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  1. Oakland’s Chris Bassett finished the season a very respectable 5-2 1.78 with 55 K’s and a 1.159 WHIP. He has quickly become Oakland’s ace. Pittsburgh’s JT Brubaker finished 1-2 4.94 with 48 K’s and a 1.37 WHIP. Very respectable. The future looks bright for our Zips in MLB.
  2. OTOH this could play to the Zips advantage. They’re accustomed to playing in an empty stadium in November...
  3. If a football game takes place and nobody is allowed to watch, does it really happen? Does it matter? Sounds like intramurals to me.
  4. I'm not seeing how dropping to FCS would save any money. How many scholly's do we have in football this season? Is it more than 63? By cutting down, how much money would be saved? How much would attendance drop if we went FCS? How much revenue would be lost from the ESPN3/ESPNU games, and the P5 payday games? How much more would travel costs increase by flying to either North Dakota and South Dakota (YSU's conference) or California (Dayton's conference) every year? Would Men's Basketball and Men's Soccer be kicked out of the MAC?
  5. LOL I don't have a degree symbol on my keyboard. After some research the * is acceptable.
  6. The average night temperature in November is almost 10' Celsius higher than in February. Or the difference between 50' F and 32' F. Unless I'm figuring it wrong. If so, it's still a big difference IMO.
  7. It'll take them two years to decide whether they want to play this fall or not. Personally I'll take that over February games at the Dialer any day. Especially the coming ESPN999 Tuesday nighters...
  8. Don't forget to install them so everyone (usually teenage girls) can see it whenever the door is open. It was always fun seeing first timers realize that...
  9. Saturday/Saturday night double header... With enough time in between to shed some layers of clothes and catch dinner along the strip. nah, that’s too logical...
  10. If everybody gets in, what's the point of the regular season? Signed, National Basketball Association
  11. Unfortunately COVID affects everything else... We haven't begun to see the destruction it's going to cause U of A athletics...
  12. Another random thought. Opening up the athletic programs (football) to either campus could help in recruiting ...
  13. It'll never happen, too many egos (esp in Columbus) to make it work, but what savings could be seen by following California's lead? Ohio State University Akron Ohio State University Athens Ohio State University Bowling Green Ohio State University Cincinnati Ohio State University Cleveland Ohio State University Columbus Ohio State University Kent Ohio State University Miami Ohio State University Oxford Ohio State University Portsmouth Ohio State University Toledo Ohio State University Wilberforce Ohio State University Youngstown Would that drive further consolidation in the future? (Akron/Kent, BG/Toledo, Cincinnati/Miami)? Off-campus learning becoming more popular at all state universities, not just here. Secondary education is changing. That's certain. It only makes sense.
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