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  1. 14 - 2 in corners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND WE LOSE!
  2. TennZip, Thanks for the stats. That is indeed a long time ago
  3. Even if the ZIPS win MAC tournament, the will enter the NCAA's with a losing record. When was the last time, if ever, that happened? When was the last time they had a losing REGULAR SEASON??????
  4. Down a man for well over 25 minutes, on the road, getting a draw - great job. Does anybody know if the second yellow on Marco was warranted?
  5. Asleep at switch!!!! 1-0 W. Mich 44' in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Huskies scored 3 goals in second half. Mountaineers had 15 corner kicks, Huskies had 2
  7. N. Ill knocks off W.Virginia tonight in Morgantown 4-2.
  8. If you get out of Div 1 football, you are gone from the MAC. Anyone want the soccer program destroyed also????
  9. Yes, I was holding my breath!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought , oh-oh another late O.T. tie or loss.
  10. Math, yes. WE just cannot finish in close like we did for many years.
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