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  1. I guess a fugly win is as good as a blowout in the standings. It's best to just tuck that away somewhere, and hopefully use CMU to get back on track.
  2. If they're going to have a night shooting like this, at least it's not against Buffalo, Ohio, or Toledo.
  3. It won't get any easier for awhile...
  4. Nice air ball by Trimble. We should own this team.
  5. I appreciate the offers, hopefully you can use them but if not, one day I'll be able to take you up.
  6. There's enough chatter about Zip Baseball (and alumni) to warrant a yearly thread. IMHO. Yes there's at least six inches of snow on the ground at the moment, but college baseball is a month away. This season the ball team makes a trip to warmer weather (Tennessee and Georgia) for the first couple weeks. Then a weekend in Louisville before getting into MACtion. Throw in a couple games against BW, Malone, and as zippy-claws mentioned, a Monday night game at Canal Park against Georgia Tech and we have 15 non-conference games, 55 games in all. All depending on how COVID continues to shred the sports schedules. The Zips in the Pros. The latest rumors have Chris Bassett being traded to the Yankees, a favorite to win the AL East. No rumblings yet about a JT trade, but here's a nice article on Fansided to read while waiting for the snow plows to clear the streets.
  7. The latest I heard today on ESPNU Radio on Sirius today, don't look for expansion of the playoffs anytime soon. There was an agreement for a 12 or 16 team playoff that "everyone" agreed on, but when the teams starting jumping conferences, it fell apart. Now the conferences want to be sure they will have a place in the bracket, while the SEC wants all of their highly ranked teams in. Whether or not all of the P5 conferences are represented. So they're staying with the status quo for the next several years.
  8. Well that was interesting for awhile. Whether it will help mid-major recruiting remains to be seen. I have my doubts.
  9. Bama 10-3 into the second quarter. Pretty competitive. A lot depends on how well a tired Cincy does against Bama bench riders that would start on any Other Five program.
  10. This will be an interesting game. If Cincy blows chunks the mid-majors can probably forget ever being taken seriously again. Playing #1 Bama is a recipe for disaster for anyone outside the top 20. But a decent showing could change some minds.
  11. Very nice drive if you like natural mountain scenery. We came that way back from Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge. I wish we could have seen more of Knoxville but the little lady had had enough of exploring.
  12. A major Akron hospital had a 40 patient waiting list for admissions (rooms). The other is probably in the same situation.
  13. Unfortunately, there are quite a few of Ken Carman's out there who bleed dark blue and gold, but work in a market that only gives a crap about the Buckeyes. Even when CSU went 13-1 and went deep in the tourney, they were an afterthought. Ohio State OWNS Ohio. Ken talked about the Zips regularly and took Zips fan callers when he was on 1350 but the station destroyed his show by partnering him with the "Fishhead" and then firing him when it didn't work. He landed in a much better position in CLE, but as we know, OSU is the only major college in Ohio.🙄 It's like they hate the other state universities because they steal resources from the Worthless Nuts.
  14. I run into that now even in the workplace. The College of Nursing is held in high regard, but to the rank and file it's "That's nice" or "Akron has a nursing program?" The whole university has a horrible public image.
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