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  1. I wondered how the game got away from Akron last night in the second half. We shot 1 of 11 from 3 point land. It is so difficult to watch Trimble shoot a step back three and miss and then have Kent score on the other end. Kent dominated the boards because everyone on their team attacked the basket. I also noticed that Ali got pushed around a few times under the boards. We seemed to do better last night with Freeman and Aziz both on the floor. I also thought that Dawson and Trimble were getting beat on defense. I also thought Tribble Freeman and Castanada showed toughness last night and had good games. Ali made some tough baskets the 2nd half that kept us in the game. Is it me or does a loss to Kent in B Ball by double digits seem like losing 5 games in a row.
  2. I made the mistake of going to the game tonight thinking the Zips would play well. I indicated how I hoped Trimble would learn how good he could be by driving to the basket and taking short jump shots. Well throw that right out the window. He missed 3 ball after 3 ball. I watched him shoot at the half and with nobody guarding him I watched him miss 12 in a row. He stayed on the court and kept shooting and finally made one. I thought this is not his night to shoot the 3 ball. Within 30 seconds in the 2nd half he shot and missed another 3. Groce should coach Trimble and tell him you hit 5 of 6 on Tuesday from short distance. Stop shooting the 3 ball you are killing our chance to win. That did not happen. I was also disappointed with Groce. Our full court press was pathetic. Why bother? Also, on one possession he had Trimble guarding Carey and it was ugly. Carey blew past him. Also, as somebody noticed, Clarke was terrible at the point. He dribbles the clock away, forced up a 3, turned the ball over, and just looked bad. Did not see him in the 2nd half. He was really good last year backing up LCJ. Where did his game go. Groce indicated we were not tough enough. Look at the stats on the 3 point shooting. We could not shoot the 3 ball. I hope this is not a trend that this team is going to suck on the road. Very disappointed in the game.
  3. I also checked their website and picked up 2 tickets in the chair back section lower court 3rd row. They were expensive $50 but I think Akron is going to win tonight so well worth the money although I have gone to this game close to 10 times and came home disappointed nine times. I would love to see Trimble have a game like Tuesday where he drove to the basket and shot short jump shots. It really adds another dimension to this team.
  4. I loved watching Trimble tonight. Who knew that he had such a great game taking the ball to the hoop, taking jump shots and he even made a floater. X really had a great game and was flawless from the foul line at the end of the game. I have seen Ali play like this before, he starts to the basket, hesitates and then takes a fade away jump shot. He was out of sync offensively all night. He only had one point tonight. That has to be Tribble's first 3 of the season. I also thought Clark had a bad game. When he plays the point he dribbles too much and runs down the shot clock. Akron had 10 turnovers in the first half and shot poorly from the 3 line and were only down 2 points. Great 2nd half and great finish. Also, these refs sucked and blew the whistle way too much. There was a new ref I never saw before and he was pretty bad. However, it helped Akron at the end of the game since they called some weak fouls against Ball State that sent us to the foul line.
  5. Thanks for that comment. I noticed that when they were shaking hands that Groce gave him a brief hug and I thought it was a weird because usually you see that when a player has an outstanding game and Finke did not play that exceptional.
  6. And 3 years from now you will not remember anything remarkable about the game on Monday. (LOL)
  7. I was surprised to learn that Radford is a division 1 school. They are from Virginia and I have no idea why they are on our schedule. Have we played them before?
  8. The guy doing the color I guess is a coach but he is constantly talking and although he had a lot of insight into Wright State he just talked way to much for me.
  9. Since the zips have not been shooting well away from the jar, they should try to get the ball inside to Freeman who is the leading scorer and shooting around 65%. Has anyone else noticed that Tribble has stopped shooting the ball unless he is driving to the basket. I cannot remember the last time he shot a jump shot or a 3 pointer. He has a nice touch at the foul line and should try to shoot some 12 footers instead of the 3 ball. Clark has our worst shooting percentage (30%) and has more turnovers than assists. Not a good combination for a point guard. I thought he played better in the Florida A and m game. We need for him to play better. I wish Ali could be more consistent. Sometimes he looks great and other times he seems to force shots and cost the team possessions. Looking forward to watching how we do against a mid major. Why couldn't this be a home game. I hope they come to the Jar next year.
  10. The womans game was cancelled because of Vikings Covid issue. They should move the men's game to 5 or 6 so there will not be a conflict with the Browns.
  11. I thought Clark was pretty good last year as a backup to LCJ. He was able to penetrate, good passing, and shot the ball decent. I haven't seen anything like that this year. He had 2 turnovers in the first couple of minutes he was in the game. He did not make a shot. I just see him getting less time unless he starts playing better.
  12. I thought Souther played great in the first 10 minutes. They played fast and they played physical. The Zips could not get the ball into their big men. However, after the first 10 minutes the Zips started hitting some shots, the refs started call fouls, the game slowed down and Southern could not find the hoop and were shooting around 30% at the half. In the 2nd half the Zips took control with good defense and good shooting. Tribble has really been impressive. The team played well. The attendance sucked and I just don't think we will ever get back to pre-covid attendant. I am guessing the half the season ticket holders are gone. Thank the rowdies because they are loud. However, even their attendance was down from the first game. The Southern coach reminded of Hurley. He was on the refs the entire game. He was also yelling at his players the entire game getting into their face. I actually felt bad for some of their players. I was surprised to see the Zips try to walk off without shaking hands but Groce called them back. Glad to see the handshakes at the end of the game after a physical contest. Saw Freeman make a couple of mistakes in not boxing out after foul shots. I saw Groce say something to him. He is a great player and it unusual to see him make mental mistakes.
  13. I wonder after 7 years of B ball he decided it was enough or did he leave early so he could get an 8th year next year. Every time you take a transfer it is a risk.
  14. For all those Zips fans that complain about the refs, we got every call in the last minute of the game. X got a foul call when driving to the hoop, Marshall got called for a foul on Freeman under the basket on a rebound, Freeman got fouled on the dunk, a travelling call on Marshall on an offensive rebound, and the foul by Marshall on Freeman with 3.2 seconds left. Don't get me wrong, they were all fouls and violations in my eyes, but the refs rarely see the same things I do. However, the key to the game was Marshall missing on a one and one that would have sealed the game. And the Zips hitting their foul shots at the end of the game. We earned this game and a great victory for the Zips.
  15. Yes, I can see the coach drawing up plays but it all Greek to me. I have had those seats for over 10 years and that was a first.
  16. That was one of the best games and finishes in a long time. I heard during Groce pregame that they were going to play the ball low to Freeman. And it worked!! He has improved so much offensively. I sit behind the Marshall Bench and telling his player that Tribble was not a shooter and to not guard him on the perimeter. I guess that started listening in the second half. I am sorry to hear that Walton is no longer with the team but it opened up time for Tribble, and other players. I even saw Wynn. My only gripe is the Groce should not have gone to a zone and given up a wide open 3 in the corner. Our zone play was not that great. I think we are better man to man. I hope they continue to feed Freeman in the post.
  17. Glad to see the team shoot the ball well today. The last 2 days have been brutal.
  18. I think Tribble is doing well playing the point. The offense seems to be running smoothly. I like that they are getting the ball into Freeman.
  19. I feel like I am watching an Akron football game. I have had enough of Trimble firing away from 3. I am glad he made one but that has to be 2 for 25. Groce wants him to shoot out of his slump. Great, but I am done watching it.
  20. The second half starts same as the first. One turnover and 3 missed 3 shots. What about those law of averages.
  21. When KD was coach, we had great shooters but we were not athletic and everybody on this board indicated that Akron should recruit athletes, we can always teach ball players to shoot. Maybe we were wrong. (LOL)
  22. I think there may be less complaining if the game had been on ESPN plus for free. However, many of us spent $30 to watch this tournament and expected a Zips team that was ready to compete. Also, I stated during the Wheeling and Point Park thread that those games were a waste of time and did nothing to prepare the team for the season. This game seems to prove my point.
  23. This is what happens when you have no senior leadership. When we would get in these shooting funks last year LCJ would drive to the hoop and dish for a basket or hit a jumper. Ali, Trimble, Tribble, just could not spark anything. Freeman was the only one who could score and they had some nice blocks on him in the second half. Lets hope this game is a abberation. After football and soccer, we are all looking for redemption in our b ball program.
  24. Disagree, this is worse. VCU was a good team that played pressure defense against an undermanned Akron squad. What is our excuse in this game, the arena is too big?
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