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  1. For Question 3, the number 2 shows up in two options.
  2. I was a Bowden fan, but wanted him to fire the OC. However, the expectations were higher his last couple of years and he did not produce. I, like most fans, agreed with his dismissal at the time it happened. Now, there is back pedaling across the board. He is gone now so he is not an option, and we need to focus on the current situation and move on. I would have liked Getsy as the head coach, but that did not happen. The statement above that 'Getsy has D1 playing and coaching experience. Arth has neither' is correct. However, Arth played in the NFL. He was not a star, but he made an NFL team. That is much so better than D1. He was also endorsed by Bernie Kosar and Peyton Manning, two of the smartest NFL players ever. These facts make it evident that Arth has very high football smarts. Now, that does not prove that he can recruit or coach. He has to prove that he can. Also, the talent level that Bowden left was pretty low. Pre-season analytics had the Zips losing each game, but they were predicted at a 1-2 win level based on statistics that they could have pulled off a couple of wins. Based on these facts, Arth is meeting expectations. Also, Arth's recruiting ratings last year were good considering the fact that he had a late start. In fact, many on this nation said it was better than any recruiting class in the Bowden era. Also, in 247 recruiting, he has all 3 star prospects to date this year. So, I have faith that he is brining in talent. With most of Bowden's classes, the recruits had only one offer, that from Akron. That appears to be improving as many of last year's recruits and this year's commits have more than one offer. I am disappointed and frustrated about the Zips season. However, Arth should never be compared to Ianello regarding football knowledge, who did not play college ball (I could not find any stats that he played). Arth has a high football IQ as evident by his experience. Now, he needs some time to get the right staff and players and make a push toward having a successful season. I will be at the next two home games, and I will try to follow today's game if I can find it on air. I will always remain a faithful Zip with expectations of a much better 20 season and a good 21 season. Go Zips!!!
  3. One offensive touchdown and one sack, but somehow, the Zips pull it out. (it is the middle of the night and I can dream.)
  4. If you watch his highlights, it is very obvious the position he plays in high school. He played either the Nose or Tackle, and never on the outside in his mid season highlights. He did not seem very dominant or quick, but if he was, he would be going big time. However, he plays at a position of need, the DL. I hope that he keeps his commitment and becomes a Zip.
  5. What is the status of Reese for the NIU game? He gave the offense spark that Lee could never provide. I also liked the couple of plays that Hayes Kennedy had in the game. However, I would guess that they would try to save him and red shirt him. He should have three more games to play this year.
  6. The commit list above has him at 280 lb. Here it is 235. I wonder which weight is closer to being correct.
  7. Nobody saw that coming. I am still holding our for a Zip win against BG.
  8. The Zips get beat handily again by Kent State. Fortunately, the Zips beat BGSU in early November to avoid going winless.
  9. I look forward to the first win of the season. It will not be pretty, but it will be a close game (less than 7), weak running game (less than 90), and the low scoring option. Go Zips.
  10. To support my comments that the Zips have a chance against UMass and BGSU, I looked up the rankings. Of the 130 FBS teams, the Zips were ranked 126th going into the weekend. UMass was 125th and BGSU was 124. We have a chance to win a couple of games. If you look at the rankings of Central, Illinois, and Troy, they are not very high and they blew out the Zips. I still have faith. We will win the two games this year.
  11. The thing that is bothering me the most is the apathetic feeling at the tail gates and at the games. The lots are no where near full for tailgating, and these lots are in prime locations. Also, the responses on this forum are sparse. If there was a lot of interest, there would be many comments, even if they were thoughtless and negative. Also, I counted less than 100 students in the student section during the first half. Many left at half time. We used to go to the Rubber Bowl for every game. How much fun would it have been to have football on campus. We could tap the keg, drink, go to the first half, go back to the dorm, finish the keg, and come back for the second half. There is no interest for Zips football. If you are a student or an alum, I do not understand it. OK, go ahead and rip me but we need to get interest in the University of Akron Zips.
  12. I agree that the o and d lines need a lot of help and there is no short term solution. Who do they beat this year? I think there are two possibilities: UMass and BGSU. I originally thought that Kent was a chance, but I have changed my mind. Regarding a big RB, why isn't Keyondre White or Peter Hayes-Patrick playing? They were both 3 stars out of high school. Also, why didn't Burkhart play today? Any inside information would be great.
  13. The first question shows the sad state of affairs. Go Zips! I will be there early to cheer on my alma mater.
  14. Now, with the Chip's QB and RB out, the zips have a chance, but in a close low scoring game. I expect Kato to get the bulk of the running yards, therefore 71 - 100. Also, Burkhart will have another good game, but not this Saturday. It will be AW. Go Zips!!!
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