
  12. ESports is one of the main reasons X chose Akron, and could be a catalyst for future recruiting, University growth, etc. It's a BIG deal with this younger group. Long way to go success wise to be discussing anything regarding keeping Groce long-term. Let's beat PCCC on Friday.
  13. Butler also capitalized on the timing of their success. They jumped into the Big East during all the conference realignment, which set the foundation of their program that much higher - i.e. better recruiting, funding, etc.
  14. This is a TEAM. Very fun to see them have fun. They've earned it. They've been really fun to watch all season and are an easy group to root for.
  15. Boals/Groce could be the biggest coaching rivalry in a long time in the MAC. Dambrot/Christian, Dambrot/Groce (we love you now, John haha), and maybe Dambrot/Hurley were all great. Coles was a fantastic coach but he never had enemies - even O-Who respected him. Boals has a nice crop of young talent and I only expect O-Who to get better and better. Great hire by BFE University.
  16. And grow up Akron fans because their dads' butts got whooped so hard by us.
  17. I can't bring myself to say I respect Can't, but damnit I wish our marketing department would follow suit on this. Build that rivalry. Make it something even more special in the region, and broadcast it. Cincy/Columbus soccer has the Hell is Real rivalry and that caught on quickly. Build this rivalry up like that.
  18. Using the above picture... 1 vs. 8/9 winner 2 vs. 7/10 winner 3 vs. 6/11 winner 4 vs. 5/12 winner
  19. PCCC sucks PCCC really sucks Yes they really do
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