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  1. ESPN3 vs ESPN+

    So far there are 6 soccer games (all home), and three football games (2 home and one at Kent). I'll probably either be working or at the games. Unless you can watch old games it doesn't make a lot of sense for me. The price isn't bad, but I don't know if I would use it.
  2. Bowl has been sold for huge profit!

    I drove by yesterday, and the picture of the heavy equipment tearing down the west stands must have been taken right before they quit and left. That is all they did was dig a hole in the stands under the press box and leave. The press box was not touched. They also put up concrete barricades to try to keep people out. Stay classy Akron. Way to make a crap hole look 10x worse.
  3. 24/7 LeBron

    The NBA has been a star-driven league for as long as I've been a fan. If it wasn't Magic-Kareem it was Bird-McHale-Parish or Dr. J-Moses. Then Michael-Scottie and Shaq-Kobe and Duncan-Parker-Ginobili. Pierce-Allen- Garnett. The Twin Towers. And now we have the Warriors with FIVE FREAKIN ALL STARS. Now I realize Cleveland fans have been spoiled by the Price-Nance-Daugherty-Harper good guys team, and maybe that's why some despise the Type-A modern superstars like LeBron. But Price-Nance-Daugherty were the exceptions to the NBA mega-star personalities that bring banners to their cities. In fact, I'll go so far as to say it was the goody goody fans who derailed what probably was the best team in Cavs history (and how many banners) by demanding they trade Ron Harper for something that turned out to be false. Be careful what you ask for... Meanwhile, I'll just leave this here...
  4. eSports

    My grandkids spend HOURS watching YouTube videos. Watching other people play video games. Who would have thought? Then when they play the game themselves, they say the same things the gamers said on the videos.
  5. eSports

    College Madden tournaments. Might be the answer to the football concussion problem. Hmmm, do I see a way to finance my Masters?
  6. ESPN Deal

    True, my four kids have never had cable. I never understood how, growing up in the 70's and being a teen when the MTV's and VH1's were about music videos. ESPN brought you the game, and relevant news. Patrick and Olbermann. A lot has changed since then!!! And not for the better. Cable TV seems to be more and more geared toward minorities, maybe that is their growth demographic.
  7. Bowl has been sold for huge profit!

    The good old days. Borrowed from Akron Rubber Bowl Memories
  8. 24/7 LeBron

    HE'S WON THREE NBA TITLES. Including the only Cleveland pro championship in my lifetime (and I'm 52). The Cavs were 19-63 the season after he left for Miami. Have fun with that team. They couldn't make the playoffs without him.
  9. ESPN Deal

    We thought about that. We like to watch the local news, but with a small digital antenna you get 10x more local channels than you do with cable.
  10. Chad Barson

    Maybe we can get them back on the schedule regularly.
  11. Chad Barson

    Maybe we can get them back on the schedule regularly.
  12. ESPN Deal

    I rarely watch ESPN anymore. I use to watch SportsCenter in the morning but it's not the same. And if you don't catch it in time, you get hours of talking heads yelling their opinions at you. Apparently that's what millenials want to watch. We're getting closer to pay-as-you-watch TV. No more sattelite and cable companies charging you for 200 channels you never watch to get the 12 you do. Want to see a ball game? Click a button and $2 or $3 will come off your bank card. I don't know which is better.
  13. Baseball's Coming Back

    Chris Bassitt pitched six innings of two-hit ball to get his first win of the season (and his comeback) over the Tigers last night. He's now 1-3 2.82 this year.
  14. The Concussion Thread

    I'm pretty sure football parents know the risks. The thing is you could ask 100,000 people how they define "acceptable risk" and get 100,000 different answers. All of them different from yours. I knew the risks when my sons played football, and they knew it. One went on to fight in MMA. Do you think that somebody who climbs into the ring with a muscle-bound behemoth who wants to knock your face loose, doesn't realize the risks? It's not always about the dream of being a professional, or make millions of dollars. More often it's about the love of the sport. It's what you want to do. It's what you enjoy. I played football in high school. I've been a part time firefighter for 30 years. I know the risks, hundreds of them. And it seems every day there's more that we're aware of now, like strange cancers, modern building construction methods that could wipe out an entire department. But when the tones drop, we still leave our homes and drive to the station and go do it again. Not to be heroes, or for the money. We just like to do it. The comraderie with the best guys I know, teamwork, overcoming challenges, being a part of something. The feeling after a good "worker". Sound familiar? All these people want to take football away from the players who love it. Who know the risks. What's next? Are you going to take away my bicycle? Make people stop skiing? Outlaw motorcycles? Scuba diving? Rock climbing? Hand gliding? Drinking alcohol? Do you have a profession or a hobby that is not absolutely 100% safe? Some may choose to live in a bubble, which is fine. But they should not dictate how everyone else lives. And I'm not pointing any fingers toward anybody here, just the do-gooders who want to protect us from ourselves. Now if you'll excuse me I have to figure out which bike trail to explore next. Unless the fire pager goes off.
  15. Bowl has been sold for huge profit!

    The Force played a several exhibition games at the Rubber Bowl, mid 80's. They played NASL teams. The Cobras were an ASL team, an older, smaller budget league than the NASL. They played their home games at BW. That's about all I remember of that team.