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  1. If Maishe Dailey doesn't start quadrupling his current production we're sunk.
  2. This was just posted & I haven't read the article yet (and I'm on my way out the door). But it's good to see a human interest article on Enrique.
  3. I think you may be correct in that KD (while still at UA) had offered Carey a walk-on spot but didn’t have a scholly to give. I think Carey’s history of injuries scared a lot of programs off. KD got a steal in landing Carey at Duquesne so late in the game. Now we’re gonna have to worry about him for two years. He’s an explosive combo guard.
  4. He's got MAC POY potential. He struggled with knee issues during his high school career & so I don't think he had any offers until toward the end of his senior season. But when his knees were finally back to 100% during his senior season he was absolutely amazing while leading Solon to the D-1 state championship game.
  5. Oh, okay. Thanks. That makes sense.
  6. Whew. Tough schedule. I find it odd that we finish up with two teams from the West Division of the MAC in Toledo & WMU.
  7. 11/4 - @ Auburn 11/11 - Temple 11/18 - Bryant 11/25 - @ Ohio State TBA - Ball State TBA - BUGS TBA - Buffalo TBA - KSUcks TBA - Miami TBA - Ohio TBA - Toledo TBA - WMU
  8. Yeah, it would suck if Bubba left. That would hurt.
  9. I saw that enigmatic tweet & didn't know what to make of it. But now that you mention it, I'll bet you're almost certainly 🎯
  10. Good luck, Boogie! He's a grad transfer, so forever a Zip! I understand him wanting to go somewhere to get PT during his final season. Dollard was a revelation last year and is going to get the vast majority of the carries this season. Plus, with the incoming recruiting class we're loaded at WR. So his transferring makes sense.
  11. Maishe Dailey’s been a colossal disappointment for me thus far. If he’s not going to play well, he could at least play with some toughness. He’s been a total non-factor. Clarke looked good in his limited minutes. He played like our second-best player today. Glad to see Currie get some minutes. Idk what to think about that situation.
  12. Good luck, TJ! TJ was 2nd on the depth chart this season. Next season he could have possibly been 5th.
  13. I figured we should probably start a LCJ thread (surprised we didn't have one already). We need to enjoy him while he's here! I'll post a few things. that are scattered throughout some other threads.
  14. Thanks, Julian! You're a grad transfer, so forever a Zip! Good luck!!
  15. It's true. I believe it was you who were talking him up after someone posted a video of him tearing up the Akron/Canton Pro-Am League but we were warning you that in the Pro-Am League defense is... optional. Lol. We were warning you to curb your enthusiasm 😂😂
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