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  1. Ditto, I about had a coronary thinking that he entered the portal. Bubba is the epitome of the athlete who gives it his all. He is udersized, but plays with great passion. If he was larger, he would be a regular on Sundays.
  2. First, I agree with 94zipgrad regarding the questions. But that is not the issue that bothers me the most about this interview. If you watch the video, Arth is very somber for most of the interview. He does talk positively about the wide receivers. However, the only time that he got excited is when he was talking about the Suckeyes. He stated that he grew up in Ohio and talked about the shoe with passion and excitement. This makes me sick. I have been a critic but also a vocal supporter of Arth since he got to Akron. I have reported in the past that a friend of mine's son was all state in high school, went to John Carrol and did not see the field with Arth as coach. After Arth left, he made all conference. This situation caused me to question his coaching and talent evaluation abilities. Based on Arth's passion for the $uckeyes, I now am an ardent supporter that he he must be fired immediately. Or if that will not happen, the AD and President of the U must leave him in Columbus next weekend. Go Zips.
  3. Or finish the season with the entire roster. If they lose, all of the players should go (but they will not). It will show the players are not D1 talent and the new coach will have less to work with than Arth had when he took over.
  4. I supported him for years, but we need to dump Kato now. He is not the present nor the future of this team. l
  5. I completely disagree. However, it does not matter at this time. He is gone and the Zips are hoping for a 1-win season. Let's play with who is a Zip and who wants to be a Zip.
  6. I went back and looked at the ESPN stats on the number of tackles from the defensive players. I confirmed my thoughts after watching the games that the DL produced very little over the first two games. We are getting little to nothing from the DL. All successful teams have a solid defensive line that can stop the run and pressure and sack the QB. I see nothing that will improve this situation as the season goes along.
  7. I agree with the excellent comments from the Z-meister. Also, looking at the number of posts, your grandson is a freshman. If his name is Colin, please relax. He is a tough player and will get his time. His high school film shows that he is an excellent player. It is difficult for true freshman to see significant time on the field. They typically need a year to bulk up a little and gain some strength to be competitive. Also, most coaches defer to the players who have been there for a year or two if all things are equal. Also, I would ask that you think about your comments regarding a family member. A few years back, there was a dad that would make posts about what he heard from his son was going on in the locker room with the team. It became quite apparent that he was reporting issues that should stay in the locker room as well as comments about his son, who was not that good. It was not long before his son was off the roster (I do not know the reason) and there would not be any additional internal comments being posted. The playing time for your grandson will end up as it is supposed to be. I wish you well and I hope that you continue to support all of the Zips, including your grandson.
  8. I got nothing, and so I did not post. Sorry about that. I will still try to remember to watch it weekly since I try to soak up everything about my alma mater. Go Zips!!!!
  9. Tonight, I did a quick review of the stats of the Akron and Temple games from the ESPN website, and here is what I saw. 1. Both teams lost to a P5 school: Akron 60-10, Temple 61-14 2. Passing yards: Akron 191, Temple 148 3. Passing yard differential: Akron (-106), Temple (3) (Akron had 106 fewer yds passing than their opponent, while Temple had 3 more yards passing than their opponent) 4. Rushing yards: Akron (-3), Temple 113 5. Rushing yard differential: Akron (-318), Temple (-107) 6. Turnovers: Akron 4 fumbles lost, Temple 3 fumbles lost and 2 interceptions Looking at the statistics and differentials, I am very surprised that Temple lost by 47. When I first saw the score of the Temple game, I thought we had a solid chance to win. Now, I am not sure. Food for thought. More to come as the week goes on. Go Zips!!!
  10. The table above is incorrect. The total rushing yardage is positive, but not by much. Look on ESPN or other websites for game totals and you will see the facts.
  11. Read my comment. If the Suckeyes are your passion, then you are not a hall of fame poster for Akron and you should stay away. Most fans have allegiance to many teams, and that is great. Anyone can post since it is not my forum, but in my opinion, that does not matter, if the Zips are not your number one, then I do not want to hear from you. Akron will be really bad this year, but I am only a Zips fan from a college football, college basketball, and education basis. I chose to go to school at this university, and I will love it as long as I can.
  12. Don't know if you are a hall of fame poster. If so, stay on the site and put your history and knowledge to good use. If the Suckeyes are number one for you, then I wish you good luck and it is time to move on. We will ultimately win with or without the current fan base.
  13. Proffitt just showed up back on the roster. Always good that we did not lose a 300 lb defensive lineman.
  14. 1988 - Auburn 42, Akron 0 2021 - Auburn 41, Akron 3 Making progress
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