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  1. Not that the Zips schedule has been that tough either, but just checked our two biggest East competitors schedules, we'll know if BGSU is real over the next six games. @Tol, BSU, @Buff, @CMU, Tol, @Akr. That's pretty brutal. Buffalo isn't quite as bad but they do have the Zips, BGSU, Toledo and CMU in four of their next seven. This is going to really shake out over the next three weeks.
  2. IT was an old headline that is still on Gozips and it was only the second line of the headline. To clear up any confusion the full headline was "Dominant First Half Leads Akron To 72-49 Win Over NIU, Zips Take Over Sole Possession Of First Place". By the way, in the ESPN matchup predictor, Zips are favored 75% to 25% over OU tomorrow and are currently favored in every remaining game.
  3. I think the countdown clock to the Ohio game on GoZips might be slightly off. Unless the game was moved to somewhat after midnight tonight.
  4. I'll give you the eclipsed expectations part for sure and as a bonus it's a fun team to watch. But I think its a little early to name them a clear favorite, both of last years MAC finals teams are right with us and we've played neither of them yet. Get past them and then I'll agree with you. Kent also looked like a pretty clear favorite three games ago and now they are at .500. Things can change fast.
  5. Yeah their three losses in this stretch are Miami, WMU and NIU. Take out their wins against Kent and they are a combined sterling 3-12 against everyone else. Yeah that's a pretty tough scheduling break.
  6. You are correct they still do but it could be easily eliminated as well. And its only if the two teams are tied for the division lead otherwise they don't use it. TIE-BREAKER PROCEDURE Ties in winning percentage, and thus for tournament, seeding positions shall be broken as follows: 1. Between TWO teams: A. Head-to-head competition B. Division Record (10 games)^ C. Winning percentage* vs. ranked conference teams (top to bottom, regardless of division, vs. common opponents regardless of the number of times played) D. Coin flip 2. For MULTIPLE (3 or more) team ties: E. Total won-lost record/winning percentage* of games played among the tied teams F. Two (2)-team tie-breaker procedure goes into effect (refer to A) [NOTE: Once a three-team tie has been reduced to two teams, the two-team tiebreaker will go into effect.] ^ - For the purpose of determining the Division champion. This tiebreaker is ONLY used for seeding purposes if the two teams in question are tied for the Division lead. (Teams will still be considered co-divisional champions) * - Winning percentage is used instead of record because of situations where teams do not play each other the same number of times. Therefore, a team that is 1-0 (1.000) would win the tiebreaker over a team that is 1-1 (.500).
  7. Doesn't have to be a 22 game schedule the only conferences that even goes to 20 that I'm aware of are the Big Ten and ACC who have 14 and 15 members. I don't think that any conference other than the MAC still uses the divisional scheduling model. If the divisions meant something, like in football, I could see it, otherwise it's time to move on.
  8. I was looking at the overall standings for all D-1 leagues and ESPN and I noticed something. There is only one conference in D-1 basketball that still lists its standings by division and it is not the one with the most teams. Care to guess who it is? Its time for the MAC to dump that and just do the overall standings and allow the schedule to be more free form. Since the two seed is no longer guaranteed to one of the division winners in the tournament, it would be lot fairer to not always have to play two games against your division (especially since in most years the East has been significantly better than the West). In crossover games this year the East leads the West 16-8.
  9. Yeah but he couldn't dribble the ball at all and he had some absolutely horrific and gruesome fouls. 🤣
  10. Sadly no 😊 But this would still be cool if it happened.
  11. I think Grocer needs to bottle whatever he says to this teams at halftime. Holy crap that was a quick turnaround
  12. That hurts not having him. Damn NIU floor. And didn't we used to lead the MAC in defense?
  13. I will give non-drunk BSU cardfan12 credit for a funny comment "On a side note, the NCAA should not allow any school to call their arena "The Jar" unless it's Ball State or George Mason". 😂
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