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  1. Womens Lacrosse

    A club sport is started, coached, operated, and played by students. It's not a sanctioned sport. That doesn't mean that they can't be a whole lot of fun. I went to a lot of club hockey games when the team was well organized and played a regular schedule. Attendance at those games rivaled a lot of the official sports at the university. It was a great time. But there are limits on what the university can do to support them.
  2. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Seriously? This is the coach who's better than Terry Bowden? I don't get it. These guys seem underwhelmed as well
  3. NCAA Tournament

    A couple of bad calls... Disappointed but still proud of our Zips.
  4. NCAA Tournament

    These TV hacks are so far us MSU's ass they can't barely mention there's another team out there. Even up 4-0...
  5. Critiquing Coach Bowden

    Kind of strange watching "Zips Football with Terry Bowden" Same opening that they used all season. Once the show started, David Skoczen and Joe Dunn referred to the show as "Zips Football Weekly". Then they just mentioned the team looking for a new coach, never mentioned his name.
  6. NCAA Tournament

    I'll be there. If there's any seats left, I get out of work at 7:30ish in Canton.
  7. Possible Candidates

    Texas is another hotspot for high school football. Most places in the country draw less fans and students to varsity football games than some of the JV games in the hot spots. We might not get a lot of recruits from Texas (although we were getting quite a few from Florida another hot spot), getting good players from Ohio gets their family and friends to the games. They have support. They can go home on holidays and on weekends in the off season.
  8. Possible Candidates

    We need another experienced college head coach. It was the experienced Bowden who rescued the program from the disaster the inexperienced iCoach left us with. We need anopther experienced college head coach to take it from here. How many rookie head coaches have we lived through between the Zips and the Browns over the decades?
  9. Possible Candidates

    We can talk about population all week, but the simple fact is football is THE sport in Ohio high schools, especially northeast Ohio. It's a northeast Ohio hotbed. The best athletes play football in high school. In other parts of the country, that isn't true.
  10. Possible Candidates

    Mike McCarthy is unemployed now.
  11. Critiquing Coach Bowden

    ...a sad ending to a successful coaching career. 175–114–2
  12. Critiquing Coach Bowden

    How long does Vince Kehres' have left on his contract?
  13. ...and this one mercifully ends. Last one out turn out the lights.
  14. At least we're not sitting in the freezing rain watching this.