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  1. What are those butt ugly powder blue things Kent State is wearing?
  2. Zips and Flushes both 11-0 at home. Let's keep that perfect record intact. 😊
  3. I wish once when the announcers talk about the Zips losing to Ball State they would mention that Castaneda did not play.
  4. So that's two games in a row on the opposing head coach. Think we can get Mr. Pinky riled up?
  5. I do not recognize any of the Buffalo starter names. It just seems like the guys that they had played there for 10 years. Glad not to see the name Mballa any more. 😊
  6. Is that his hair in the photo on his forehead or did he fall asleep and someone drew on it? 😊 Seriously though love seeing players like this as we head into our Big East season (still love saying that, and I'm betting recruits are more fired up about playing there than the MAC).
  7. I do enjoy the Bobcats board especially when they get into meltdown mode. " RE: Official Game 21 Thread: Akron Posted: 1/27/2023 9:26:10 AM Akron has the angriest fan base in the conference, a title previously held by Marshall. Delusions of grandeur from a third-tier municipal university. No one wants to go to Akron - it's an opportunity thrust upon them by financial, academic and/or other issues. Its consistently declining enrollment (down nearly 50% since 2011) largely reflects the quality of instruction by a faculty dominated by marginally qualified adjuncts." What say you jupy2? 😉
  8. Freeman has got to be somewhere in that race. Defending defensive player of the year that I have seen no drop off from and a double double machine averaging better than 14 points a game. And - Holy crap - today!
  9. Greg Tribble does so many "little" things so well.
  10. Tough foul on X but definitely a foul.
  11. Terrible call on Freeman's third foul.
  12. Got to give the guy credit though. He's not just a big body he can move. Zipd are going to have to keep him under wraps for the second half.
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