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  1. Fully agree! We have the Roo and the Z, which are completely ownable. No one in the country has either one (maybe). Half the teams in the country use a form of the Ole Miss script. As a graphic designer, it drives me nuts.
  2. Having been there on Saturday and meeting up with the captain and his wife (among others), I will second everything he said about the pre-game atmosphere. It really was a great scene for two 0-4 teams. One thing I noticed is that almost all of the multitude of students were wearing some form of UMass gear. No Ohio State stuff, etc. Too bad most students didn't go in to the stadium, but the amount out early really made for some excitement. Kind of like the old rubber bowl days. I just wish we could get half that involvement. Thanks again, CK, for the hospitality!
  3. I thought it was to take some pressure off of him. He did not have his shot yesterday and even Monday was off for him. You could see it in his body language yesterday. He responded quite nicely today, though.
  4. Pretty sure the husky is his dog.
  5. I agree with this. I've watched a few Big Ten games recently where I've recognized a few of the refs from our games and either the B1G teams foul a lot less than the MAC, or the officiating is being held to a different standard, and I don't think it's the former.
  6. I'm late on this, but I assume it said Akron U? If so, someone's been listening.
  7. Does it seem like our offensive game “plan” is to not give anything away for next week?
  8. Ah, skip it. That's what I'll be doing the next 2 Tuesdays. The Zips are more important. I think.
  9. I'm actually a boomer. Tail end, or overlap, but basically, an evil, middle-aged white guy
  10. It just makes me feel all warm inside to know that I, as a white, middle-aged male, am the root cause of all of this country's ills.
  11. Hey, I grew up in one of those hick towns in the middle of B.F.E., and let me tell you buddy… never mind, there IS nothing to do there. That's why I moved to Akron. I will make the trip, though, because I grew up a Penn State fan and I can stay with my parents. In the middle of B.F.E.
  12. GT has more to say in this column than he ever does in the ABJ. http://www.post-gazette.com/sports/duquesne/2017/03/29/duquesne-coaching-search-keith-dambrot-akron-lebron-james/stories/201703280156?pgpageversion=pgevoke
  13. No, since he failed to mention Boals was on KD's staff before going to OSU.
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