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26 minutes ago, Hilltopper said:

E-man is supposed to get medical clearance to go back to full contact practice this week. He is hitting the weight room hard to put back the muscle mass he lost during his time off. At this time the future looks bright.


Time to add 20 inches back to his vertical. 

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11 hours ago, Z.I.P. said:

After searching I notice that there has not been ANY update since January on this board about Emmanuel's health condition.


However, about a month or six weeks ago, I noticed a video from the university which featured an interview with E-Man.  I think I originally found it on Twitter -- but I don't think it was produced by the MBB staff.  I'll continue trying to find it, but the intro to the short (maybe 2 minute) clip detailed the medical situation with Emmanuel, and noted that it was not a congenital or chronic heart problem, but rather a clot caused by a piece of tissue that detached form the area around his heart valve (best as I can remember).  It described how it became apparent when E-Man partially lost his vision during the game prior to the surgery.  This loss of vision somehow was the tip-off to doctors about the nature of his problem, and they knew how to treat it medically.  So, the apparent good news is that the doctors don't expect a likelihood of any continuing problems associated with this specific occurrence, and I guess it means he's able to continue playing and conditioning as before January's surgery, and it shouldn't effect his long-term health 


I hope I'm properly restating what I listened to on the video -- given my non-medical background.  I'm surprised that no one has ever linked it on here!  Did anyone else see this??




Here it is-



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