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  1. Possible Candidates

    The comments regarding the new coach are very short sighted. Akron football is a business. In business, there has to be contingency plans. Contingency A, B, C, and D should be laid out on an annual basis. If Larry does not have a list of potential hires ready to go, then he needs to go back to the Golden Dome and pray that Touchdown Jesus will rescue him and all of us Zip fans.
  2. Ian Kipp, sophomore quarterback from Mentor. This kid is the real deal. He can throw, he can run, and he commands the huddle. He will probably go big time, but the Zips should offer now and be very persistent. Mentor coaches have allegedly said that he is better than Mitchell Tribusky.
  3. Critiquing Coach Bowden

    Great discussions. Nothing will happen until the end of the season. Let's beat BG and hopefully win one of the other three games and go bowling. Does anyone know the final decisions with Nebraska? Will Akron get the $1.1mm or is it lost since Nebraska played BC?
  4. Game 6—Eastern Michigan Eagles

    TW is doing ok, but this board has him as the next coming. The comments here have him over-rated. I hope he grows into the legend, but give him some time. For now Pohl is the answer. Long time reader, first time responder.