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  1. Game two Oakland 1 Akron 0 Next stop, sunny California. Still looking for a video feed, but it's a long work week anyhow.
  2. That's a wrap. Oakland College Grizzlies 4 University of Akron Zips 3
  3. Middle of the 14th Oakland is up 4-3. The guys are trying to make up the lost innings from Friday and yesterday. LOL. I don't think game 2 makes it to 7 innings.
  4. Going to the bottom of the 10th still tied. I have audio now.
  5. Watching Game #1 on Zips Digital Network (when my internet allows). It would be nice if they showed the scoreboard now and then. Sure looks cold out there.
  6. So they don’t have as many scholarships as they are allowed. I had a scout tell me they were, but not all must have come through...
  7. College baseball in Ohio...
  8. Just my luck. I have tomorrow off, ready to watch the first game, and picked up OT on Saturday. And they rain (snow) out tomorrow's game. 😦
  9. It looks like the games will be available on Zips Digital Network https://gozips.com/watch/?Live=132&type=Live
  10. One only has two messages. Can that one be deleted?
  11. Spin


    In this episode of "Spin Can't Catch a Video to Save his Life", we have this hatchet job... http://www.ohiovalleysystem.com/zipsbaseball.mp4 I am taking donations for a real camera and tripod. LOL
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