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  1. What is with the Onion and Akron?
  2. Saw an old episode of Password (thanks Covid 😊) where the clue was Ohio and the contestant said Akron. Odd they didn't pick Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus but at least the partner got it.
  3. From the Onion. Had to be a Zips fan. 🙂
  4. Great season to be sure. I just meant actually a more disappointing ending than that one because they never even got a chance to show what they were capable of. I actually think this team was slightly better than that one. Both great seasons with really cruel endings.
  5. This sucks worse then the Penno year 🤬
  6. Who knew that when we scheduled Merrimack they were going to be NEC champs? Which if you can beat the North East Conference Champs the South East Conference Champs can't be that much better, right? Bring me the head of Kentucky 🙂
  7. Yep, the men's basketball win clinched it. There's a hollow victory.
  8. Zips finished the season with a win and a big one 😊. It still sucks that this won't be listed as an NCAA tournament year
  9. MDZip


    With coronavirus e-sports may be all we have left.
  10. NCAA tournament has not been officially canceled yet but I will be surprised if it is held. Only two conferences that have not completed play that have yet to cancel theirs are the MAAC and MEAC.
  11. All of the games are canceled. I just happened to catch the ESPN scoreboard before it caught up. Thought it would be fun to tweak the Bobcats one last time this year. Sorry if I gave anyone false hope.
  12. Makes sense for the men's tournament but wonder what they do for the women's since the top two seeds were already knocked out? I guess since the tournament didn't finish you revert to the regular season champ anyway.
  13. Apparently its just our game. 😉 I heard it was by Bobcat request. They knew they had no chance. 🤣
  14. Betting everyone follows suit. I will give the Kittens credit for one funny comment - Well, John Groce knows how to win the MAC, eh? Kudos to you Ohio69. 😅
  15. And we made the "big time" on the ESPN front page 🙂 And they also have a conference tournament pick'em game. A little disrespectful toward BUGS? But I'm loving the percentages.
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