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  1. Name another sport where the true announcers (as opposed to the ex-jocks) somehow managed to get juiced up to the point where "Classy" Freddie Blassie could no longer accurately refer to them as "pencil neck geeks" 😁
  2. I recall hearing from some players during the Owens years that members of his staff were fond of the Green Bay Packers. If you look at the uniforms from those years, and imagine the green and blue being interchangeable, it's easy to see the resemblance.
  3. I'm obviously in the minority, but I like it quite a bit. I hope they don't stray too far from it for many years. My fellow college football fans I grew up with noted long ago that you could always tell the "powers" from the "also rans" by how often the uniforms changed. The best teams almost never changed them. Let's allow the excellent assembly of coaching talent we have to enjoy a long run with the "A and hidden Z" or "zipped A" motif.
  4. As long as they're not "sawing logs" when they're supposed to be "sawing wood", I'm OK with it.
  5. Hitting a good percentage of 3's would be an obvious wish for having a shot at the upset. One thing that could undo any potential advantage there is something Freeman, as fantastic as he has been, has had issues with - foul trouble. I'm really hoping the combined height and movement in the Bruin's front court don't exploit this tendency, but I'm sure it's high on their list of game plan priorities.
  6. I heartily agree with this and with kreed5120's original point. I might add however that the lopsided win at BG may have delayed the 2nd exodus. It was obvious Groce wanted to be as patient as possible during the middle part of the season waiting for Trimble to break out of his slump. When Bryan caught fire with that unreal 33 point explosion of threes, it briefly APPEARED as though coach's patience was being rewarded. In retrospect, it turned out to be mere fool's gold. In my view, that makes the late season coming together even that more remarkable - it had to happen over such a compressed time period. It's extremely impressive no matter how you look at it.
  7. What the 'meister failed to mention is he left U@B after the 2020 season. He coached the Jayhawks to a 2-10 record this year. So his departure is probably not the cause for the exodus - unless there is a subspace variation at the US/Canadian border 😁
  8. It's no doubt a small town news outlet jumping the gun, but I still like the sound of it. https://www.wccsradio.com/2021/12/03/pittsburgh-native-named-head-coach-at-akron/
  9. Hopefully this doesn't throw a last minute wrench into the plans.
  10. As if we needed any more evidence that we live in strange times, who would have predicted Duquesne football would defeat OU in Athens and Duquesne hoops (with Falcon kryptonite Dambrot no less) would lose at home to BG in the same year?
  11. Speaking of tradition, I'm reminded of the '94 "classic". Who among the hundreds in attendance will every forget Gerry triumphantly leaving the field, propped upon the shoulders of his most trusted players that cool, sunny November afternoon in the Rubber Bowl? Barring an outcome as improbable as a coin landing on its edge, somebody had to ruin somebody else's perfect season that day.
  12. Alcorn was also a pretty good punter, handling all kicking duties for the Zips for at least his senior year as I recall. I think his versatility may have helped him get drafted (albeit barely 😃).
  13. I apologize if THIS has been posted before. At least the door is capable of swinging both ways.
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