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  1. We can't hit the broad side of a barn. Standing inside it.
  2. This team looks like the real deal so far.
  3. FTR. If Akron paints their floor black, I may be done with them.
  4. We got that many fans at a couple Wayne College games.
  5. It sounds like the software developer will create the game, use generic teams and logos, and include editors for uniforms, stadiums, and rosters/players. Creative gamers will come up with the teams and players, and make them available for download. This is something they do now with the pro sports games. Don't want to pony up for a new Madden (or NBA or NHL) every year? Download a roster. There are still guys making rosters for NCAA Football 14. Yeah the uniforms and logos are looking old, but I can still "coach" the Zips.
  6. NIU fans don't have tablets on their tractors?
  7. The floor size of the JAR isn't big enough for a lot of arena events, a lower capacity version of the Wolstein Center would be perfect (although it did sell out for indoor soccer BITD).
  8. They're not going to get rid of the track. That would force them to repair the outdoor track and they show no interest in that...
  9. I've been "working" Canton Charge games, and wondering why Akron never built a facility like the Canton Civic Center. It's not the most modern facility (60+ years old), not the biggest, but they get a LOT of use out of it. I've driven (through Akron) down there to watch indoor soccer, arena football, and now future Cavs. Why did Akron never build a similar facility? Maybe a bit bigger?
  10. Spin


    Why? I thought that was a good representation of the 50 football fans who showed up this year. 🏳️
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