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  1. ESPN+ has him listed as the 49th best player in the transfer portal out of 1400 players.
  2. Wasn't quite sure where to put this, but congrats to Western Michigan who won their very first NCAA hockey tournament game on a fantastic wrap around overtime goal. I tend to root for other Mac teams in tournaments especially in sports we do not play. 😊
  3. That last shot by Ali was so close and would have counted. 😭
  4. Maybe a little Jacki luck boost since this is the arena she's heading to?
  5. The 6 on 2 for 11 was my favorite. 😊
  6. Crap. My bracket ended up in the CBS tournament pool and not in the zips tournament pool. I guess I'll keep track of it there against everyone else.
  7. Let us not forget our one Ace in the hole, a John Groce coached team has never lost in the first round of the NCAA tournament. 😉
  8. The bracket I'm looking at has them playing at Wake Forest on the 17th at 7:00.
  9. I understand Toledo, Ball State and the Zips but the MAC's 8 and 9 seeds?
  10. And fortunately that's not going to happen
  11. From walk-on to walking away with a championship and MVP. Unbelievable.
  12. Note from the flushes board that said "If Akron wins tonight they will have the easiest path through the tournament in history. Last night Toledo gave them the game. Now this. If we don't win, the most mediocre team in the conference will represent us. Hopefully, that won't be the case." Are you kidding me? Before the tournament started I thought any of the top five seeds except Ohio could win it. They just really seem to be fading at the end of the season and it has to stick pretty hard in some bobcat craw that Groce is taking the Zips to the NCAA tournament. Akron had by far the roughest gauntlet having to take out a good Buffalo team, the number one seed and then the number two seed. Kent had the easy path, a Miami team that had no chance, an Ohio team that was fading and then facing the number 4 team in the after we took out Toledo?
  13. I don't think you're going to find it on ESPN+ because it's on ESPN2. Although at the moment it's on ESPN news because the damn game before it has gone on forever as well just like last night.
  14. Just saw an alert that Chris Bassitt is being traded to the Mets.
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