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  1. I have enjoyed many Zips tailgates, but that is usually because of the good food that I cook and a small group of friends that leads to a fun time. However, the same fun could usually have happened in my driveway at home with the same group of people. Lot 9 is the best location in the nation for a tail gate. We are 50 feet from the field in the perfect location. We get to hear the best band in the land in the mornings before games, but very few people are present in Lot 9.. The band is fantastic. However, the Zips fans are typically really weak; I want to say pathetic. I have been to the Muny lot in Cleveland, to lots at Pittsburgh rooting against the Stillers, to Heiny gate in Columbus, to Ann Arbor, and the times have been crazy. I have been to South Bend and the SEC where tailgating begins on Wednesday or Thursday prior to game time. I have showed up most times when Lot 9 gates open, and there is nobody present. As of 3 hours in, we have a paltry 10 vehicles in the parking lot. Now, I applaud these folks, but that does not make a good tailgate. Also, how many times are you not allowed into Lot 9 when it opens due to some University event. It may be a 5k, Akron marathon, or a lack of workers, but there is no communication that goes out to the fans. And, the 10 - 20 fans are left waiting outside of the lot and we are told not to drink or the cops will be called. But, we have good tailgating. Also, I have showed up may times at 1400 (2 p.m.) on weekday ESPN games, and I have to wait 2 - 3 hours to have 5 other vehicles in the lot to join my group. I like to hear how good the tailgating is in this special lot. The bottom line is that tailgating is so bad at Akron even though we have the perfect situation. Also, how may past players come back to enjoy the festivities. Almost none. It is fun to see the cheerleaders and other Zips sport teams in Lot 9 before the games, but most people are too cheap to buy a program to support the school. I will continue to show up and support the Zips and be a Varsity A member as well as making several donations a year to the University. I do not want to hear how good tailgating is at Lot 9. You have set the bar very low. Please, let's figure out how to set the bar high. As bad as the football has been, it is still the best part of game day. Anyone who cannot see that, has never put on a jock strap and has not been an athlete. T ball does not count. Go Zips
  2. i watched the second half of the Euclid Strongsville game tonight wanting to see Reese make some great plays. I do not recall his name being called at any time. Actually, I did not see him on the field many defensive plays in the second half. I was hoping for some tackles and sacks that would leave me wanting to see him in a Zips uniform, but that did not happen. I am still looking forward to him being a great Zips DL.
  3. After today, I am glad the Zips have Logan committed instead of Austin.
  4. Hudl highlights of kicking look very good. Welcome to the Zip familty.
  5. Not trying to start a major rebellion, but didn't he not show up for his day at Akron a couple of years ago? We had many fans in lot 9 fired up and ready to meet him and acknowledge his great success, and he chose not to come. I respect what he did as a player, but he needsto support your alma mater. Please respond if I have not read this situation correctly. Note: I feel the same way about Joe Jakubic. What a great player!
  6. Let's hope that the Steelers do not appreciate him and he ends up with the Browns!!!!!!!
  7. Here's hoping that Alex Reese from Euclid also had a good game since he is a DL commit.
  8. https://www.news-herald.com/sports/high-school-sports/mentor-vs-euclid-football-kipp-comes-up-big-as-cardinals-top-panthers/article_54bc42b0-eeee-11ea-8156-0757186f72d7.html?ocid=uxbndlbing Let's keep pursuing Ian Kipp. The talent is unbelievable.
  9. yes he did. I hope he becomes all pro.
  10. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/cleveland-browns-53-man-roster-prediction-ahead-of-saturday-e2-80-99s-cut-down-deadline/ar-BB18DAtA?ocid=uxbndlbing Not everyone thinks that Natson will be successful. Is GT ever accurate?
  11. I think that this is a loss if he was planning to come back in 2021. Not a huge loss, but a decent player to bridge the gap to the future. Coach Arth has recruited many large DL, but it still remains to be seen if they are talented or if they can play. I would have loved to see some senior leadership as they work in the many future defensive linemen. Good luck, and I hope that this decision works out for you. Go Zips
  12. How does the process work with Covid and the cancellation of MAC sports?. Dylan did not red shirt, but this fall was to be his senior year. Is the NCAA awarding everyone another year? If so, how will the schools pay for it? I am curious on how college sports is going to work going forward. At this point, i do not think that any decision has been made nor have I heard of any solid plan that makes everyone happy.
  13. True, but he is less tiny now than he was out of high school.
  14. I was looking up information on Karey Lee to learn a little about a recruit. It looks like he was a 2018 or 2019 graduate from Georgia and played CB. He had zero stars with 247 out of high school. It looks like originally he only had one FCS offer at Chatanooga. Ultimately, he ended up playing JC football, I believe it was in IOWA. If anyone else finds any other information, please add to the post.
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