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  1. How Good Is Noah Robotham?

    Noah got himself on SportsCenter tonight by hitting a three-point buzzer beater in overtime when UNLV was down by one to BYU. Good for him 😊
  2. NCAA Tournament

    Much different experience this time than 2010. 2010 I agonized over every minute because just once I wanted to see Akron athletics accomplish something really special and didn't know if we'd ever be at that point again. Would have loved to see a second star Sunday of course but not the same kind of agony. I fully believe this program will be entrenched for years to come. I even hedged my bet - I brought my daughter who is a University of Maryland graduate so one of us was going to be happy at the end darn it. :-)
  3. NCAA Tournament

    Playoff Jared - love it :-)
  4. And now for something completely different

    All right had my fun with the typos, but it is pretty darn amazing what swimming and diving has done. They were a bit of a MAC doormat prior to this run. That is a monster turnaround.
  5. And now for something completely different

    While that's a fairly gruesome image I will bet you are correct that it intimidated those other teams. ;-)
  6. NCAA Tournament

    I'm in - just bought my flights. Seen the Zips in Cary, NC, Philadelphia and Santa Barbara in the College Cup and enjoyed the UCSB trip the most. I'm not sure exactly why ;-)
  7. NCAA Tournament

    Well this year it was 1-0-1 (if you count the exhibition tie against Indiana) so for the regular season just the win against Michigan State - which is the point I believe that turned the Zips season around. Man how critical has Marcel Zajac been to this run and this team?
  8. NCAA Tournament

    Three out of four years to the College Cup. I'd have given that a zero chance after Porter left. Hats off to Embick and the entire team. Maryland and Indiana in one semifinal and the Zips get the winner of Michigan State-JMU tomorrow. I like the chances for a second star!!
  9. NCAA Tournament

    Unbelievable. Someone tell Michigan this is how you do a revenge tour. The College Cup should be held in Santa Barbara every year. The UCSB students were great to the Zips last time. Get those tortillas flying. ;-) Thank God it didn't come down to PK's.
  10. 2018-2019

    Tyler Cheese makes the all-name team.
  11. Zip Alum John Loyer Joins 76'ers staff

    And a tough finish for him in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge. This ain’t high school anymore ribbon goes to . . . Foster Loyer. The Michigan State freshman was a 90 percent free throw shooter in high school and once made 119 in a row. He was at the line with 36 seconds left at Louisville, the Spartans ahead by a point and badly needing some breathing room. Miss.
  12. Josh Williams transferring

    I do not wish to think of Z.I.P.s Hawaii tanned butt under any circumstances. Now excuse me while I go poke out my mind's eye.
  13. 2018 Zips Mens Soccer

    The other thing that amazes me about Akron soccer and their dominance, this was the first year ever since joining the MAC in 1993 that the Zips had not finished in either first or second place in the conference regular season and yet they still made the NCAA tournament. And the way the record for the most MAC tournament titles is now held by one Jared Embick (Akron coaches hold the top three spots with Porter and Lolla following Embick). But perhaps even more incredibly Jared Embick has never been named MAC coach of the year. MAC Men's Soccer Record Book
  14. Game 12—@Ohio Bobcats

    Yeah in Buffalo - ugh
  15. Three For ?

    That's OK you probably did everyone a favor by not doing it this week.