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  1. Not exactly a random reference to Akron, but a new show highlighting our fair city on Western Reserve PBS: Akron, Ohio shines on new PBS TV show: "Around Akron with Blue Green" October 3rd @ 9pm
  2. I can't believe my eyes... Zipmeister, is that you? It's been so long.
  3. Forget Soul Asylum, the Bizarros are playing this?!?! I will definitely be there! For those of you that are unaware, Akron was once, for a brief moment, the epicenter of the modern music world in the late 70's and early 80's, spawning artists, musicians, and bands like Devo, The Waitresses, Chrissy Hynde, The Bizarros, Tin Huey, The Rubber City Rebels, Hammer Damage, Unit 5, Jane Aire and the Belvederes, Rachel Sweet, and even dating all the way back to Ruby and the Romantics from the 1960's. Also, if you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo is currently displaying his Myopia exhibit until the end of August at The Akron Art Museum and it is definitely worth checking out. There is also a secondary component of it at the museum of contemporary art. I've been to both and they are awesome. Even if you're not into Devo, his art is very innovative and thought provoking. Excellent documentary about Akron's contribution to music that was on PBS a few years back: It's Everything, And Then It's Gone
  4. Ms. Kannal, who I believe is the young lady being referred to, was featured in an article in the Beacon Journal published during this year's MAC tournament. Coaches and Players Drawn to MAC Tournament's Biggest Fan It appears that her positivity and natural ability to make sincere connections and friendships helps to brighten the lives of many . She seems like a really cool person as well as an awesome and dedicated basketball fan. Congratulations on the award Ashley!
  5. The MAC and MAAC should work on putting together a "MAAAC" challenge, like the Big 12/SEC challenge. The winner would get to claim the "mac" moniker for the season.
  6. I'm extremely happy for this team. If ever there was a group of seniors that deserved a bowl win, it's this group. They brought Akron football back from nothing and made school history. Cherish this. Be proud today, I certainly am.
  7. Interesting that Utah State's Kyler Fackrell and Akron's Jamal Marcus were named as the two best edge rushers. It will be interesting to see how much of an impact each one has on our matchup in Boise.
  8. Unfortunately it has become increasingly apparent that the ABJ has been slowly and steadily degenerating into self defeating irrelevancy since it changed publishing companies in 2006 from the Akron founded publishing company Knight-Ridder to a Canadian publishing company called Black Press. It is really sad to see because it was once a quality publication consisting of journalistic integrity and some modicum of civic pride. But on a positive note, the free bi-monthly arts, culture, and music publication, The Devil Strip, does a good job of showcasing the emerging vibrancy of downtown Akron and a lot of really cool events going on in the city as well as the surrounding metro area.Anyway, to get back on topic... The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl is a really big deal. It has been TEN YEARS. I am EXTREMELY excited about this game!! I am also very optimistic and excited about the future of Akron Football!! I think Utah State is better than their record indicates and will be a tough out, but it should be a very good game. I think this one will come down to the secondary's ability to limit the Aggies' passing attack, our ability to run the ball effectively and our ability to connect on some of those deep throws. Also, since it's in Boise, I hope Cody Grice scores the game winner on a statue of liberty play at the goal line.
  9. And the Bowling Green of Kentucky.
  10. Coach D said in the postgame that Pat may have a broken rib. He said that Jake came out of the game because of a rapid heart rate.
  11. Excited? Elated? Ecstatic? Nope. Far beyond that. I remember everything since '05 and the humiliating, disheartening, sitting alone in an empty stadium, single digit temperature, pride swallowing, embarrassing, gut wrenching garbage football that Akron has had to endure. I cannot describe how happy I am for these kids to have something to be genuinely proud of. Shout the alma mater out with pride. Oh, and if you do nothing else in this life, take whatever you have left and use it to whoop the hell out of Can't state on Friday!
  12. Don't mess with the Bull or you'll get the horns! Antino with 23 pts, 7 assists and 2 steals. What a performance! Good team effort as well. Great job getting the first roadkill of the season!
  13. Turnovers certainly decided that one. Falcon fast or not, it is virtually impossible to win when you give the ball away five times. It really should have been a much closer game.
  14. Just finished watching my alma mater play a complete football game in all three phases of the game against a perennial bowl team on the road whilst enjoying a Three Floyds Gumballhead and Jackie O's Pawpaw wheat. Today is a good day
  15. The guy tossing him the ball wasn't too shabby either. Can't help but wonder what it would be like with some of those offenses and this or the 2014 defense. Fun to think about anyway...
  16. 88 passing yards. 88 passing yards? 88 passing yards?! I don't know whether to puke or cry. Good luck the rest of the season Sooners. Hope you guys make the playoff. Additionally, I hope we can hit 100 yards passing this season... smh
  17. Dang, was in Pgh last week and was considering making a trip to Latrobe for training camp. Wish I had. Good luck to Chisolm. I'd really love to see him catch on with the Steelers. Good luck to him. He deserves a shot. http://www.pennlive.com/steelers/index.ssf/2015/08/steelers_harrisburg_rb_jawon_chisolm_rep.html
  18. In other news, ohio state u is considering changing its name to Frankin County Normal School in "the great moronic antiquated team ohio buckeyeland name change and jagoff contest." If the goal is to alienate an entire community and alumni base, well, mission accomplished! Perhaps Harvard will decide to change its name to Cambridge Technical Institute... SMH. As an alumnus, Akron isn't just where I went, it's a valued and meaningful part of who I am. Please do not destroy and devalue my alma mater to the point where it becomes the wal-mart of higher education. Gen Ed Core is already a silly enough plan. Thanks.
  19. I'd maybe consider shifting into a 1-3-1 zone at times against this team? Force Washington to pass the ball. Maybe trap him and force their offense to make some awkward passes? We have the size to defend the post. Try to just eliminate the dribble drive. That seemed to be the back breaker last game. On offense I would just attempt to maul them with 34 and 23. Make them double and triple those guys. They are both very capable scorers. Force the issue. The problem was getting the ball inside last game. They trapped up top a ton. Make them collapse and double down on those guys. If not, we might just have to give them a dose of their own medicine. Go small, spread them out and drive them. We're gonna take our share of jumpers, at least that might help to open up some better looks. Crucially important to keep up the 20 win streak and winning tradition. We got hit in the mouth... time to show them what getting hit back feels like.
  20. Thoughts on renaming UA? 1. Must be a joke. 2. One of the most asinine things I've read in ages.
  21. Had a lot of fun at the JAR tonight... Offense was very diversified. Zips were able to post up, drive, hit from deep, and get to the line. Possibly some of their best offensive play this season. Excellent job making the extra pass in the post, Pat and Isaiah had excellent games all around. Deji, BJ, and Nyles were able to drive to the rim effectively. Antino and Noah as well. Helped collapse the defense and draw much needed fouls. Seemed like there was a point to drive and draw fouls early, perhaps as a result of the last game. Excellent marksmanship from Jake tonight as well. Good defensive effort and good job getting to the ball. It was clear they wanted this game badly and rightfully so. In the second half, toward the end of the game, it appeared to me that Nyles was giving absolutely everything he had guarding his man. To me, that is the type of effort that just gets you really amped about a team. Tonight that type of effort was abundant. Speaking of amped... Thank you True Blue for bringing your passion and energy to Rhodes Arena. I hope this generation of Rowdies learned something tonight about what a student section is, because the Buffalo Students absolutely owned you all. As a Rowdies alumni, it's just embarrassing. I know you guys can do better than your effort so far this season. No better time to prove it than Tuesday! Beat Can't!
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