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  1. LOL that works two ways. Physical size and how I believe the University sees the athletic dept. You have to admit there are a lot more choices in the US for an athlete to decide on than probably anywhere else in the world. And Americans do like to eat… Other countries make fun of us.
  2. IMO the US will always be at a disadvantage in the sport, where the best athletes (and any American athletes who weighs more than 160 lbs) (most of them) will go for the big money in football or basketball. But we can always dream of another miracle like the 1980 olympic hockey team...
  3. Sort of like the women's nail biter the other night. Imagine getting Point Park and 54 points. And losing.
  4. I don't doubt that. I would bet more than half of that is for the arena and the staff needed to run it. And the Zamboni lol. Has anyone heard specific numbers on how much it cost to bring baseball back? Just out of curiosity. Hockey would have higher ongoing maintenance costs for every practice and game, and higher equipment costs. There's a lot of man-hours involved with running the event. Prep work, maintenance between periods, post game. BTW Kent State dropped their hockey program in 1994 and has a club hockey team like Akron's. They play Akron in a home-and-home matchup to close out the season, I might just have to go to them. In the 1988-89 season they had that infamous hazing incident that resulted in the season being cancelled. Stay classy...
  5. Club hockey posted their winter schedule. I was hoping to do a doubleheader with Men's Basketball but on nights they're both home, they overlap.
  6. Rubbing a little sand into their wounds. Meanwhile Akron has a lot to play for. I’m trying to count how many players have a spot on next year’s roster, it seems they all have a lot to play for.
  7. Why should it be up to the university whether they play it or not? The MAC seriously needs to grow a set. It was 45' in Buffalo today, and is forecast to be above freezing all week.
  8. Cleveland to launch MLS NEXT Pro Team in 2025 About dang time. MLS Next is what is considered division 2 soccer. No affiliate named, but Columbus already has an MLS NEXT franchise. It would have been fitting as CLE has the top minor league affiliate of Columbus' NHL team, and Columbus has the top minor league affiliate of the Cleveland Indian...Guardians. CLE did have a number of D3 clubs over the years, one owned by retired pro player Mike Sweeney called the Cleveland Caps. The name was shortened from Whitecaps, the team he played much of his pro career with. He also played for the Cleveland Force and Cleveland Crunch indoor teams. I ran into him in his soccer store and had season tickets to the Caps. It was a good time. I'm looking forward to this team.
  9. It seemed like it was all on Akron, but the stats show both teams had 2 cautions each. Maybe it was the timing...
  10. To me Coach Stefanski lives and dies on his analytics. The better opponents adjust and the number crunchers can’t adjust as well. The Bengals didn’t adjust to the Browns game plan and lost. Everyone else…
  11. Follow the money. Here’s how selection really works: Which programs will get the best TV ratings? They’re in. Same with the basketball tournament seedlings. Whichever matchups will get the most ratings(dollars).
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