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  1. Thought that might happen, but hoped it wouldn't. Bummer
  2. I, for one, agree with you. Retain the core (minus Ivy of course), fill in some depth and this thing could get turned around in a big way, and rather quickly. That said, the motto for the 2018-2019 Zip men's hoopsters could be "keeping it close, with Coach John Groce"
  3. I chose Pitt. I'll admit, once the questions became too mundane and monotonous I just started picking "no difference" as if I was filling out C's with a number 2 pencil on a Western Cult test
  4. Oh boy - we definitely need to talk. It's almost certain that they (our finer halves) ran in the same circles. Hopefully we can meet up in Lot 9 or the surrounding area before the game.
  5. Mrs. johnnyzip84 also graduated from Revere Let's just say she had a rather infamous class mate. Speaking to your ISU/OSU discussion, I know quite a few Zip fans who admire the Cyclones for NOT becoming Buckeye clones
  6. The Suburbanite has a good article on Evan Bush's relatively long path to MLS.
  7. Chuck Webb was a nice big target who could run some after the catch in the late 90's. Edit: (1998) 13 receptions for 213 yards 1TD
  8. That has been a nice thing to observe. I'll add the only UA player to have ever coached a game in the NBA.
  9. GT plays a little catch up with this article on Ludwig.
  10. And yet one not mentioned here was named to the Rimington Trophy Watch List for centers - a bit unexpected, no?
  11. I'll take a win of any kind, but it would be nice if the Zips don't have to sweat it out towards the end tonight. In the event of a close game towards the end, I can envision scores of early arriving OU and Kent fans turning a home crowd into an away crowd quite quickly.
  12. I'll add a few thoughts: I agree with B&G that sometimes it seems like KD has too much faith in his team. I suspect the motivation behind it is to foster confidence, so I'm not sure I'd want him to change that aspect of his coaching. One example this year that I might wish he could take back was his assertion that Kwan might have a future as a "specialist" in the NBA (Beacon article). It seems like things went south for Kwan right after that article was written, almost as if he felt subconsciously compelled to hone his future specialty at the expense of his overall game. Time is of the essence, but hopefully he can learn quickly from the Miami meltdown and finish strong. Regarding Olojakpoke, put me in the pleasantly surprised group with regards to his development this year. Of course he remains very raw on offense, but at the beginning of the season it seemed to me as though he wanted absolutely no part of the ball, presumably for fear of making a mistake. Besides the alley oops, he's got himself in position for a few bunnies and his free throw shooting looks much better. He looks like someone who is more than willing to work on his game, and if you combine that with his raw physical skills and his apparently limited time playing the game who is to say what kind of player he might develop into over the next 3 years. He does a few things that nobody else on the roster can.
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