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  1. Very nice. I've seen a few Crushers games there.
  2. Good deal. I think things have come together a lot better than they thought they would when it was first announced. I doubt we'll be making the trip to Avon in May, but the way things have come together, I wouldn't be completely surprised.
  3. Akron ranked a Top-10 Minor League Market by Sports Business Journal "Akron ranked 10th among 211 markets in the survey, which compiled and reviewed data on attendance, venues, cities and economic regions in 34 leagues and 350 teams nationwide" Think of the potential. IF... I don't have to argue the point this is a football hotbed, we have high school games that draw more fans than most colleges, they're on TV. Investing in, and marketing football (and basketball) not only improves attendance, but also enrollment. How many Akron students go to tOSU because of the football program? And our new modern stadium sits empty (literally some nights). It's also a soccer hotbed. In the 1980's and early 90's it had the only profitable pro soccer franchise. It had a second successful franchise in Canton (in a league with lower player salaries) at the same time. We filled CBS for international matches. In the midst of this we have one of the most popular minor league baseball franchises. I have complete faith that the Zips "marketing" will capitalize with the new baseball program (complete with high profile coach) the same way it does everything else. <crickets chirping> I've been against the baseball program playing at Canal Park for that reason, putting 50 or 60 people in a stadium that holds 7600 would look baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Been there, seen that.
  4. Ahh, so that should come from EASports and/or 2KSports.
  5. TBH we're not talking about very much money here...
  6. I liked the Bowden hire and how he coached, but I think we all have to admit he lost the team last year.
  7. One of my favorite trivia questions. What city hosted the first champions of (what would be renamed) the NFL and NBA?
  8. Spin


    Because change comes mighty slow when it comes to the MAC. Unless maybe they think they're a Power Five and have their schedules done for 2035 already. 💀
  9. The Zips made the SportCenter Top 10 this morning. I captured a video on my iPhone but can't figure out how to convert the file from .MOV to .JPG. It won't play on Chrome, but will on Internet Explorer. http://www.ohiovalleysystem.com/img/IMG_0164_566.MOV The Top ten should be on YouTube in a couple days.
  10. Steve French was very upset about a couple of the calls durng his radio coverage. After one questionable penalty he said "The MAC is not going to let Miami lose to a no win team." Whatever Coach Tom said or did to get this team playing, he better keep it up.
  11. Spin


    When they made the announcement, they said they would become a member of the MAC in 2021. That's the last I heard.
  12. Spin


    I looked around at other school's baseball schedules. Some of them aren't out yet. I pieced together what I found out there. Being an independent we will not play all of the MAC schools this season. 3/20, 21, 22 vs. Miami Oh 3/27, 28, 29 vs. Toledo 4/1 at Kent 4/3, 4, 5 at Ball State 4/24, 25, 26 at Ohio U 4/28 vs Kent 4/29 vs Youngstown St
  13. Spin


    Strange we only have one game scheduled with them. That would cut travel expenses either way.
  14. Spin


    This was their schedule in 2015, their most recent season
  15. Spin


    They were working out and playing scrimmages this fall. They'll be active this spring.
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