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  1. You could sit in the 3rd row across from the Akron bench for less than that but you need to come to me (Richfield / Broadview Hts) to get the tickets.
  2. I have 6 seats lower reserved across from the Akron bench. Due to family conflicts, they are largely going unused this month and early next. I'd like for them to be used by Zips fans. If you're interested in a game, find me on Twitter. GoZips! ZW
  3. I'm Thankful this week to have snuck a peek at the football forum and caught a sighting from the Great GP1. Only a visit by the ZIPMAN would make this thread better. Go Zips.
  4. If you haven't already dumped Spectrum, Cox .. etc and taken a look at YouTubeTV or Sling, you ought to. The *only* downside I have come across is that I no longer get Les Levine's weeknight show.
  5. I have 2 seats available for tonight's session at the Q. Among the best seats in the house. Center court, row 9. CK and Hilltopper among others can vouch for their good location. Great Seats, competitive pricing. DM me here .. or better yet, hit me on Twitter if you're interested. (@ZipWatcher). I'm up there starting at noon for the early games, but can gladly meet somewhere to hand them off between sessions. Go Zips!
  6. Not sure if that rule applies in college or not, but it is an NBA thing. Chris Dudley had free throw attempts in games in the 80's in which he logged zero minutes. This situation helped me in a tournament game with a 7th grade team I coach. One of our less confident shooters got hurt in a segment where my best one was on the bench. I was able to put an 80% shooter on the line for 2 easy ones in a close game.
  7. Ian Paisley and King Billy were outraged and offended by Syracuse for a long time.
  8. In both games they were displayed periodically, and generally only during timeouts. The cadence isn't exactly figured out I don't think, but you can probably bet that you won't see them showing player stats during live action. Coaching staff decision, as I understand it.
  9. This is pretty silly, IMHO. I've seen Mark in practice, and I can promise you he has every bit the athleticism you've determined he doesn't have. His speed up the court is top half of the team. Should we read into Sayles only getting 6 minutes that he's a project? Game 1, friends, game 1.
  10. I hope you are all well. I certainly have much to be thankful for these days. After seeing just a bit of practice, I'm now also thankful that my friends and fellow Zips hoops fans won't be disappointed by the upcoming season. It's been some time since I could say that about ZN.O. Go Zips!
  11. This. Can't wait to see him progress on and off the court. Go Zips!
  12. 2PM Saturday crushes my ability to bring my youth teams, since we'll be playing most Saturday afternoons.
  13. Updated to add Cotton, and correct eligibility of Riak. Groce confirmed at golf outing that he has to sit 1 to play 2. Go Zips!
  14. Wasn't the money split up somehow to make a local representative happy .. and hence the existence of Ocasek Natatorium? After the scoreboard, the renovation I'm most interested in is some new banners in the rafters with the words "Sweet 16" included. The rest is just good money after bad, IMHO.
  15. The Zips still play in the MAC, right? There's no such thing as a rebuild for the Zips. They won the regular season last year. Sure there's tons of new faces and a new staff .. but you re-build when you're at the bottom. This team needs to find 8 or so non-conference wins to guarantee a 20 win season. IMHO, this is a reload, not a re-build. Re-calibration to a new system, maybe. The Zips are gonna be really young this year .. and really loaded next year. If any team in the MAC wants to get over on the Zips .. they had better get it done now, cause it's only gonna get harder in 18-19. Remember, it's still the MAC. 9 home games. Win 7 of those, and beat the crappy teams on the road, and you're at 10-12 MAC wins .. it's not a Herculean Task. Jimond and the guys are up to it. Go Zips!
  16. I'm thinking the 2' x 13' ribbon boards are the ones in the image on the bottom of the smaller end boards. The part that has the score in the rendering. 2' x 13' is pretty small for the endline space .. but it's not far off of what the rendering shows. With the addition of the corner boards for stats, the end line ribbons become unnecessary, don't they? Go Zips!
  17. It was more recent than that. Walsh was the shooter at the end of that game at UD Arena.
  18. It's worth your time to look up some of these games. Some high level basketball being played in some of them. Quincy Diggs looked quite good in the Matadors' first game. I haven't seen the 2nd game, which was a competitive loss to the 2-time defending champs, as of yet.
  19. Good observation. At the moment, I understand that his first season would be considered a medical redshirt year, since it was under the limit of games and time played for that consideration. So he ought to be able to play 3 here. I'll tweak once the official roster has the new guys on it.
  20. Graphic in original post is updated per the recent changes. Some are not official, but it seems to be complete. I'll revise if the GoZips releases don't match up. Go Zips!
  21. I've got it pretty much ready to drop. Waiting for a final announcement on GoZips.Com. I feel like there's one more change brewing.
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