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  1. I cursed inside the stadium. Apparently that is frowned upon at Liberty. 🤣😂
  2. They are joining C-USA in the 23-24 season.
  3. At the game. Have seen only one Zips fan but see a small contingent way up on the corner.
  4. And to the announcer who keeps encouraging DJ irons to transfer. FU.
  5. You're assuming they don't punt which these guys haven't.
  6. Hard to stop a team that converts every fourth down.
  7. Hey, nice job SEC Network. They showed Moorhead as the offensive coordinator and Tennessee's Tim Banks as the defensive coordinator up at Penn State and then misidentified Moorhead. Joe is on the far left.
  8. And even though the price of ESPN plus keeps rising, they keep dropping Disney to compensate. So we got that going for us. 😉
  9. For those of you asking about numbers for Irons he finished 66th in passing efficiency amongst FBS QB's for the week. Not the best but far far from the worst.
  10. Apparently they could. According to this ESPN article in the last seven years every conference except C-USA would have qualified for the playoff. The MAC had only one, #12 WMU in 2016. So the odds aren't great but they are possible.
  11. I like Chad Welker I think he does a good job but he's cracking me up pronouncing the Wright State goalie as JIM-en-nez instead of hi(m)-MEN-ez. 😊
  12. Too many stupid unsportsmanlike penalties after the play - I recall at least two. Too many memories of undisciplined teams of the past. Hope those players bought a little pine time to think about it.
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