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  1. Good post Zip_ME87. Did you read the write on GOZIPS? Mentioning the possibility of an at-large bid is?????
  2. I could not believe what was written in the summary of the match. Stating that a win on Sunday might help them get an at large bid!!!!! HUH??????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  3. Am I optimistic for a win on Sunday - yes. BUT BOTH NIU AND WILL NOT BE VICTORIOUS
  4. Going to o.t at BG. Whatever happens in o.t., the mountaineer offense looks SO MUCH SMOOTHER AND PLAYING WITH CONFIDENCE AS OPPOSSED TO HOW THE ZIPS LOOKED LIKE ON SUNDAY
  5. BG vs W. Virginia just about to start. Free stream off of Falcons website. According to my calculations, based on the way in which they are determining the MAC winner, if BG wins the Zips are mathematically eliminated
  6. but will N. Ill have any reason to put out the effort? They may have been eliminated by then
  7. I do not think w. mich and siue played today, even those mac schedule said there were scheduled. Neither team had it on their individual schedule
  8. W. Virginia at BG next week , guess we hope for a 0-0 draw, with us winning of course
  9. We had a lot of corners taken against us by W. Virginia last game if I recall correctly
  10. At least that is what the announcer said on the broadcast. Usually is 3 points for a win and 1 point for a tie and you got by total points. Guess it its different for covid this year
  11. Very little continuity on offense, leading to the 1-0 loss in overtime. BG now in drivers seat to win the MAC. TO determine the MAC winner they are going by average goals per game??
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