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  1. Was shocked to not even see you mentioned in this insightful article.
  2. Good win in some really ugly weather conditions. Almost made up the three goal deficit at NIU. Watched almost the whole game and missed both the goals. Started a little late and then my ESPN+ feed froze right at the second one. Maybe I should watch a little more distracted all of the time.
  3. There is a very angry SIU-E fan on audio.
  4. And Ritaccio with the critical shoe tie save 🀣
  5. Kind of like Akron. Terry Bowden is the first former Akron coach to get a second FBS head coaching job.
  6. Good point - I think Freeman should start selling En-freak-ee T-shirts and posters right now since he isn't subject to NCAA rules, correct? Since they haven't figured out NIL yet anyway. Go on Enrique cash in - I'm sure AkronZips71 alone would buy enough to paper a wall πŸ˜‰
  7. None of us believe this statement. 😏 But I think a lot of people on here do want to believe he'll move on just to get him out of the league πŸ™‚
  8. Just out of curiosity I wondered where this loss stood up in the annals (I think anals would be appropriate too) in MAC conference history. As it turns out this stands as the single worst loss (by score) in the MAC in Zips history. Wow. Still sort of impressive in a way that the Zips had never been beaten in conference by more than 2-0 to this point.
  9. The good thing is though it's a round robin home and away against every team this year so an away loss to NIU isn't quite as damaging As it would be in other years
  10. Enrique Freeman - tough finish but still player of the game.
  11. Zip shooting 36% from the field and only 18% from three.
  12. That is correct the Zips have beaten every other team in the league - and only got to play Buffalo on the road. Interestingly we only beat one team twice (until we met BGSU for the third time in the tournament) - the Flushes. That's not a bad year. Buffalo is playing well but they are far from unbeatable.
  13. Sometime around 7: 30 probably. The first game is at 5:00.
  14. Especially on a night where we really needed him with no Dailey and no Wynn. Just a daily win. 😁
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