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  1. Thank you. I was so wrong. When I looked at 247, I saw he was committed to Akron and had no interest in the other schools. After seeing your correction, I drilled down and saw all of the offers like you posted. Now I am convinced we got 3 stud freshman offensive linemen. Thanks again for the update and correction. I am so looking forward to the late signing day. In Joe We Trust!!!
  2. Just watched his HUDL tape, and it did not appear to be very impressive. Also, per 247, I did not see any other offers. Looking for opposition. JoeMo has been recruiting highly sought after athletes, look like this person is not. Please share how my research is wrong. I want only the best. In Joe We Trust!!!
  3. I really want to agree with you, but it usually takes some time for freshmen OL to develop and mature and be ready to play FBS football. That is why I have said in past posts that I would like to see one more OL transfer (in addition to a seasoned QB) to team with Banes and the current R-Fr and Fr (now Sophomores in 22) offensive line. Add in these highly rated commits, and the OL should be solid for years. In Joe We Trust!!!
  4. I have been saying the same for weeks, let's get another OL transfer to compliment Banes. We do have some good young offensive lineman that have some experience. If we add the freshman listed here and add another transfer, we will be in good shape on the OL in 22 and going forward. Now, we need a transfer QB. I do not believe Irons is the man. Then, a couple of frosh LB's and two additional frosh DL men and give them a year to get acclimated to FBS, and we will be in good shape going forward. Looking forward to rebuttals. In Joe We Trust!!!
  5. Is there a name to this potential 4 star prospect?
  6. If it makes sense to B&G, can you add a list of the PWO's to the bottom of the page 1 summary of commitments that is so good to review? My guess is that this coaching staff will get more PWO's between now and the late signing day. I think this addition was included in years past, but I could be wrong. If you do not think that it makes sense, then ignore my request. Thanks for all you do. In Joe We Trust!!!
  7. Look at my prior posts and review of Akron's opponents regarding stars. The team with the most stars of the recruits typically win the game. Who has more stars in the recruits, OSU, Auburn, etc. They win because of more talent. Then, we will have CK give 5 examples over a 15 year period where stars do not matter. Stars are not 100% accurate, but the trend is there. As I stated in the past, if you cannot play above TBAll level, you do not understand that talent matters in sports. I am out on this post so say whatever you want.
  8. Are we returning to the Bowden and Arth eras of recruiting players with Zero stars and zero other offers? We just went through an impressive stretch of competing with other programs for players, and now it seems to have stopped.
  9. Looks like the recruitment focus has shifted from transfers from the TP to high school recruits. I still think we need at least one more Offensive Lineman transfer and an experienced QB for 1 year. i have read that 90% of the good high school players sign in the early period. If this is true, I am not sure how many good high school recruits are left. There are some HS players who were left at the altar that are looking for a scholarship, but they are limited. However, as always, In Joe We Trust!!!
  10. My post was 1 minute late. I was hitting send as this came through. Hopefully, it is the first of many commits in the next couple of days. 'Go Zips!
  11. This posting had me all excited on Saturday. Now, I have the following questions. 1. can you share the names of the commits that are already enrolled? I would like to know the sure recruits. 2. I did not see any new commits on Sunday. Did I miss them? Now it is Monday mid-day, and no news has been reported. Is there an issue as stated above? In Joe We Trust!!!
  12. If they want to be successful, they and others will listen to me 😄🙂. Yes, people need to listen to EFH. When he talks, people listen. Now, let's get that 2nd offensive lineman and QB transfer and we will be set for a successful 2022. Additional recruits will make Akron successful pas 22. In Joe We Trust!!!
  13. 4.49 forty time, so he has some quickness. I am guessing that he was recruited as a WR and not DB, but I could be completely wrong. If so, that will start filling the future pipeline. As I state with all of these recruits: In Joe We Trust!!!!
  14. Great!! Got that second WR to replace the losses of our transfers. Now, we need to get 1-2 highly rated freshman wide receivers to keep the pipeline going. Adams graduated in 2020. With the Covid season or a redshirt, he should still have 3 seasons left. Very highly rated out of high school, with many P5 offers. https://lsusports.net/sports/fb/roster/season/2021/player/alex-adams/ Very little success at LSU in 2 years. However, we welcome him to the corner of Union and Exchange and hope for great successes. In Joe We Trust!!!
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