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  1. At least we didn't get "skunked".
  2. We're laying a big ol' egg on ESPN. No numbers or letters, the big ESPN.
  3. Losing Ball was a downer too...
  4. Woody's back. Good, I thought he was going to miss his chance to be drafted by the Clowns.
  5. No three-and-out this time.
  6. The D went out and got a three-and-out, and then the O followed up with their own.
  7. Baseball's Coming Back

    He'll be helping with player recruiting and the coaching search.
  8. Game 2—UT Martin Skyhawks

    Sounds like along the lines of the Wayne College Warriors.
  9. Student Attendance & Marketing

    I work nights so I DVR several shows a week to watch later. So cable works for me. I also watch a lot of Spectrum Sports lately, with their high school football coverage and Columbus (soon to be Austin) Crew.
  10. Rivalry Survey

  11. Rivalry Survey

    The sports radio called from years ago? LOL
  12. Depth chart

    Has anyone penciled in a depth chart for this season? There are so many changes this year, who is Coach Groce looking at to start? Key rotations?