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  1. I'm thankful the Athletic Department hasn't been decimated (yet) by the university's money problems and the virus. It is the one thing that brings me back to campus. It reconnects me to my alma mater. And for this forum, one place to talk about all the sports I'm interested in and learn more about them without the usual cyber cesspool.
  2. No more butt splinters!!!
  3. Do we know for sure this is the case? Between the university's (and athletic department's) money problems, and the Coronavirus cancelling MAC fall sports (and then football coming back with very little gate), how many rides did Coach Arth have to give this year?
  4. If there were a city that could pull that off, it would be Indy. Between Lucas Oil Stadium, Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Indiana U's and Butler U's fieldhouses, and several smaller arenas for practice facilities, I think they could handle it. They could take notes from the NBA, MLS, NHL. Their bubbles were a lot more effective at keeping everyone healthy and playing than MLB and NFL business-as-usual have.
  5. Crimony, one of us could have gained 10 or 15 on that play.
  6. This reminds me of the MAC shootouts of a few years ago.
  7. They picked the perfect week to put it all together
  8. I'm a Zips fan, and take pride in their accomplishments. Especially those who overcame a lot in their pro careers. Even if they are not GOAT.
  9. 385 pitchers pitched in the AL this season. That puts Chris in the top 2%.
  10. after the game one player was trying to pick a fight with a couple OU players, and got escorted to Tom by a ref. Tom wasn't amused.
  11. Yay. At least one more week of seeing that graphic showing our longest losing streak. I try to stay positive, but we're approaching iCoach Bad. ...and to top it off we have one kid being taken home to dad by the principal.
  12. They're trying to give it to us. We don't know how to take it.
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