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  1. After Googling that, I see Dexter Jackson also had 2 picks. Oakland's QB threw 4 picks that game?! Dwight returned his 2 picks for scores. How is it that Jackson was named MVP? What else did he do to alter the outcome of the game?
  2. I think Dwight is the Zips only 1st Team All-American. Was he a consensus 1st Team pick? I believe he led the nation in INT's his senior year. He should have been named Super Bowl MVP the year he returned 2 pick-6's for the Buccaneers. I don't remember who was named MVP but it was probably Tampas QB... Trent Dilfer?
  3. Bubba's father tweeting about Bubba coming back for one final year w/ the Zips
  4. Sean Lewis has done so well against us I don't want him to go anywhere until Coach JoeMo can make him his b*tch. It'll probably take one more season. Please don't go anywhere, Sean.
  5. Ravontae Holt - 6-4, 300 Kyle Thomas - 6-3, 295 Kiawan Murphy - 6-3, 325 Ryan Johnson - 6-4, 250 That's already a FBS-sized DL. If we can keep them all from the portal. All will be upperclassmen save Murphy, who will be a R-Fr. Don't know what we're getting in Murphy but JoeMo was high on him. He'll almost certainly redshirt, but we're also adding DT Marcus Moore (6-2, 300) from Massillon Washington. I saw Massillon's game against St. Ed's & he's a big reason Massillon won. Even with St. Ed's huge OL they couldn't run up the middle on Massillon.
  6. According to On3 Ronald Jackson and Nazir Sy are both in the TP. I don't believe we knew of either of them being in it, did we?
  7. Theyโ€™ve won a national championship ๐Ÿ˜‚
  8. Daniels' PT really dropped off as the year progressed.
  9. I'm a little worried about the fact we're losing almost our entire starting DL. DE's: Victor Jones & Zach Morton and DT Curtis Harper. I believe Rayvonte Holt is coming back as a 6th-year senior. Our DL was... okay at best. So I'm concerned about players taking over next year who were unable to beat them out this year. Anyway, just saying I hope the TP brings us some immediate help for the DL.
  10. Makes you all the more thankful we've got Coach JoeMo at the helm!
  11. Two bumbled RPOs cost us two wins this year. Pryce happened to be the RB who was involved in both devastating bumbles. However, while watching another game (maybe South Dakota State -v- Delaware?) where there was a bumbled RPO, the announcers mentioned that it is 100% on the QB when making that play. So, myself, not being familiar with the ins-and-outs of the RPO, appreciated that info, so as not to be upset at Pryce. I still think that RPO is a fumble waiting to happen.
  12. Yahoo.com headline: "Sanders arrives in Colorado, tells players to transfer" ๐Ÿ˜‚
  13. Colorado should be an elite football school. The opportunity to go to school & play football in the Rocky Mountains should be a dream. I'm a beach guy. Love the beach. But I've never been literally awestruck by the landscape like I was when visiting the Rocky Mountains.
  14. I've been enjoying watching some of the first round FCS playoff games.
  15. I didn't really follow Akron football closely till Lee was hired. I was a sophomore at Malone & was proud of the fact I was from Akron & finally got really excited about Akron football when Lee took over. I thought he'd bring in most of the local MAC-caliber players. He brought in many. I still remember the very first play of the Lee Owens' tenure at UA. We were at the Rubber Bowl -v- EMU. We had Lew Lawhorn, a transfer WR from Temple who returned the opening kickoff for a TD. It was a competitive & entertaining game that EMU finally won w/ their stellar QB Charlie Batch. (Man did Charlie Batch throw a beautiful ball. Smooth as silk.)
  16. We didn't lose Jalen Hooks to the TP, but he's declared for the NFL draft.
  17. Correct. If Ant transferred again he'd have to sit a year. I'm still surprised at how little he saw the field this year.
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