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  1. Bowl has been sold for huge profit!

    Did anyone else see the Cleveland Force when they played outdoor exhibition games at the Rubber Bowl? Bert Wolstein wanted an outdoor soccer team, but couldn't find a venue, and the outdoor soccer leagues were a disaster during that time. If he had lived we would have an MLS team in northeast Ohio.
  2. Baseball's Coming Back

    Former Zip Chris Bassitt was called up to the A's today and pitched7 innings giving up 3 hits and 1 run on 6 strikeouts and 1 walk. Unfortunately he got no run support was was credited for the loss. No worries from Zips Nation, it's great to see ya back, especially with such a strong start.
  3. Baseball's Coming Back

    In every press release I've seen, that is the plan for the new program. And Canal Park is already excited to have us. I don't see how you could consider starting a new program and have them play at Lee Jackson. In the shadow of First Energy, across the walk from the softball stadium. Embarrassing. And it would be more expensive to make even a modest upgrade to LJF than play at CP. Point of reference, Youngstown State plays their home games at Eastwood Field, home of the Mahoning Valley Scrappers minor league team. It's 10 miles from campus. Cleveland State played their games at Sprenger Stadium (Lake County Crushers' stadium) in Avon. 24 miles from campus. It's not unusual for area college programs to play in minor league parks.
  4. Baseball's Coming Back

    That's one thing, they both require a total rebuild of the roster, by the time we're ready to contend again the guys on the current roster will probably be out of eligibility. The men's basketball program draws a lot of attention, and criticism where the baseball program can operate off the grid. The expectations aren't as high because the baseball program never measured up to the basketball (or soccer) program. And college baseball is rarely even considered by sports fans in this region. A vast majority said "Akron had baseball?". Would you rather take a baseball recruit to Canal Park, or a basketball recruit to the JAR. Considering the venues of other colleges.
  5. Baseball's Coming Back

    Hopefully the U has learned from that hire. I-a-don't-know could screw up a ham sandwich.
  6. Baseball's Coming Back

    I've been going to update this, and with the baseball forum lighting back up, why not now? Zips in the Pros, Baseball Version. Pitcher Chris Bassitt is 2-2 5.77 in AAA Nashville in his attempt to come back from Tommy John surgery. He is in the Oakland A's system. Pitcher JT Brubaker has 4 starts in AAA Indianapolis (2-1 3.32) and 6 in AA Altoona (2-2 1.80) in the Pirates system. Will he get a start in Akron next month? Outfielder Devin Ahart is batting .359 3 7 in Fargo-Moorehead independent league play. Outfielder Dom Iero is batting .115 1 3 in Joliet independent league C/LF Brian Lees and P John Valek have not appeared in a game since 2017
  7. Baseball's Coming Back

    Lots of challenges for the new coach for sure. But our last coach took a 7-20 (16-37) team to within one run of the MAC championship in four years. And he had to "showcase" Lee Jackson Field to recruits. I would rather be the new coach of the baseball program than the men's basketball program. One selling point the new coach has for recruits and transfers is the real chance to start. Our depth chart is currently blank.
  8. 2018 Spring Football

    Pretty nice crowd today, I thought. The weather probably helped. The parking lot was full, there were cars and trucks parking on Carroll along the Natatorium side. I didn't want to risk that so I pulled in a space in front of the JAR and dumped a bunch of quarters into the meter. When I went back after the game, all of those cars and trucks were gone. They couldn't have all left early. I wonder which tow yard got a bunch of business today. The O was definately behind the D early, but they did get off a few big plays in the second half that were impressive. Kato could have broke off some impressive runs if not for the touch rule. Not a lot is going to translate to the regular season but overall it was nice to just get outside and watch some football.
  9. Zips Bball's Future

    The Rubber Bowl was condemned, and it cost less to build the Info than to repair the Bowl's foundation, renovate the stadium, and bring the restrooms up to 1950's standards. Figuring in the sponsorship deals at the new stadium.
  10. Zips Bball's Future

    Is a new arena what will propel the Zips to the NCAA elite? An arena doesn't let the staff fly all over the country recruiting players. An arena doesn't entice future NBA first rounders to come to Akron. I think we're looking at the wrong fix. Some of the most iconic college basketball arenas are 70+ years old.
  11. Baseball's Coming Back

    That's accurate. I'd like to see the average in the MAC, and the B10 for that matter. The NCAA max is 11.7, for 35 guys. Remember, outside of football and men’s basketball, the average scholarship is only $8,700 per year. Some players find D3 a better deal, where you can get over 50% off your tuition with merit awards. Some coaches put all their scholly's in the pitching staff (3 regular starters, x number in the bull pen). Some spread it out into middle infielders, centerfielders, or spread it out among all of the starting players.
  12. Baseball's Coming Back

    I didn't think they would have any scholly's, so that's a good start. With the right people, they could compete in the MAC in a couple years. Which realistically, in the north, is where your goals should be anyway.
  13. I have a question. When the Crew moves to Texas, will they still have territorial rights over Ohio? Right now that only affects Wil, who is signed through 2020 anyway. But could future prospects be territorial picks by a franchise 1300 miles away?
  14. Game 32—EMU [MAC Tourney Rnd 2]

    Agreed. We didn't fire KD so we could hire coach Groce. Keith left.