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  1. The Concussion Thread

    K2 faces life in prison - "Whether Winslow has CTE is unknown"
  2. Game 12 - Nevada

    Just your standard 10 year deal for Steve Alford...
  3. College Basketball Scandal

    I'm sure there is nothing to see here.
  4. eSports

    Not sure what this means but they won and Matt Wilson is really proud.
  5. Matt Kaulig (Racing) Former Zips QB

    Matt Kaulig to receive the Simonetti Award on April 19th.
  6. The Concussion Thread

    Limas Sweed filed a $5 million suit alleging negligence against the NCAA because of concussions.
  7. UA's Direction

    Knight Commission breakdown on "Where the Money Goes" and "Where the Money Comes From" in Akron sports. This database also includes information on academic spending from 2005 to 2017. Akron spent $3.9 M on football in 2005 and $12.2 M in 2016. FBS median was $7 M to $16 M in that same timeframe.
  8. UCLA

    Salcedo resigns
  9. Assistant Coach Matt Futch hired by OCU

    Matt Futch update
  10. UCLA

    UCLA soccer is in a bit of trouble with Jorge Salcedo being indicted for conspiracy to commit racketeering.
  11. Game 30- Bowling Green

    Ref wasted no time calling the T
  12. Zips in the NFL

    Jovann Letuli is on the San Antonio AAF team.
  13. Zips in the NFL

    JoJo Natson from the Canton Rep and USA Today He has the 3rd highest top speed this season (21.23 mph by receiver Brandin Cooks, 21.17 mph by cornerback Sam Shields and 20.93 mph by Natson).
  14. Zips in the NFL

    JoJo Interviews
  15. Duquesne coming to Akron

    I laughed. https://twitter.com/FundamentallySD/status/1075576671900700673?s=20
  16. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    I've been hearing a medical redshirt because of his back issues.
  17. Five Questions for Prospective Coaches

    Interesting what Paul Krebs discussed when he interviewed Urban Meyer for BGSU
  18. Zips in the NFL

    Interview with Jatavis Brown on the Steelers game on the Zach Gelb show.
  19. Zips in the NFL

    Pretty cool article on JB57
  20. Zips in the Pros

    Zeke is no longer on the Moncton Magic roster.
  21. Zips in the NFL

    Jojo Natson a top 5 returner through 11 weeks
  22. Zips in the NFL

    Jatavis Brown got a 15 yarder last night with this hit
  23. Possible Candidates

    Per ohio.com Williams said the university will use a private firm to conduct a national search. "I don't anticipate anyone on the current staff is going to be considered for the head job," he said. Williams said he'd like to have a new coach in place in two weeks. "But I won't let a timeline force me into making the wrong decision," Williams said.