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  1. This one worries me. Getting blown out by top 10 teams with multiple championships is one thing. Losing a 14 point lead before being blown out by a former mediocre MAC program looks bad. But losing to a mediocre FCS program that got smoked by Rhode Island? Rhode Island has a football team? That might push even Zips faithful over the edge. They might as well play the rest of Tom's home games on the practice field.
  2. Those last few posts gave me a headache...
  3. I agree he had the most successful season in Zips Football history. Nobody is taking away from that. But since he put Milwee in charge the team sank back down to the bottom. He also owns that. 2-6 in the MAC. Great coach. Helluva guy. Would love to sit and talk with him all day. But you can’t pretend he let the program fall right back into the hole he took us out of. Comparing his last couple years to Arth doesn’t help his case all that much…
  4. I’ll throw out another thought. How much has the belt tightening affected recruiting? Coaching? It looks like they can’t even afford to keep the website up to date. Let alone improve on recruiting, etc. We’re hearing about deep cuts in education, that’s gotta have an affect on the athletics budgets.
  5. Good idea. This is football country where the NFL was formed and had 3 teams at one time. And a rabid fan base for another in-state college program. The potential is there. Just waiting for someone at the U to not step on his junk with promotions...
  6. Bowden was here 7 years and had one winning season, one mediocre season, and five losing seasons. He got fired after going 2-6 in the MAC (read that twice) and we're STILL paying for his complete lack of recruiting the second half of his stay here (how many upperclassmen do we have on the roster?). If you're that infatuated with him, follow him to the Sunbelt basement. A match made in heaven, Bobby Bo and Rich Rodriguez (the most popular UM coach in Buckeye history, at least for now...).
  7. To top it off he's a Hoosier honor roll student.
  8. I was thinking that too. It would have looked good in the 1950's.
  9. Yeah, that’s not gonna happen… curb stomp victims think this game is an embarrassment. Way to represent there Kent Sux.
  10. My Ohio division 5 high school football team has rosters and depth charts all over the internet. My NCAA Division 1 FBS alma mater? crickets chirping. Don’t get me started on their marketing “effort”…
  11. The other Major League Zip is on the 10-day injured list with a right thumb contusion. https://www.mlb.com/player/jt-brubaker-664141
  12. Yeah I'm wondering how this will affect the weekly Zips Football and Basketball shows. The first move they made when they took over the Fox local networks was axing the Cleveland Monsters hockey games. Gone the next day.
  13. How decimated was the roster that was turned over to Tom Arth? According to Our Lads, there are THREE SENIORS on the current depth chart. Add 8 juniors, 17 sophs, and 20 frosh. Someone tell me I'm reading that wrong...
  14. I listened to the press conference on Sirius and they talked about preserving the conferences and marketing, and scheduling. I got the impression they were going to schedule other schools in the alliance for non-con games. Which probably sounds interesting to fans of those schools. And while playing other G5 schools would make for more interesting non-con games than getting Cornhuskered by 60 points, it’s going to be a big hit to the athletic department budgets without the annual football sacrifice(es).
  15. Perry Kitchen likely out for the season after having back surgery. Columbus Dispatch article
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