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  1. What a team, what a game, what a culture, what a program! That was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in my life. All it takes is belief and mental toughness and you can do special things. This season has been wild, and these guys have stayed the course and done it the right way. So happy, so proud, so thankful. Y'all are the best, let's savor this one for a while! Go Zips!
  2. Mr. OVI Sullinger into the game, can’t make this stuff up
  3. More noise the Zips don’t need to listen to. Just play your damn game against whoever is on the floor.
  4. I couldn’t give less of a s*** about all that outside nonsense. It’s to be expected. I just care about the Zips, them staying focused and playing their game. That’s all that matters.
  5. Right on. On paper, the Zips matchup well with Kent, Carry has just been able to talent them to wins. He’s the best player on the floor and that can’t be disputed. With that said, from a purely basketball standpoint, Trimble not being here could make this game a whole lot different. Kent killed Akron on the perimeter twice in the regular season, and UA’s perimeter D has been so important in this run. They’ve got to win this game with their defense. That’s the only way.
  6. I don’t know if my body can handle this game. God bless these players for doing what they do with all the bright lights and pressure. It’s amazing. I love Akron and I love Akron basketball. I want this more than anything right now. Am I expecting to win? I don’t know, I don’t think so. But I also really don’t think Kent is as dominant as the general consensus in the MAC says they are. I like our guys, I like our staff, and I love this opportunity. Shock the world, Go Zips!
  7. What a win. What a team. What an opportunity we have in front of us! While I was a little disappointed in our offensive execution (outside of X, jumpers weren't falling much), the Zips secured it on the defensive end again. I was bummed and very worried with the Rollins 5-0 run going into the break, but in stretches where the Zips struggled to score, they still played hard D and forced tough shots. The strategy of running teams off the three-point line also worked again, and it helped that UT couldn't cash in at the line. Demon-killing check: Buffalo--DONE Toledo--DONE 2022 Kent--??? I'm proud of this group and proud of this coaching staff. Win or lose, they've taken a dumpster fire and have us on the brink of some serious history. Belive, Akron fans. BELIEVE. Why not us? Go Zips!!!
  8. I could be wrong, but off the top of my head, we haven’t met Toledo in the tournament since that wild game in 2009. With that said, over these last 15 years, the three remaining teams are the three with the most success against Akron over that stretch (Buffalo was also one of them). The odds are stacked against Akron in a way that we haven’t really seen before. Between the roster crap, Pinky’s best player having a GF on the Kent women’s team so he falls into his lap, officiating being insane against Freeman, shooting woes, and the lack of a true leader, it’s almost like, why not Akron? With all of that said, as someone else said, the Zips haven’t been truly blown out in a MAC game and play a pace and style that is beneficial to winning as an underdog or when not playing their best. I’m probably jinxing it and Toledo will win by 15+. But you just never know. The Zips are together and their teamism is peaking at the right time. Let’s shock the league! Go Zips!
  9. That Toledo team in 2009 was dreadful, but played one of their best games of the season in the first round against the Zips. A truly unbelievable win for Akron. Buffalo in 2019 is obviously the best team we’ve ever met in the QF and probably ever in the tournament period. With that said, the top of the MAC is very tough so getting the 4-seed and having to go through UB, Toledo, Kent/OU is an absolute gauntlet. This would be the most impressive tournament win in program history if they can pull it off. While the Zips aren’t the most skilled team, deepest team, or experienced team, it feels good to have faith and belief in the guys and the coaching staff. Win, lose, or draw, I’m very pleased with how this season has played out considering the circumstances.
  10. A win today for the Zips would shock me. Buffalo has everything they need to win a MAC title and win games in the NCAA tournament. They’re old, they’re extremely well coached, they’ve got an insanely good scoring guard, they’ve got some shooting, they’ve got post play, and depth. That said, the Zips always have a puncher’s chance if 25 is in the ball game. I’m proud of what this team has accomplished, so why not us?? Go Zips!
  11. Chris Singletary, Carlton Guyton, Danny Pippen beat the crap outta Justyn Hamilton last year, Jaylen Walker bar fight, current rotation player arrested for OVI. But yeah, it doesn’t really happen much over in Portage County.
  12. What a damn game and what a damn win. Did John Groce kill Buffalo?? Let’s hope! I’ve said all year that the Zips lack killer instinct. They had numerous chances to build on the ten-point lead but just couldn’t run a good set to get a good shot. Hey, a win is a win! Ali had one of his better jump-shooting games, but his ball handling was dreadful and Buffalo guarded it well. They attacked the ball instead of allowing him to be comfortable. X really saved us at the end of the first half as well, we need those two to show up. Also props to Tribble (obviously) and Mike Dawson, he attacked the basket with ferocity today in addition to burying a lot of big shots. Zips fans are so lucky, this has continued to be a special run across decades. Akron’s won at least one MAC tournament game every year (sans 2020) since 2005, and they’ve qualified for Cleveland more than anyone in the league in that stretch. Though it’s been a few years since big success in Cleveland, today felt a lot like the old days. Hopefully we can get more Zips faithful behind the boys tomorrow! Survive and advance, keep believing! Go Zips!!!!!
  13. Here we are again. Cleveland vs. Buffalo. Man these games are so stressful. I’ve been loving how the Zips have been playing, but you still never really know what you’re going to get. With it being March, it’s time for Ali and/or X to put their collective foot down and lead this team to victory. Buffalo may seem daunting with their three-headed monster, but I like our depth more than theirs. This is going to be a total team effort to both efficiently score and not let Williams/Segu/Mballa single handedly end the Zips’ season. Not much else to say. Just super nervous and anxious. I want it bad. Go Zips!!!!
  14. Hell of a gritty win, so proud of this program! Preseason season last to MAC POY and a dominant 2nd half to easily take the QF. I don’t think we match up well with Buffalo, as not only does Fair cancel out JD, but they have a whole brigade of players that dominate the boards and the post. I guess it’s just how it’s been all year, play like you’ve got nothing to lose. Go Zips!
  15. Ohio is very skilled, but couldn’t really come back against deficits like that all year with Hooks’ inability to shoot from the outside or hit free throws consistently. The game went a couple minutes past 1:00pm so the second game will tip a little after 1:30, setting back the schedule a few minutes. I’d expect the Zips to tip around 7pm tonight.
  16. Carry POY Freeman DPOY Hamilton 6th man (dumb) Sparks FOY
  17. Lamont is the man. He was second on my personal wish list after Groce back in 2017. He's a super guy and obviously a tremendous coach, that was so much fun to watch last night!
  18. Got a link? Can’t seem to find anything.
  19. I believe Norman had some family issues and wanted to be close to home, that is my understanding but I don’t know the whole story.
  20. Clayton Bates has been let go at WMU
  21. The tournament has become less and less fan friendly over the years. Having the men’s quarterfinals tipping at 11a and playing nonstop until they’re done is so stupid. When you break it up into two sessions, it allows fans who go for the whole day (like myself) to have a break and enjoy the Cleveland experience. Now, a single game will tip after 7:00pm, and instead of the seating being cut and dry (higher seed behind team bench, low seed across), with 8 teams playing in one session people will be scattered around and the atmosphere will suffer. This is yet another COVID thing that will stick because it saved everyone money regardless of whether people enjoy it or not. As for Friday, that’s just the unfortunate reality of TV contracts, and it yet again takes away from the fans in the building.
  22. What are we thinking for All-MAC? My 1st team prediction will be: Sears Carry Rollins J. Williams Freeman POY: Carry FOY: Sparks COY: Pinky ( 🤮 ) 6th man: Santiago DPOY: To be honest, no idea. Maybe Jacobs from Kent?
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