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  1. My key take away is that Michigan State has had 15 players enter the transfer portal in the last two months. This is the norm in today's world. The Zip fans should not get excited with the players that have entered the portal. This is the world today.
  2. I realize that I am crossing over a couple of posts. But, if you look at the scholarship chart, 56 of 76 scholarships are either freshman or sophomore (redshirt or saving last years of qualification due to covid rules). This does not include the potential transfers and late signees from this years class. My point is that the starters who earn playing time are going to develop over the next year. Others who are down on the depth chart will be entering the portal because of the lack of playing time. I see that Akron will have many people transferring over the next year or two. This will be much more than Boogie, who I think is a big loss. For example, look at the OL. We had 4 RS freshman start. In addition, Arth has recruited several very good players the last 2 years (Chambers, Georges, williams, Lyones, Malot). I would say that we are set on the OL. However, expect several of these players entering the portal in the next year or so because they want to have playing time. Players do not grow up in Ohio wanting to be a Zip, they may grow up wanting to be a Buckeye and they are willing to wait for PT. Not the case in Akron. As a fan base, we need to realize that there will be large exits from the Zips roster. Let's just ensure that key players stay and we will establish a winning record, starting in 2022. .
  3. Tough schedule. I had been saying the Zips will win 4-5 games in 2021, but I was not expecting this schedule. I still say 3-4 wins and keep my projection for 9 wins in 2022.
  4. LZlp, I could not have said it better. I am a detail oriented person and I referred to the chart many times during the signing process. I did not mean to criticize the status of a scholarship list, I only wanted to bring a possible question or error to your attention. I apologize if I offended you. I was amazed at how much detail was documented. However, I will continue to bring up what I see and believe are discrepancies and I plan to challenge, comment, correct, and agree with other comments. Zips supporter for life.
  5. 1. With only one site with the pulse on the fan base, I am willing to bet that coach does read Zipsnation. I hope it does not influence his key decisions but the staff needs to understand the fans. Unfortunately, there are just a few fans who comment on Zips nation. 2. Sit down face to face and have a heart to heart talk. That approach has worked wonders for me over the years as a manager. 3. The early bird catches the worm. Usually, I am much earlier. Go Zips
  6. Loosing Bubba would be very difficult. Coach Arth, do not let this to happen.
  7. Congrats to the players.. I fully support players earning a scholarship. However, when I look at the Zips scholarship chart that was issued a while back, Bischoff was listed as a person owning a scholarship. LZlp, please comment and update. I want to be able to trust the information that you post.
  8. More support to lose this bum. Akron cannot have a culture in which the players yell at and challenge the coaching staff. Also, if they are swearing at them, then Arth needs to step up and suspend or cut these players.
  9. Good riddance. I am tired of the current athlete who does not want to compete and participate on a team. As soon as there is some competition, they want to leave for an easier situation. These players need to realize that the grass is not always greener. They need to understand the dose of reality as stated in the article above. Look at the Zips in the portal and the offers that have been received. They are few and far in between. If you cannot play for Akron, there are not a lot of teams that will use a scholarship for you. I am actually hoping that there are at least a dozen additional players who have no ability to contribute will enter the transfer portal. This will rid the Zips of the Bowden recruits who cannot play and had only one offer for a scholly, of which TB gave one to one of these players who are not talented enough to participate in the MAC. Let's lose some losers and save some scholarship money at the same time. When we win 4-5 games this year and 9 next year, we will be praising Arth and his staff.
  10. I am not sure we got better on Defense with this signing. Looking at his stats and tape, he is not a game changer. In the posts above, it states that they do not know if he is a ILB or OLB. I do not think that Bubba has to worry about losing his position since this guy signs. The recruiting sites do say that he is an OLB, and we are weak at this position. I do agree 100% that all is for naught if we cannot improve at QB.
  11. Merry Christmas. I hope everyone had a great day. Let's look forward to a very good and productive 2021.
  12. This is the type of player that is going to get left behind as described in the article posted by Clarkwgriswold above. With the players retaining a year of eligibility, who is going to go after a player that could not get on the field for the bottom of the MAC Akron Zips. He might find a DII team, but I doubt that he will get with a FBS team. These players need to get a dose of reality.
  13. I think the solution is not that complicated. Expand the playoffs to 8 teams and ensure that at least one of the underdog teams gets an invite. You can cut down on some bowl games that the playoffs will replace, and give more teams a chance. Do not look for excuses not to proceed, if I recall, the DIII playoffs start with 16 teams, so 8 should not be a problem with classes.
  14. Hooks is transferring from Northwood. Please give me some reasons to be excited. I could not find him in several websites, so what am I missing?
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