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  1. On the topic of CC's, did I hear the U has gutted Summit College?
  2. I'm just getting into listening to podcasts, and would like to listen to some good podcasts that cover Univ of Akron athletics. I have an Apple phone (an Android convert) and the Podcasts ap can't find any related to the Zips.
  3. ^ I stand corrected. Thanks for pointing that out.
  4. It would be worth the extra cost, even if they doubled or tripled the price, if they had Zips games on demand. I cannot set the DVR for E$PN3 or E$PN+ games, and I work a lot of weekends. I can on-demand thousands of hours of crap I have no interest in, but not my school, not the games I pay E$PN (twice) to watch. I don't give two craps about all the other content on 3 or on +, I don't watch it. Let me watch games when I get home from work, or when I get home from the game, and it'll be worth the monthly bills I pay.
  5. Came across this... https://player.vimeo.com/video/327299983 The club hockey team is playing a full league season again this year after a season of pick-up games. I enjoyed being their trainer when I was a student in 2009-12, and still catch games when I can. It's a good time, and now they're on my way home from work.
  6. That was fun to watch. All the announcers talked about in the first inning was how he is not a dominant pitcher but still "hangs on" somehow. How he went to a public high school, didn't go to an academy like you're "suppose to". They never mentioned college. Then he preceded to shut down their team. They didn't say another word the rest of the game. ROFL!!
  7. It's short notice but MLB.com is allowing free access to any game this weekend, and Chris is scheduled to start for the A's right now. The free weekend also includes On Demand, so you can catch it later.
  8. I usually go through all the Zips in the minors but did t think anyone else was keeping track. There are a handful still in the independent leagues that I check in on. None within driving distance though.
  9. Almost forgot to give a shout out to Akron alum and supporter Matt Kaulig for his first NASCAR win Friday night in Daytona. Not only did he win, his cars also finished second and third!! https://youtu.be/pGRtDRHabLQ
  10. That leaves three forwards on the roster? Anybody on the Wayne College Warriors who could help out?
  11. At the half-way point Source:http://www.espn.com/mlb/player/stats/_/id/33148/chris-bassitt
  12. I think a big problem with the Zips is the city of Akron is drawn into the Cleveland television market, and force-fed a continuous stream of Browns/Indians?Cavs propoganda (come spend money on us). Akron is the largest city in the US without it's own television news. In this multimedia generation Akron has become a suburb. I've never been to Ft. Worth or St. Paul, but I wonder if they have the same identity crisis. Or Bowling Green for that matter. A few miles away, we also have the marketing machine of the NFL and the Pittsburgh Steelers at play. I never figured out why there are so many Steelers fans in Canton. When I started working there, I realized if you live south or east of Canton, the Steelers are your home team. Add to that the marketing machine and the legacy of Ohio State being the state's official college team does not help. When you're shamed at your own D1 school for not being a Buckeye Honk, you understand why the students look down on their own university. The Zips have an identity crisis. I don't know how to get past that.
  13. Are we figuring in the corporate sponsorships into the annual cost of the stadium? That was part of the reason the U decided to build new, instead of (completely) rebuild the crumbling 68 year old Rubber Bowl.
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