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  1. Tie ball game six seconds to go. Lets go Zips!
  2. Just Announced the entire men's tournament will be played in Indiana. By the way where is the NCAA headquarters? 🤔
  3. And LCJ rewarded for his effort with his second straight player of the week award. 👌
  4. In Peyton Manning's series on the NFL on ESPN+ he meets with David Letterman at Ball State University. They come up with a bunch of new rules and a few of them involved mascots. They used the Ball State Cardinal and - Zippy 😊
  5. So no active Zips anywhere in the NFL right now. 🙁
  6. I've been in their stadium - think Kent or Ball State only worse. And if you think we don't have a lot of history winning check out ULM. Their biggest claims to fame are the immortal QB's Bubby Brister and Stan Humphries. Terry certainly has his work cut out for him.
  7. Hey Clark you should also be acknowledged when it appears you're right on something 🙂
  8. And this year only the top 8 teams will even be in the MAC tournament. I do expect the Zips to be one of those.
  9. Because the timing wasn't quite right? You mean because you were still in the middle of your contract with Akron? Geezus, that's some balls on ULM's part. But if we had lost Terry to ULM at that point we might as well have torn down the program right then - until waiting for three years later. 🤣
  10. Even the BJ can't keep them straight - third photo down identifies Greg "Trimble"
  11. Our starters shot 70% from three (I don't know how LCJ can live with himself as the worst starting 3 pt shooter today at a mere 50% 🤣). Curious what happened to Jermaine Marshall today, didn't see him anywhere in the box score.
  12. I know its not a completely fair comparison but thinking how I'd feel if I saw Keith Dambrot coaching them now. Got to still be a gut punch seeing Groce on our sideline.
  13. I don't know - if we can beat the Bobkittens while wearing pink jerseys I'm all for it. Very Hayden Fry-esque. 🙂
  14. Always felt it was kind of lame to have a nickname that was just a shortened name of your town/institution (St Bonaventure Bonnies, Duquesne Dukes). Wayne County seems to suffer a bit from this (Chippewa Chipps, Smithville Smithies). Thank goodness Wooster decided not to follow that trend.
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