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  1. Baseball's Coming Back

    That's accurate. I'd like to see the average in the MAC, and the B10 for that matter. The NCAA max is 11.7, for 35 guys. Remember, outside of football and men’s basketball, the average scholarship is only $8,700 per year. Some players find D3 a better deal, where you can get over 50% off your tuition with merit awards. Some coaches put all their scholly's in the pitching staff (3 regular starters, x number in the bull pen). Some spread it out into middle infielders, centerfielders, or spread it out among all of the starting players.
  2. Baseball's Coming Back

    I didn't think they would have any scholly's, so that's a good start. With the right people, they could compete in the MAC in a couple years. Which realistically, in the north, is where your goals should be anyway.
  3. I have a question. When the Crew moves to Texas, will they still have territorial rights over Ohio? Right now that only affects Wil, who is signed through 2020 anyway. But could future prospects be territorial picks by a franchise 1300 miles away?
  4. Game 32—EMU [MAC Tourney Rnd 2]

    Agreed. We didn't fire KD so we could hire coach Groce. Keith left.
  5. Game 32—EMU [MAC Tourney Rnd 2]

    The morning after, I gotta say that was one incredible game, to see how far this team has come, and see the big game experience that a lot of our building blocks got. And the simple fact that we weren't suppose to be here. An 11 seed beating WMU by a point, then dominating the 3 seed for much of the game. Fatigue and inexperience caught up with them. The refs didn't help either. I don't think the league (or the broadcasters) wanted a 6-12 program muddying up the final four. It's hard (but not impossible) for me to blame the coach, he didn't miss any buckets in the last seven minutes. He may have looked better calling different strategies for a team that was inexperienced in big games and looked gassed, but I'm not sure KD or anyone else could have made those late shots go in. I'll wait to see him with a full roster before driving him to the airport. We knew this would be a long painful season. We returned what, five players? Now the rebuild can begin.
  6. Game 32—EMU [MAC Tourney Rnd 2]

    So you miss Mr. NeverWinARound?
  7. Game 32—EMU [MAC Tourney Rnd 2]

    tied up
  8. Game 32—EMU [MAC Tourney Rnd 2]

    We can't hit the side of a barn now.
  9. Game 32—EMU [MAC Tourney Rnd 2]

    Shot clock violation? It was in the air when the clock struck 0...
  10. Game 32—EMU [MAC Tourney Rnd 2]

    Damn down to 10
  11. Game 32—EMU [MAC Tourney Rnd 2]

    I get the impression Michael Rag-doll is not a Zips fan.
  12. Game 32—EMU [MAC Tourney Rnd 2]

    EMU's wilting under pressure now. Stupid foul.
  13. Game 32—EMU [MAC Tourney Rnd 2]

    Didn't see that coming...
  14. Game 32—EMU [MAC Tourney Rnd 2]

    Nice start!!
  15. Game 32—EMU [MAC Tourney Rnd 2]

    Not a Regghi fan