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  1. Reno is a good hire. Syracuse did have some good talent. They should have won more.
  2. Did he? If so, it's awesome. Wealthy graduates do things like this at big schools.
  3. I'd like a throwback uniform with a logo depicting a burning sofa on Kathryn Place.
  4. For the first time, a G5 team is in the college football playoffs. Granted, soon Cincinnati will be a P5 school, but today they are G5. What do you want to happen in their game against Alabama? My opinion is this. I hope Alabama beats them 100-0. Cincinnati is the best G5 team I can remember and I'm pretty convinced they will be destroyed. If the game is respectable, it will confuse those who believe there is no difference between G5 and P5. It will slow down the inevitable which is the separation of the two groups into separate divisions. If Cincinnati gets destroyed, it will speed up the inevitable. The best thing to happen for G5 will be the separation of the groups.
  5. I would love an ARoo logo. Unfortunately our Roo looks like a rabbit.
  6. I'll post these so nobody else has to make a fool of themselves. 1. Anyone named Tressel 2. Anyone named Kehres 3. Jim Grobe 4. Bobby Petrino 5. The word Pedigree
  7. I'd be willing to bet $200 his next school won't be his last.
  8. I've wanted to go back for a game for a long time but the football has been so bed. I'll definitely go to a home MAC game next year when they get around to playing the MAC schedule in October.
  9. Some may be disappointed, but I think the"Building Process" may be mercifully over after over 30 years.
  10. We should tip our hats to our AD for executing on what looks be a good hire. Anyone who thinks Akron isn't a great coaching opportunity is nuts. If you aim high, you hit high. If you aim low, you hit low. Guthrie aimed high. Hiring a good coach just takes a little more imagination than Ianello and Arth. Good grief.
  11. Every player on Oregon's team was at least smart enough to get in college. They looked like a team that knew they were not as good as Utah coming into the game (Utah destroyed them less than a month ago). They tried hard at first then realized there was no hope. Players at that level know at some point during a game like that their cannot win.
  12. Last night had nothing to do with on field coaching for either team. Utah has much better players than Oregon. Bigger, faster, stronger. They destroyed Oregon twice this season. Assuming Oregon's coaching would have been better, they would have been slightly less humiliated.
  13. Utah destroyed Oregon 38-7 less than a month ago. What makes anyone think tonight would be any different?
  14. Each player will be evaluated against a group of players the new coach brings in. It will create a new and different competition on the team. May the best players win. Nobody gets a break for time served.
  15. Some have been down on the AD. I wish he was standing next to me so I could shake his hand and tell him he did a good job. I really didn't have much of an option about him before this. The Arth firing was a pretty low bar to clear in the competency category. I have been down on Dr. Miller because I thought his handling of the messaging of the goings-on at the school has been poor. The AD hire makes me feel less down about him. This is a good hire. Everyone should feel optimistic. I sure do.
  16. This is a good point. Solich took over a horrible program, injected high standards, showed game day competency and turned that program. He was a real prick and the players responded.
  17. ND would never hire what amounts to a coordinator with his lack of name recognition. Weis had a big name coming from New England and Bob Davie had the support of Holtz. Ignoring Faust, you'd have to go really far back to find an unaccomplished name leading ND.
  18. Luke Fickel should jump on ND. Then ND should enter the ACC full time. He would make them the league champion within the first two years.
  19. Morehead..... I hope it's true. I thought he would be out of our league in terms of interest and price. Akron badly needs competency at the helm. His resume smells of more competency than any other coach in the division or even the conference. Some guys reach their level. Joe is a G5 head coach or a high level coordinator. If you want to lead, you become a head coach. If you want to follow, you stay a coordinator. Joe is a good leader. He did well at Fordham and MSU. He knows how to lead a team. He also developed a good list of QBs. For those who root for defense, his 2018 Bulldogs lead the nation in total defense. He was on a MAC Championship team at Akron so he knows what it takes. If this is true, and God I hope it is, there will be brighter days ahead.
  20. He has the pedigree. Just kidding. Felt throwing out a useless cliche.
  21. A reason to take the Akron job? The MAC East is so horrible that Kent can win it. With just a little competence and some decent recruiting, the next coach should be competing for the division championship in three years or less.
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