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  1. Of course we were all rooting for him. Not his best race obviously but he still has the bronze from 2016. So in the last seven years the Zips have had three athletes and one bronze in the Olympics, a significant player in the World Cup, an inductee into the pro football Hall of Fame and an Oscar winner. Not a bad haul :-)
  2. Leave poor Gerry out of this. he is a nice man. 😁
  3. They're new so I'll give them a break - understandably they don't yet understand the difference between Akron and Cleveland :-)
  4. They just won the College World Series. It was mentioned that they won their first National Championship in any sport in 126 years. Bah - lets see you wait 140 years. 😁
  5. Also also missed 1986 (and 2015) but have been to the others. My daughter is a Maryland grad so while I was disappointed to not win the title in 2018, it was pretty cool to be with her to watch her school win a title as a consolation prize. I also have a poster from 2009 where Bunbury and Nagbe signed right next to each other. Kinda cool. But I completely agree happy (and kind of stunned) to see a school like Marshall win the National Championship (especially over a blue blood like Indiana, love when a mid-major does that). I say that because as BGT points out Marshall did not have a great soccer history. Akron had a pretty strong history long before finally winning the title. Congrats to the Thundering Herd hope they hard a large contingent at the final.
  6. My concern is they still have the same people ranking the teams. Not too hard to see manipulation every year for the "favored teams". I see a G5 champ getting the 12 slot every year. I saw a simulation (on ESPN, you need ESPN+ to read it) of how it would have come out in the past seven years. It looked good for G5 in a number of years (WMU even made it during their big year) but I have no faith that is the way it will end up when they would rank them for a 12 team playoff (when it was only four they could have ranked a G5 team as high as 5 for a nice pat on the head and it would have been essentially meaningless). So while I was enthused about the announcement initially because it gave a G5 team at least a chance after digging into a little more I'm a little less enthused. But if the Zips someday make slot #12, I'm there. 🙂
  7. I don't follow women's swimming and diving all that closely But I do know they've had an excellent team for quite a while. I just saw that Buffalo barely edge them out for the MAC title finishing higher in the final relay to win it. That broke a streak of seven straight years that the Zips have won the title.
  8. And the following year Darren Alcorn was Mr. Irrelevant, the final pick of the NFL draft.
  9. Was shocked to not even see you mentioned in this insightful article.
  10. Good win in some really ugly weather conditions. Almost made up the three goal deficit at NIU. Watched almost the whole game and missed both the goals. Started a little late and then my ESPN+ feed froze right at the second one. Maybe I should watch a little more distracted all of the time.
  11. There is a very angry SIU-E fan on audio.
  12. And Ritaccio with the critical shoe tie save 🤣
  13. Kind of like Akron. Terry Bowden is the first former Akron coach to get a second FBS head coaching job.
  14. Good point - I think Freeman should start selling En-freak-ee T-shirts and posters right now since he isn't subject to NCAA rules, correct? Since they haven't figured out NIL yet anyway. Go on Enrique cash in - I'm sure AkronZips71 alone would buy enough to paper a wall 😉
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