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  1. must be a preview. Akron is not in the end zone.
  2. Wow!! It sure looks fantastic. I cannot wait until the first game and kickoff. I am so proud to be an Akron Alumnus. I have learned to love the new logo. Go Zips!!!
  3. Manning and Ewers are going to be in the QB room along with a couple other top notch QBs. There will be 1-2 good players entering the transfer portal. Coach Joe needs to stay abreast of the situation. Go Zips!!
  4. Great interview. I hope Coach JoeMo can retain him. In Joe We Trust!!!
  5. Where will the access be at? Will it be on the Nation or Gozips.com?
  6. Per 247, no stars, only other offer is BGSU. I googled his HUDL tapes, and it seems to show him as a RB for about half of the tape. The rest of the tape as a CB is OK, but not impressive. Here's to trusting the coaching staff. Waiting for catdaddyp's analysis. Go Zips!!!
  7. If I looked at it correctly, this kid is going to be a freshman this fall. (please comment if I am incorrect). Already has offers from Eastern Kentucky and Georgia Tech. This coaching staff is recruiting for years out like the elite P5 schools recruit. Keep this staff together and the future is bright. If I am correct, he needs to be the first listing in the Class of 26 offers. In Joe We Trust!!!
  8. Thanks for the fantastic photo. Would it be possible to get an updated photo of the progress of the new turf on the field at least once a week? I know that I would be very appreciative if you and/or others could post photos and I think that others in the Nation would love to see the progress also. If it is not possible, thank you for this photo. Go Zips!!!
  9. Looks like a good pickup. I like it when there is interest from other schools. B&G, looks like you are getting tardy updating page 1 of the Verbal Commit lists for 22 and 23. I am just kidding 🙂 . You do such a fantastic job for Zips Nation. Thank you 100 times. Go Zips!!!
  10. Thomas makes 40 recruits for this year. I know there are some walk-ons, but how is it possible to sign this many players. I cannot believe there are that many grey shirt recruits. Please, no speculation but facts on how it is possible to sign this many players. In Joe We Trust!!!!
  11. Do you mean being in the rotation or playing at all, and true freshman or redshirts? I took a look through the roster and I don't see an avenue for a true freshman to be in the rotation on D or O barring multiple injury hits to any given position. LZlp referenced D or O, so I responded appropriately. The initial thread was 2 deep defense, but like most other threads, the topic tends to vary a bit as the comments progress. Please read the posts before making your reply. Go Zips!!!
  12. This is a good thing if freshmen are not immediately put in the starting lineup. We will finally have upperclassmen leading the way giving the frosh a chance to learn and develop. However, I see the possibility of freshmen Kilbane, Golden or Clark seeing playing time this year. But, only Golden is a true freshman so I think the analysis above may be accurate. Go Zips!!!
  13. I see that there are no replies to this very thought provoking post. For the most part, I cannot agree or disagree with the 2 deep since I have not been present at the spring practices and may not possess the skills to evaluate all of the positions. I do not believe that fans can put together an accurate 2 deep depth chart without in depth knowledge of what is going on in the practices. Based on pure speculation and reading the signing clips of the players, I think this analysis is pretty good. Based on past performances, I do seriously question the WDE and WILL two deep persons listed above. The remainder may work, we shall see. In Joe We Trust!!!!
  14. One more data point that we are not good at QB. Here's to hoping that Undercuffler can step and get the University of Akron QB into a much higher tier than 22. Go Zips!!!!
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