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  1. Boo f-ing hoo Nick. These players are adults. There are NHL and NBA players making millions at the ages of 18 and 19 and nobody says poo. If college players make stupid decisions with their money, they should be free to do so. It's a free country. College football isn't being destroyed by nil and the transfer portal. In fact one could easily argue college football had one of the best seasons if not the best season ever last year. More teams are better and games are more exciting. Blue bloods worry about non blue bloods showing up to their country club in a pair of cargo shorts and a $10 golf shirt from Target, and winning the club championship. That's what Nick is whining about.
  2. I thought the "Fighting Lutherans" were defeated in 1945.
  3. I'd like to answer this. Matthew point is making the football program benefit the athletes, students, alumni, fans and general ne Ohio community. That's good enough for me.
  4. Link Smart guys like Gene Smith don't just say things like this to the media on a whim. The idea has been pushed around behind the scenes for years and it's going to happen. If you are thinking the G5 schools are in the FBS so these changes won't impact them, think again. The P5 schools aren't going to drag us along and drain their revenue stream. G5 schools need to prepare for the inevitable.
  5. Reminds me a lot of this only not as obvious. Work on differentiating the A from the Z.
  6. Initially I didn't like it. The more I look at it the more I like it. Not exactly over the moon though. There is some flexibility to do different things with it so that's good.
  7. I laughed when I saw your name. We should put 3rd&twenty on our helmets. More people probably connect that with Akron football than anything else. An "A" of some sort is not what I'm looking for. It could mean any number of things. Be clear about who and what you are. No confusion.
  8. I've driven by MSU. It's a soulless stadium on a soulless campus.
  9. Like I said, I love the TP, but it really is the washout portal. 72% of this who entered this spring have no scholarship. 28% do have a scholarship.
  10. What I like the most is the increased funding assistants. Program success is way more than the head coach. Also, I like a coach dedicated to physical fitness and good to see money for that position. Looking at the Zips, I think their physical fitness could be better.
  11. I love the TP. There will always be transfers regardless of what is used to allow them to process the transfer. For most, it's going to be the Washout Portal. Regardless of whether or not someone is playing sports, college isn't for everyone. Some just washout of spots but can't face it, but they are college material. Unless these kids absolutely hate where they are going to school, they should just stay at the school and stop playing sports. There is plenty else to do in college.
  12. I don't know how I'd feel if my team brought in the 49th best player in the TP. Doesn't seem that impressive to me. I'm more impressed there are 1,400 players in the TP. I'll just assume most suck.
  13. Should colleges be allowed to offer, either verbally or in writing, a high school player a scholarship before they play their last high school game? If the rule was made, what impact would it have on the transfer portal? My thesis around this would be as the player ages through highschool, they can change both physically and emotionally. Early commitments prevent them from using what they learn to make the best decisions for themselves ending up in the transfer portal.
  14. If offering a scholarship to a player who has not finished their senior season was forbidden, how would it impact the transfer portal?
  15. I like the transfer portal. It gives freedom to people. The thing about freedom is it allows a person to make both good and bad decisions then hopefully learn from them. We learn more from failure than success. There are a lot of young people who are going to learn some rough lessons over the next 4-5 years until this fad has less importance. In my opinion, Ali has made a bad decision. History shows he's an above average MAC player, not great. Those of us old enough realize he isn't close to some of the great Zips or MAC players of the past 30-35 years. The Big East is a very good league and much better than the MAC from talent to coaching to player size. Players have to be on the top of their game every night and he really isn't that guy. He'll have some good games, but not be close to being a difference maker. His potential is much better at Akron. I'm not certain what professional league is going to be impressed by a mid level player at a mid level Big East school....maybe someone could help me out with that?.?. The NBA is extremely difficult to get in because there are so few players and anyone who is any good typically doesn't waste much time in college. There are some really good college basketball players playing in the NBA D League and Ali isn't at that level. Playing in Europe in a cigarette smoked filled arena? Maybe. Ali is gone...whatever. Guys like him can be replaced.
  16. I'm glad to hear Tim has a building process to match his exposure.
  17. Think of the exposure Bryant is going to get.
  18. Interesting. A part time starter at Duke?
  19. These three would be a nice supporting cast for 2-3 bigger time players. I'm guessing their coach will be able to attract some good players. Seton Hall has historically had glimpses of potential great teams but it never seems to pan out for them. I don't see that changing any time soon.
  20. I'm willing to bet all three will be at Seton Hall next year.
  21. If low level employees at Adidas, etc.didnt hand out money to recruits, there would be no reason for these companies to hire low level employees. In reality, the world is a lot different today than 2019 because of NIL. Promising NIL deals will replace the white envelope. The NCAA should dismiss this case before it loses another Federal lawsuit.
  22. Why wouldn't they be content? They vote for it.
  23. Geez.... I didn't think I could hate sports branding anymore than associating with three letter airport symbols or things like The Land or here in Charlotte, Buzz City. Then there is this garbage.
  24. A guy with his talent and the transfer portal.... about 1-2 years.
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