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  1. The virus is hitting Florida and Arizona hard again. That’s where the NBA is planning on playing their games, and where the MLB is planning to restart spring training. In football numerous high school, college, and pro players are testing positive. Same with NASCAR. I’m not getting my hopes up about watching team sports in the coming months.
  2. Don’t confuse “cutting colleges” with “cutting programs”. When I graduated in 2012 my College of Nursing was merged into the “College of Health Professions” along with seven other programs. It didn’t hurt the nursing. program in fact it was expanded to Wayne College. They just cut a lot of duplicate staff off the top.
  3. I don’t think we’re going to see any sports, college, pro, or high school for at least a year...
  4. It was Dinger’s first win on an oval. He’s a heck of a road racer, won several IndyCar races. But he couldn’t catch on to the ovals. Maybe he’s finally turned the corner on ovals, so to speak.
  5. They had a lot of free time to talk to the Oakland people, the first weekend of the season. Does anyone know if teh change to the baseball schedule includes only in-conference games ala MBKB?
  6. Have fun sitting six deep on the bench, fetching water bottles for the starter for four years...
  7. There is a tendency for 7'0+ men to be more Herman Munster than Shaq O'Neal.
  8. I think this new economic reality is going to separate the haves from the have-nots even further. The programs that have had their crap together the past 25, 35, 50+ years are going to further distance themselves from the rest of the BCS. That could help Akron if they get their crap together. There's no reason we can't compete with the rest of the MAC, and the bottom half of the Big Ten and other P5 conferences. IF. For such a short word, it is huge for us.
  9. How many posters who demanded Akron stay in FBS, are now complaining about the cost?
  10. NCAA fires a warning shot at CMU.
  11. Only having him 4 years will look stupid if he fixes it and leaves.
  12. I’ll bring a battery powered air pump.
  13. An NFL team has what, 45, 50 players on the roster, and plays 16-20 games? Yeah they have a pool of talent to bring in as backups when they have injuries. But why do colleges need twice as many?
  14. Quaker Square has zero occupancy now.
  15. A drop in the bucket. When I was done with prerequisites and switched to main campus, I was paying for busses, the bowling alley, the pool hall, the theater, the workout facility, the rock climbing wall, the indoor pool, who knows how much other stuff I paid for that I never used. And then, because I didn’t live on campus and didn’t use the busses I paid for, I paid to park. I know all about student fees.I incurred twice as much debt on the main campus than I did at Wayne.
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